10 Fun Facts About Chef Wanted’s Host and Mentor Anne Burrell

by in Food Network Chef, Shows, January 26th, 2013

Anne BurrellAnne Burrell may be known to most Food Network fans as the force behind her show, Secrets of a Restaurant Chef, or the author of the New York Times Best Seller, Cook Like a Rock Star. But did you know that Anne Burrell was once a teacher at the Institute of Culinary Education? After cooking at a Michelin one-star restaurant in Italy and New York hot spots Felidia, Savoy and Centro Vinoteca, she took the opportunity to spread her culinary knowledge and passion as a teacher and mentor to students.

On January 31 (10pm/9c), Anne Burrell will be putting her mentor hat back on as she helps top restaurants find an executive chef — the critical employee who can make or break a restaurant — on Chef Wanted. Each week, Anne Burrell will put four candidates through the toughest job interview of their lives, testing everything from their culinary mettle to business acumen. It all ends with the biggest test of all: running the restaurant.

Before it all starts, get to know Chef Anne Burrell better with these fun facts:

1. She’s helped Mario Batali (one of her own most influential mentors) compete in more than 20 Iron Chef America battles as his sous chef.

2. Chef Anne Burrell first met Mario Batali in a wine shop.

3. You’ll never catch Anne eating calf’s liver.

4. She can’t live without a food mill.

5. She would go crazy if she had to work in an office.

6. Her socks never match — she grabs two and goes.

7. She’s a Yankees fan.

8. If she has to choose between a meatball and a burger, her alliance lies with meatballs.

9. She’s always had wild hair. Especially in high school – she’s always liked spiky hair.

10. She wishes she would get picked up by Cash Cab.

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Comments (158)

  1. Fred says:

    Ugliest hair I've ever seen

    • chrissy says:

      Wondering what you look like!!!!!

    • Steve says:

      Have to agree…Anne, you are a true professional….don't try to be an air-head kid living on the social network without a clue about real life. I have learned some stuff from you, I've been cooking for 30 years for gastronomically educated adults…glad you got away from that salt thing!

  2. EVELYN RAY says:


  3. Meta says:

    I love Ann's new Hair style!!

    • Grace A. Hahl says:

      Same here. But it took me a while to get use to it because I've always seen her with her hedgehog like hair. And in Worst Cooks in America she transcended from that to her mohawk look, and dyed it pink in the 2nd episode. But after watching her on Worst Cooks, Beat Bobby Flay, and America's Best Cook I was able to tolerate her BIG hair change. For those who want to cook but are afraid to do so Anne makes it easy and fun to cook for others. As she would say "You don't have to be a restaurant chef to cook like one." – Grace Ann Hahl.

  4. I love Anne,she show"s you that you can cook great food and it's not complicated.I made her Sausage and Mushroom Stuffing absolutely fanstastic,I will only make it that way from now on. Thank's for the great food

  5. Michele Hurley says:

    I'm a avid fan of FN for years and I had just bought Anne Burrell "Cook like a Rock Star". Last night I cooked her
    Braised Chicken Thighs With Mushrooms and Almond Puree. TOTALLY AWESOME!!!! Love these one pot
    dinners. It did require several steps but worth it. Anne is now one of my go to Chefs for delicious recipes. Now looking for something to cook for tonight. Way to go Anne.

  6. Jean says:

    Dear Anne,
    Your shows are fabulous. I like watching them all . I like the color of your eyes and hair. I also like the way you laugh. I watch you ever day. I think you are beautiful. I am trying to find an address so I can send and request a autograph picture of you and can't find one. Can someone PLEASE tell me how I can go about an address?
    Jean Allen

    • Grace A. Hahl says:

      I agree with Jean. Anne you are a badass chef! And yes I am a 14 year old girl who's a foodie by way of the shows I've watched over the years. I enjoy all of your shows and I'll always support you. Love and rocking dishes from yours truly, Grace Ann Hahl. <3

  7. Jane says:

    Secrets Of A Restaurant Chef: Enjoy her show, but her tasting of the food, putting it in her mouth, then using that same spoon into the food again and again. She does this constantly. What an unhygienic habit!!! Almost wants to make me turn off the TV. Is this what happens in restaurants…save me!

    • ladywillow28 says:

      She is cooking for her self. Don't think it matters to much in that case. Out of all the chefs I watch she is by far the cleanest.

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