As Seen on The Next Iron Chef: Geoffrey Zakarian’s Collection of Eyewear

by in Shows, December 18th, 2012

Iron Chef Geoffrey ZakarianWhen it comes to judging The Next Iron Chef: Redemption, boasting a discerning palate, a keen sense of smell and a lifetime of experience in professional cooking and eating isn’t enough; you need to look the part as well. For judge Geoffrey Zakarian, completing his ensemble requires two pieces: an Iron Chef’s jacket and a pair of knockout glasses. Unlike the jacket, which comes in just one classic shade and style, his eyewear can be changed for every episode, and throughout this season, we’ve seen just how much Iron Chef Zakarian takes advantage of that by switching between royal-blue rims, leopard-print specs and fashion-forward see-through frames week after week. He told us in this video that he brought with him more than 12 pairs of glasses to film The Next Iron Chef and after seven episodes, he’s only repeated pairs a few times.

Flip through this photo gallery to see some of the best pieces from Iron Chef Zakarian’s vast collection of eyewear, then tell us in the comments: Which of his pairs of glasses is your favorite?

Don’t miss the finale of The Next Iron Chef: Redemption on Sunday at 9pm/8c.

Get an extended preview of next week’s final episode below (click the play button below):

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Comments (10)

  1. downnotout says:

    When their is little substance, you go for style and drama! The Food Network should be relabeled the Entertainment Food Network so even the fools will have to admit that they are just part of the FN's marketing strategy and biz model.

  2. I'mOK says:

    Glasses??? Glasses!!! Is that all FN has left for the audience?

    Watching Zakarian in Kitchen Stadium with his work wife Alex is intolerable. He looks like an odd old man working his pots and pans as a rattled Alex is shlubbing in another corner of Kitchen Stadium doing something over again that got messed up on the first attempt.

    In a way it is amusing except that the audience shouldn't feel sorry for the IC side of the kitchen…

  3. TakeItEasyOnGeoffrey says:

    Lighten up people…'s only glasses. I'm just jealous because I can only afford to have one pair!!

  4. Mat says:

    I love those glasses. I can only afford about 4 pair of stylish glasses but Iron Chef Zakarian collects glasses like my girlfriend collects shoes.

    Lucky man!

  5. foodtrucker says:

    I didn't know there was a difference between gays and a fag. Well, until I was in graduate school and met a straight looking dude (NOT) in our year group who had a crazy boyfriend. I totally understand where NYJoe is coming from.

    But, I think they are just trying to put some flair into IC Zakarian's image. Adding flavor to his game…

  6. Jess says:

    Zakarian is such an insufferable douche-snozzle but I cannot deny this man is sexy.

  7. Zakarian has a great charisma for sure. not only physical appereance but also behaviours

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