In Their Own Words: Next Iron Chef Rivals’ Journals Revealed

by in Shows, December 24th, 2012

The Next Iron Chef: Redemption JournalHave you ever wondered what the Next Iron Chef: Redemption rivals were thinking when, on the first episode, they opened their coolers on the beach to find fateful ingredients from battles past? Or when in episode 4, they entered the kitchen to find an altar of canned products? Have you wondered how they felt when their friends and fellow chefs were eliminated after hard-fought battles, or simply how they managed to stay organized and efficient within the chaos of cooking under pressure?

Before filming began for the season, each rival was given a journal to use during the competition, and it was in these personal notebooks that the chefs shared their ideas for challenges, reflections on eliminations, plus must-have ingredient lists, inspirational reminders and more, week after week. Their handwritten notes, some beautifully legible in colorful markers and others scrawled in barely recognizable penmanship, tell their stories on the road to redemption, and at the end, create a scrapbook of sorts of their time in the competition.

Want to see what each rival wrote in his or her journal? Flip through the below photo galleries to get an insider’s look at actual pages from their journals plus behind-the-scenes photos from some of their most memorable challenges and showdowns.

Chef Tim Love’s Redemption Journal

Chef Duskie Estes’ Redemption Journal

Chef Eric Greenspan’s Redemption Journal

Chef Spike Mendelsohn’s Redemption Journal

Chef Elizabeth Falkner’s Redemption Journal

Chef Jehangir Mehta’s Redemption Journal

Chef Marcel Vigneron’s Redemption Journal

Chef Nate Appleman’s Redemption Journal

Chef Amanda Freitag’s Redemption Journal

Chef Alex Guarnaschelli’s Redemption Journal

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Comments (14)

  1. Dorothy Pino says:

    We think this was a fixed battle. Alex on two different challanges did not transform the ingredient . The iron chef on the panel should have not been there because Alex is his sous chef in kitchen stadium. There were much better chefs than her on this program sent home. I will not watch her on Iron Chef programs. This has soured our taste for Iron Chef.

  2. Harley says:

    We were thrilled that Alex Won, we were rooting for her from the start, funny how people feel something is fixed if a woman wins. Yeah Alex congratulations!!!

    • Joyce says:

      I do not believe that it has to do with a woman (Alex) winning but that she has a working relationship (his sous chef) with one of the judges on the panel. I do believe the women were represented well on this show, especially when you end up two in the finals!

      And yes, congratulations to Alex.

      • joe says:

        not everything is racial or gender bias, seriously!! This has nothing to do w/ Alex being a woman, I want Amanda to win since she performed much better throughout the competition, and was always more innovative as was Elizabeth. So this has more to do w/credibility and innovation which i think Alex lacks in the area of innovation. I actually feel bad for her, those who voted for her because they've now put her in a position as being an undeserving winner.



  4. Kasey says:

    Alex was the winner of the first challenge and more, so glad she won, I felt that Jeffery was especially hard on Alex throughout the competion, and wondered if he even voted for her in the end, but it didn't matter she won and she won the audience favorite vote to by over 20 points. So I guess alot of us were rooting for her. Congrats Alex

  5. Former Fan says:

    Very disappointing final. Freitag performed better throughout the competition. Not sure I'll follow this show again. I felt duped or ripped off – can't imagine how the chefs on the show felt.

  6. Jax Ryan says:

    Freitag and Faulkner were both robbed. There should be a more holistic in their judging. Alex had issue after issue in several battles. An iron chef is more than just one phenomenal dessert conveniently in the last round.

  7. Rosa Campay says:

    This show is fixed. I thought so in other seasons, and this just proves it. Long time ago Robert Irvine should have been an Iron Chef, and now it should haveen Elizabeth Falkner or Appelman. By the way… what determines a vacancy in the "veritable Pantheon"? Who dropped-out?

  8. Anne Rees says:

    I always enjoy watching Alex on her show, and the calm way she transform mundane ingredients into something lovely. Yes, I wanted Amanda to win too, but they couldn't both win.I was holding my breath, hoping that Alex or Amanda would win, It was a competition between them, and there was not a foregone conclusion. They are both fine chefs, of high caliber,

    I think that Alex's experience as sous-chef helped her to succeed, because she was cooking in a comfortable environment. Nevertheless, she cooks in such an elegant manner, and her dishes show the foundation of elegant french cuisine.

    Amanda appears to have had a more free form approach to cooking rather than classical french cuisine. Her novel approaches and unusual combinations of ingredients may have made it more difficult to judge her cooking, because of a lack of equivalent dishes.
    sPerhaps Alex had paid her "dues" into the old boy's club but Amanda had not, if you want to criticize Alex's win.

  9. Patrimpas says:

    All redemption series Chef Alex Guarnaschelli was crawling just a bit ahead of outsiders and, OMG SURPRISE!!! she was titled an Iron Chef. What a bull@@@t????? I did respect her as very good chef, but now she is just good cook for me and my family. She was and is far away from being The Iron Chef!!!! Iron Chef is not only excellent chef, but also who has high standard of Code of Honor! Chef Freitag, she was many times The Winner of the Day in Redemption and she more than deserve and she IS(!) The Iron Chef, even Falkner and Appleman more deserve to be an Iron Chef than Guarnaschelli !!!!!!!!!!! Two nights in row I had nightmares about this "Guarnaschelli = Iron Chef" absurdity.
    I am an engineer, mathematician, programmer, economist, photographer, 50%lawyer, 50% medical doctor and just advanced amateur in the kitchen, but still… my recipes were a few times in my country's Top 10 list of tastiest and in Top 10 of healthiest. I do know enough about food to have an opinion.
    What I did see in Redemption – Guarnaschelli had just paranoiac, desperate aspiration to be named as Iron Chef, but absolutely not deserved to be The Iron Chef. My family and many friends share the same opinion. So, Alex, you have to know – your place is NOT NEXT TO THE IRON CHEF MORIMOTO, Iron Chef Symon, Iron Chef Forgione and others. Period.

  10. Patrimpas says:

    … and one more thing…
    5-7 years ago I read somewhere in US saying: "If everything fails – read instruction".
    That's the problem – failure IS just because was stupid follow of instruction, without thinking, feeling, passion, intuition. Judges have to skip any instructions if they wanna judge geniuses!
    ..or, maybe, judges were bribed to fix final decision?

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