The Next Iron Chef Secret Ingredient Bracket Challenge Winner Is …

by in Shows, December 6th, 2012

Next Iron Chef Secret Ingredient Bracket Challenge WinnerIn this bracket challenge, you voted for the secret ingredient you thought was the hardest to work with in the past four seasons of The Next Iron Chef. In Round 1, you had to narrow down eight ingredients to four. In Round 2, you had to choose the two finalists. In the Finals, you chose the winner.

Alton Brown Season 4 Candy Challenge

The winner is … Gummy Candy.

Gummy candy was used in Season 4, Episode 3. The challenge had the chefs cooking two dishes incorporating movie theater candy. Michael Chiarello used gummy bears in his dishes. See highlights from that episode below.

Didn’t get to vote? You can still vote for your favorite recipes in Rival Recipes.

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Comments (2)

  1. Linda says:

    Gummy Candy, of one sort or another, has been used often on Chopped. The chefs there have made some pretty interesting and palatable dishes with it. So, I didn't see it as particularly challenging. Tuna jerky can be very tricky. It's not that consistant and if you miss by even a little bit, with it, it is bloody awful. Remember that 'inedible' dish that Vigneron produced. Well, that's what you risk with tuna Jerkey.

  2. George says:

    I cannot believe that chef Appleman was placed in the bottom when they praised his marriage of clams and strawberries and just disagreed on his serving the pasta al dente while chef Guarnaschelli made a dish in which they all stated that they could barely taste the second ingredient, the peppermint. If this had been Chopped she would have chopped herself. It must be nice to have friends (Zakarian) as a judge. Time and again Guarnaschelli dishes have been described as "safe" or mediocre and yet she continues to move forward ahead of chefs who in my opinion demonstrate much greater skill and risk taking; more appropriate for an iron chef. In my opinion something stinks in this kitchen.

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