10 Fun Facts About Chef Wanted’s Host and Mentor Anne Burrell

by in Food Network Chef, Shows, January 26th, 2013

Anne BurrellAnne Burrell may be known to most Food Network fans as the force behind her show, Secrets of a Restaurant Chef, or the author of the New York Times Best Seller, Cook Like a Rock Star. But did you know that Anne Burrell was once a teacher at the Institute of Culinary Education? After cooking at a Michelin one-star restaurant in Italy and New York hot spots Felidia, Savoy and Centro Vinoteca, she took the opportunity to spread her culinary knowledge and passion as a teacher and mentor to students.

On January 31 (10pm/9c), Anne Burrell will be putting her mentor hat back on as she helps top restaurants find an executive chef — the critical employee who can make or break a restaurant — on Chef Wanted. Each week, Anne Burrell will put four candidates through the toughest job interview of their lives, testing everything from their culinary mettle to business acumen. It all ends with the biggest test of all: running the restaurant.

Before it all starts, get to know Chef Anne Burrell better with these fun facts:

1. She’s helped Mario Batali (one of her own most influential mentors) compete in more than 20 Iron Chef America battles as his sous chef.

2. Chef Anne Burrell first met Mario Batali in a wine shop.

3. You’ll never catch Anne eating calf’s liver.

4. She can’t live without a food mill.

5. She would go crazy if she had to work in an office.

6. Her socks never match — she grabs two and goes.

7. She’s a Yankees fan.

8. If she has to choose between a meatball and a burger, her alliance lies with meatballs.

9. She’s always had wild hair. Especially in high school – she’s always liked spiky hair.

10. She wishes she would get picked up by Cash Cab.

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Comments (170)

  1. nancy says:

    Those were FUN facts! I admire Anne for being an amazing, dedicated, excellent, strong female mentor. Her unique hairstyle suits her like a mad genius in the kitchen that produces beautiful amazing work! You go girll! :)

  2. Brenda Speed says:

    Ann,I love to watch FOOD NETWORK all the time, but your screaming has got to STOP. The way you talk to the Future Chefs is VERBAL ABUSE. Tone it down. Do something with that hair. I can almost see it in the food.

    • Grace Ann Hahl says:

      Mind my language, but I just wanna say……f**k you! This is her trademark personality! Don't f**king mess with it! There I said it, and I stand by my message.

  3. Diannah says:

    I like Anne's spunk and her style but loses credibility with that blasted hair.!

    • chuck skaggs says:

      That hair is her trademark!! Leave her hair out of it and focus on the food

    • breadlady says:

      i know, hate her hair style, can't she just let it be a little more natural?!! her food is great, I have her rock star cookbook, love the worst cook series.. but that hair just makes me smh. her trademark? good cooking is her trademark, not the hair

  4. Nancy says:

    Anne, quit yelling! I have deleted "Next Chef" due to the fact that you are always yelling, and when I read the results, it seems either the restaurant has gone out of business, or the chef has quit … or worse yet, never even started! Stop wasting our time!

  5. Kimberly says:

    I find Chef Anne is a motivator in the kitchen. Yes, she yells, but notice the chefs who get yelled at are generally in need of some advanced motivation, i.e., their challenge time is up in 30 seconds and they don't have a darn thing on the plate. She can also be very compassionate and sympathetic with those same CW chefs, as after all, she was once that scared young chef trying to impress in her first job, and she knows what they are going through-and she says so. So leave Chef Anne alone. I think she's great-but I'm not a fan of her hair.

  6. seashore says:

    Chef Anne is my favorite! I love her hair, it is her. She is so animated and makes it fun. I have noticed however that she can be VERY mean, rude and just down right nasty which is a chracteristic i do not like about her. I just don't think it is necessary wether it be with other chefs, or actors making believe they are the worst cooks in america. A lot of chefs have some pretty big EGOS which i see a lot on choped-unbelievable! Keep being fun and try to stop being so downright nasty!

    • Helen says:

      I agree with all of the UNNECESSARY screaming and she is mean, turn the tables Anne, you need to remember when your career first started. It is very disturbing and I need to turn the channel to avoid the harasment you create. BE MORE PROFESSIONAL AND NOT A BEAST, I can see this in your personality very unbecoming of such a well trained chef, I would not want to work with you, TO ROTTEN, CHILL OUT!

      • Logan1133 says:

        You do realize that everything isn't sunshine and flowers when you're a chef looking for a job? Especially as an executive chef. It's a dog eat dog world and when Anne is screaming she is simply doing it because she wants the chefs to succeed. No one ever got anywhere by being continuously coddled and complimented for something that they didn't do right. And she is often very nice and encouraging to the chefs. IN the real world if your boss is yelling at you to get something right you can't scream and cry and complain that they're a big ol' meanie and expect things to change. You suck it up and move on. The chefs on the show understand this. And if you need to change the channel to avoid the "harasment" then you have clearly not witnessed enough "tough love". Kudos to Anne for what she does. I mean you guys do realize she's doing a major favor for these chefs who would be hardpressed to find a job otherwise. If I was her, and sticking my neck out on the line for someone else I'd be yelling and screaming too.

  7. Helen says:

    Anne I think you are amazingly talented, funny, different and most of all a Go Girl! an inspiration to all women chefs who want to make a hit in the food world. keep up the fabulous work :) Your biggest fan ever!

    • Grace Ann Hahl says:

      I dunno Helen. I'm a pretty big fan of Anne as well. Started loving her ever since I watched Serets of a Restaurant Chef for the first time (which I can't remember when that was, but I did watch it). I've also watched three full seasons of Worst Cooks (seasons 1 and 2 I had to look up the results to understand who won). And right now I'm watching the 6th season.

  8. laurel1159 says:

    I love Anne!!! I think she is great chef and teacher. My wish is that she would hold cooking classes somewhere. I realize she is a busy person, but I would pay the money to take a class.
    Something to think about…
    Keep up the great work!!

  9. Jeanine says:

    I love your style , Anne and would like to know where you get your clothes! Thanks .. also really love the food too .. thanks for sharing with us!

  10. Donna says:

    To the poster who asked if Anne is married…………she is but not to a man. She is a lesbian who is happily commited to her partner. Go Anne!

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