The Next Iron Chef: Redemption From Alton Brown’s Point of View

by in Shows, December 19th, 2012

Alton Brown and Chef Amanda FreitagBy now you’ve noticed that after Alton announces, “Let the cooking begin,” at the start of every Chairman’s Challenge, he takes his place in his kitchen alongside the rivals as they spend each of their precious minutes prepping ingredients, cooking and plating. Instead of just watching what goes down, however, he interacts with the chefs, questions their plans for their challenge, explains their cooking techniques and comments on ingredients, all while playing cameraman. That small gray box you’ve seen Alton toting this season, propping on top of workstations, inside blenders and above stoves — that’s his very own GoPro video camera, and he’s used it to record behind-the-scenes happenings, rival chef banter and all of the flare-ups and meltdowns that a large camera couldn’t catch.

Since we can’t be in the kitchen with the Redemption rivals, Alton’s video footage is the next-best way to experience exactly what the chefs are thinking, feeling and cooking. Want to watch the challenges from Alton’s point of view? Check out this exclusive video clip (or click the play button below) of Alton chatting with Chef Marcel Vigneron and tasting the rival’s blue cheese ice cream, then browse this photo gallery to find insider images of Alton with his GoPro camera.

Be sure to tune in Sunday at 9pm/8c to watch the finale of The Next Iron Chef: Redemption.

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Comments (22)

  1. amandafan says:

    Alton is the best at what he does – he is able to provide insight and background on a variety of topics from the world of food, and is a polished and eccentric character critical to the Food Network.

    Alton makes FN programming more accessible to the audience in a way that emphasizes knowledge and enhances the overall experience. They are lucky to have him.

  2. TheRealAlton says:

    All-ton as he says : I cant cook" All-ton went to a no-name cooking school. Lets see All-ton compete in any kind of cooking completion. Lets just see………..

    • FanFare59 says:

      blah blah blah

    • Linda says:

      NECI (the cooking school Alton attended) is not a 'no name cooking school'. It's considered one of the best in the country.
      It IS small and very exclusive. They take only about half the applicants each year.

      • The Morg says:

        Your right. They cant take all who apply due to the fact that its a last resort school. All-ton has stated himself on several different shows "I am not a Chef just a cook." Now why would he actually say that? Most likely because its TRUE. If he would tone down the smugness I would stop fast forwarding through his lines.

        • Mat says:

          Is that all you have? You don't like his cooking school and his intonation annoys you?

        • Linda says:

          You've made up your mind about the school, so I won't confuse you with facts. Alton does not cook professionally in a food service situation so he refers to himself as a cook and declines to use the title chef.. That does not mean he is not qualified to work in a restaurant or other food service kitchen. He is also a James Beard winner as a teacher.
          If you find him so difficult to watch, I would suggest that you look at the channel guide on your TV. There are a lot of other channels from which to choose. You could easily avoid being annoyed if you do that

  3. Linda says:

    Looks like Alton had a good time with that little camera. I'd love to have one. I suspect that are not cheap, though.

  4. Amen-da says:

    He's smart, funny, can cook. He'd be a fire bird in a cooking competition.

  5. downnotout says:

    Does Alton put on a bald cap and also play the character of Chef Ron from Sweet Genius?

    Has anyone seen these two together?

  6. MattieD says:

    Unrelated- but Amanda is so cute in that picture lol.

  7. Katie says:

    God I hope Appleman doesn't win. He's such a nasty person I have no interested in watching him cook on Iron Chef. On the other hand it would be nice to see a woman back as an Iron Chef.

    • Linda says:

      I'm curious about why you think is is such a nasty person. I've seen him elsewhere, including on Chopped, and haven't gotten that impression of him.

    • jannieran says:

      While Chef Appleman has a somewhat intimidating visage, I have only seen him cook and interact with the other Chef's in a positive and honorable manner. He has real talent and deserves to be just where he is: near the top of the heap.
      No matter who wins, I'll be content…

  8. Talgok says:

    I agree with Katie. Appleman is a jerk and doesn't deserve to win. I'd prefer Amanda Freitag to win, but I'd be okay with either of the ladies winning.

  9. WestCoastFan says:

    Freitag! Freitag! Freitag!

    Can you guess who I shall be rooting for? ;-D

  10. Gay says:

    well i knew that the food network would pick Alex for the next iron chef. She was going to win from the start, all rigged. why dont they taste the food before they see who makes it and I bet she wouldn't have won. She is such a drama Queen and has a ego to go with it. She is also a very rude woman and she thinks she is all that. Wont watch any of the iron chefs that she is on, she is not worth watching feel sry for those who have lost and my heart goes out to Amanda.

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