10 Fun Facts About Chef Wanted’s Host and Mentor Anne Burrell

by in Food Network Chef, Shows, January 26th, 2013

Anne BurrellAnne Burrell may be known to most Food Network fans as the force behind her show, Secrets of a Restaurant Chef, or the author of the New York Times Best Seller, Cook Like a Rock Star. But did you know that Anne Burrell was once a teacher at the Institute of Culinary Education? After cooking at a Michelin one-star restaurant in Italy and New York hot spots Felidia, Savoy and Centro Vinoteca, she took the opportunity to spread her culinary knowledge and passion as a teacher and mentor to students.

On January 31 (10pm/9c), Anne Burrell will be putting her mentor hat back on as she helps top restaurants find an executive chef — the critical employee who can make or break a restaurant — on Chef Wanted. Each week, Anne Burrell will put four candidates through the toughest job interview of their lives, testing everything from their culinary mettle to business acumen. It all ends with the biggest test of all: running the restaurant.

Before it all starts, get to know Chef Anne Burrell better with these fun facts:

1. She’s helped Mario Batali (one of her own most influential mentors) compete in more than 20 Iron Chef America battles as his sous chef.

2. Chef Anne Burrell first met Mario Batali in a wine shop.

3. You’ll never catch Anne eating calf’s liver.

4. She can’t live without a food mill.

5. She would go crazy if she had to work in an office.

6. Her socks never match — she grabs two and goes.

7. She’s a Yankees fan.

8. If she has to choose between a meatball and a burger, her alliance lies with meatballs.

9. She’s always had wild hair. Especially in high school – she’s always liked spiky hair.

10. She wishes she would get picked up by Cash Cab.

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Comments (170)

  1. WRF says:

    Anne looks great, how much weight has she lost. They say don't trust a skinny cook/chef, but I would trust her all the time. Cool lady!!

  2. Sassyone says:

    I love the Food Network, but I have never seen a person of color win on any show with Anne-not implying anything,just saying.

    • debby says:

      A woman of color won worst cooks in America with Anne.

    • norelkfiend says:

      Last season of Worst Cooks, Anne's team won with a black lady. You just haven't been paying any attention. Sounds like you are trying to make this a racial issue.

    • FanofAnne says:

      Clearly you are not a Fan-of-Anne else you would know that last years's winner was a woman of color. You are not entitled to win if you do not bring your A-game whether you are a person of color or not. I watch all shows that features Anne Burell and she is the fairest, sweetest and most exciting of the female chefs to watch cook.

  3. Nancy B. says:

    Anne, PLEASE do something with your hair. You could look so much better if you could comb or style it a little. Try getting a stylist to fix it, surely you can afford one.

  4. jean says:

    love Ann, is Ann married and does she have children. I am just wandering, because she never mention her husband or kids like other cheifs do

  5. Teddy Kaufman says:

    My husband and I absolutely love your talent as a chef, your personality, and your sense of humor.
    "Chef Wanted," in our estimation, was the best food show on TV, until we viewed the episode
    "Sea Dog Steak and Ale." Anne, up until this episode you have been helpful, informative, and kind to
    the chefs hoping for the position…but how terrible you were to the guy applicant ( I forgot his name ),
    when you berated him so strongly and with such venom…this just did not seem like you, and I have been
    watching you for years, there is no way one can learn with such ugliness…it really came off so badly…
    watch the show, and please, I want to watch it again, but not if you keep treating some of the chefs
    this way…Not all, but definitely some. I will not watch the new show you are doing with Bobby, as the
    trailers look very mean and very raw…almost like that joke Gordon Ramsey!
    Please just be yourself again…we love you and want to support your shows…
    Sincerely, Teddy Kaufman

    • Coach says:

      This is real work and real jobs. It is a dog eat dog in the professional world. It is NOT a show about human kindness it is about competition. She was telling the chef to "step it up" if he wanted to win. The notion that everyone plays the same amount of time, everyone gets the same trophy at the end of the season, and everyone is a winner is false. There are winners and there are losers, her job is to coach them to reach their highest level and not to pat their hand and say its OK to fail to get the orders out.

    • Deb says:

      I totally agree! I had to turn the Chanel it was too mean!

  6. oceras says:

    Anne, I love your show, owing in large part to your enthusiasm. I have one small problem. I watched the show on making the best turkey burger. Several times you touted the use of one of your favorite condiments: "Vietnamese Sambal Oelek". The prolem I have with this is that its origin is Indonesian/Malaysian. The name itself is Indonesian/Malaysian. It may be manufactured elsewhere, but its origin is basically Indonesian.

  7. B.L. Batson says:

    Anne's hair is the most atrocious thing I have ever seen. It looks like she just crawled out of bed. It is the most un hygenic looking conglomoration I have ever seen. Nasty, should some fall into her food.

    • cjmo2662 says:

      I think that she uses a ton of hairspray & other styling products & I'm sure that her hair is glued together too much to worry about it falling in food. In all the competitions she's ever been in, nobody has ever complained about a blonde hair in their food.

  8. Glenda Reynolds says:

    My name is Mia and i am 9 years old. I know you will win on Worst Cooks In America. I have this food I invented, Its called "Tartine de pomme". It means little apple tart in French. Part of my family is from Italy. My grandma and I watch you every time you're on T.V. My grandma and I think you're our role models. I like how you yell at your contestants.
    I am Mia's Italian-American grandma. She is so into your shows that we wanted you to know that she would like an e-mail from you if possible. Her fondest desire is to meet you someday. I am proud of her willingness to learn in the kitchen. Our e-mail is g.reynolds15@yahoo.com.

  9. Dee928 says:

    I love Anne, she is beautifully different and a GREAT chef. I have tried many of her recipes, especially the potatoe one (can't think of the name) but it has Ann it it. Her hair looks great to me and I hope she doesn't change a thing. One thing I don't understand is why she doesn't use freshly ground black pepper. I guess there is a reason. I wish I could meet her to ask *smile* Keep up the great work Anne!

  10. josie says:

    Love Anne She is a great chef and a fun person to watch.She is welcome to come to my house anytime and have an expresso with our family…I have been married 50 years to an Italian so I love her cooking and her recipes

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