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by in Shows, December 23rd, 2012

The Next Iron Chef: Redemption FinaleThe fifth season of The Next Iron Chef: Redemption was full of ups and downs, but one thing is for sure: All eight chefs redeemed themselves in one way or another.

Every week, each chef tried to pull out all their tricks to stay in the competition but, ultimately, one chef went home each week. Read the exclusive exit interview of the first chef to say goodbye during the final episode below.

The Next Iron Chef: Redemption final three chefsComing off a win in the last challenge with his partner Chef Amanda Freitag, Chef Appleman was confident he’d make it to Kitchen Stadium — but he was just one dish short of ending up there. The final three chefs were tasked with creating the judges’ last meals. Chef Appleman was assigned Simon Majumdar’s last supper ingredient: haddock. While they enjoyed his haddock chowder, the judges considered it one-note and too light. Chef Nate Appleman said goodbye to the possibility of becoming The Next Iron Chef in this final episode.

The first challenge in the final episode was Passion and you had to create the judge’s last meal. What would your last supper be and why?

NA: Fried chicken and chocolate chip cookies with a burger on the side. Not one of those chef burgers, but a really well-made diner burger.

Throughout the competition, you always played a fair game and cooked your own food. What are two rules you always live by when cooking?

NA: I like to cook food that is craveable, simple and familiar, not too crazy but slightly different than what people expect. You are only as good as your weakest cook in the kitchen, so I do whatever I can to make everyone better around me.

Chef Nate ApplemanWe saw you help Chef Freitag twice in the competition: once to unlock her ice cream machine and again to explain how to crack open her wheel of Parmesan cheese. In the buffet challenge, she picked you as her teammate. Was there an Appleman-Freitag alliance that we didn’t know about?

NA: No alliance at all. We are good friends, but as competitors that friendship goes out the window. I believe Chef Freitag picked me as her teammate because I showed during the competition that I always played a fair game and respected all the other chefs.

You were just one battle short of a Kitchen Stadium finale. Do you consider yourself redeemed? Have clams become your new redemption ingredient?

NA: I definitely feel redeemed. I cooked to the best of my ability and I am very proud of how far I made it and the dishes I cooked. Clams don’t stand in my way!

What was it like watching the first-ever all-female finale battle?

NA: I don’t see it as a female-male thing — I look at them as chefs.

How has this experience changed you? What’s next for you?

NA: It’s just another great life experience. I’ll continue cooking and working hard on raising awareness for research for the Kawasaki Disease Foundation.

Read more about Chef Nate Appleman

Relive the final episode (click the play button):

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Comments (76)

  1. Unbelievable says:

    Everyone should have seen this coming. Freitag won most of the challedges and Alex was the weakest of all the contestants. I could see the flip flop coming after week 4. I really feel sorry for Freitag because she didn't know what was coming. They built her up and then dropped the hammer on her. Alex is not Iron chef material.

    • Terry says:

      I TOTALLY agree with you. Alex is a nasty person, she can't cook, she lost most of the challenges. If people don't believe me, go to her restaurant Butter. The food is terrible, over priced, and IF she lowers herself to come out when someone complains, she is rude, and insulting. She has NO RIGHT being an iron chef. Chef Freitag cooked circles around her.

  2. jazzdr says:

    Just got to see the finale as I was on vacation last week. I could have predicted from the beginning that it was going to be a woman as the winner as there is only one other female iron chef. Do I need to remind anyone that Nate Appleman kicked everyone's behind in the chopped all stars? Food Network is continuing to be a bad joke.

  3. Don't you just love it when Chris unlocks the ice cream machine!

  4. Hi, I wanted to say Thank you, for coming to Colombia, S.A. I am a American and I been here for over 2 years, I lived in Megar, and nor xrionegro. I know no Spanish ,still learning, it is difficult since I had a stroke 3 years ago. I love it here and everyone has treated like me wonderfully. I love colombia and I love the people! I try to tell people that is like stepping into another world here, but a world that is worth experiencing. Again thank you. Wish I could have met you.

  5. asdasdn, and the impact that had and who he has come to be because of it. He is a wounded man, and while I find him odious, I am not unmoved by the sadness and pain of his past that his comments today imply.

  6. I really think this is so lame and all the emotions. Honestly, let regular customer taste it so they decide who's the best

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