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by in Shows, December 8th, 2012

An Iron Chef Caesar Salad ShowdownBy now you know that Chef Elizabeth Falkner was eliminated on last Sunday’s episode of The Next Iron Chef, and whether or not you agree with the judges’ decision to send her home on account of too much saffron, one thing is certain: The spheres of Caesar dressing she concocted during her final Secret Ingredient Showdown were simply beautiful. Instead of merely using from-scratch salad dressing — or, heaven forbid, bottled dressing — to top her salad, Chef Falkner took her pureed mixture one step further by piping it into mini rounds and chilling them over ice until they were semifirm. These dressing bubbles of sorts kept their shape on the plate until they were burst open, their liquid insides revealed.

In honor of this ingenious dish and Chef Falkner’s masterful technique in creating it, this week’s Rival Recipes battle is all about that classic Italian-American salad: the Caesar salad. But instead of Redemption rivals, we’re challenging standing Iron Chefs Bobby Flay and Geoffrey Zakarian to bring their best salads to the showdown.

While both Iron Chefs are featuring classic flavors and textures in their Caesar salads, each has added his signature spin to elevate them beyond the everyday. It’s perhaps no surprise that grilling guru Chef Flay has chosen to serve a Grilled Romaine Salad With Spicy Caesar Dressing, a top-rated recipe that’s finished with grilled croutons, while classical chef Zakarian offers a Caesar Salad With Red Romaine, served with fresh lemon juice and Parmesan cheese. Like Chef Falkner did in her very last battle, both Chef Flay and Chef Zakarian look to anchovy fillets to add a briny, salty taste to their dressings, but only Chef Flay mixes in a dollop of mayonnaise for a rich, creamy finish — Chef Zakarian relies on an egg yolk to offer the same texture.

Fans, the voting is in your hands. It’s time to channel your inner Simon Majumdar and Donatella Arpaia and judge these salads to decide whose recipe reigns supreme. Do you appreciate the smoky flavors of Chef Flay’s warm grilled lettuce or would you prefer Chef Zakarian’s chilled plate with soft red romaine? Are you a fan of Chef Flay’s bold chipotle-laced dressing, or are you craving something more mild, like Chef Zakarian’s dressing made with Dijon mustard, honey and just one clove of garlic? Vote for the winner below, and be sure to tune in Sunday, December 9 at 9pm/8c to watch the rivals face off in Las Vegas.

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Comments (10)

  1. Leiloni says:

    While all other judges were seemingly devastated at the elimination of Chef Falkner, I find it curious that Iron Chef Judge Geoffrey Zakarian had a faint but ever so telling 'grin' on his face. Why?

  2. Deb says:

    Chef Zakarian should not be a judge. They should have never eliminated Chef Falkner. They should have eliminated either Guarnashelli or Marcel. But due to Zakarian Guarneashelli are in separate what do you expect. He should never been a JUGDE. Marcel broke soooooooo many rules he should have left.
    Chef Falkner was the one that showed interesting dishes, and did you notice it was whiney Zakarian that didn't like the dish that Falkner put out. Jealous? Scared? Both and not a fair judge at alllll.

    I do not have any faith what so ever in your show. Its fixed! I was hoping there was some sense of pride in this show but theres not You don't go by the true just by who is scratching who's back You lost a fan a customer and hope that you were true to pick but not so at all.

    • Lin says:

      Yes, he SHOULD be a judge. I do agree that Falkner should not have been eliminated, but I do NOT agree that Guarnashelli should have been eliminated. It definitely should have been that icky Marcel. He is rude and annoying. It was great tonight. The static between Zakarian and that older judge was quite evident. I like Zakarian and I was glad when he won his Iron Chef status over Falkner, although I really like her. I hope she tries again if they allow a third time.

  3. Maggie says:

    I do not believe Chef Falkner should have been eliminated at all. She has always taken the most risks and been thrown into the secret ingredient round only to shine over ALL her opponents. Chef Guarnashelli repeatedly plays it safe and is safe each week by her friend Zacharian. I think Chef Falkner lost last year because Iron Xhef is not ready for a woman to win. Chef Falkner out cooks and outclasses all the others. I fear chef Guarnashelli or Chef Marcel will win. Saying Marcel is icky is an understatement and Alex is so BLAH and boring it is pathetic. Either is not the image of any of the fabulous Iron Vhef today (with the exception of Zacharian – who should not even be one let alone a judge to judge chef like Falkner. I give up – not the show I thought it used to be!!!

    • Carmela says:

      Falkner was robbed last week. I don't much care who wins now. She should have been the next iron chef. Seriously, salad? and last week steak and potatoes? Where is the risk? The transformation of the ingredients? Alex seems like a nice lady but she should not be the next iron chef. Falkner needs her own show and soon.

  4. terry says:

    Now that Falkner is gone, there is no reason to watch the show anymore!

  5. emma says:

    CHEF Falkner should have won last night – it was so sad to see her go. It would be awesome if she gets her own show. I really think this show is gearing for Chef Guarnashelli to win – no matter what. i really don't think it was fair for Chef Guarnashelli to borrow an item from Marcel – I guess there are different rules for different folks …in all – so very disappointing for sure!

  6. Yvonne says:

    I agree Falkner got robbed. Appleman should have went home sent according to the judge's you couldn't taste the anchovies, which was the secret ingredient. The anchovies came out in Falkner's dish she just over seasoned. I firmly think she was robbed last year and this year. And i agree I hope she gets her own show or they find a way to fix this huge mistake. I have watched every season of this show and of Food network Star. But until this is fixed, I WILL NOT BE WATCHING ANY FOOD NETWORK SHOWS AT ALL. Because apparantly results are fixed.

    • Jan says:

      I totally disagree with your comments. I think the judges made the right decision. I think Falkner is a great Chef, but I think she is arrogant, self obsorbed, with no personality. There's more to being an Iron Chef than just her cooking abilities and she misses the mark as far as I'm concerned. Jan

  7. bob says:

    Two words, re: Caesar Salad…. JUSTIN WARNER.

    Where is he?
    When is he?

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