Leftover Latkes? Make Jeff’s Latke Corned Beef Sandwich

by in Holidays, December 11th, 2012

Jeff Mauro's Latke Corned Beef SandwichDuring the eight days of Hanukkah, we’ll be celebrating the festival of lights with essential recipes for parties, nightly dinners, desserts and using up leftovers (after all, those leftovers deserve a second chance). Today, latkes are making another appearance, this time as one of the most clever vehicles to date that Jeff Mauro has used to make his sandwiches.

Potato latkes become the foundation for this towering creation. Whether you make them fresh or utilize leftovers, each latke sandwiches lean corned beef and homemade apple and sour cream slaw.

Get the recipe: Latke Corned Beef Sandwich With Apple and Sour Cream Slaw

To watch the Sandwich King make this sandwich, click the play button below.

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  1. Julia E Sanchez says:

    Iron Chef!!!! It is certainly an honor to gather ideas from your shows and test your recipes. Although, some of your recipes are quite exquisite…I must say they are very detailed and intriquite. Your show and talents, Bobby Flay is my fav., have been such an inspiration that our after schoo program has begun to mimick your show and talents. My name is Julia Enriquez-Sanchez, Enrollment Specialist for Options Enrichment Program 626-967-9337 and our schools located in the Rowland Unified School District just completed a show at our schools utilizing some-what of your criterias, such as a secret ingredient, presentation and of course taste. We were even featured on spanish television Univosion and Channel 7 News. We would love to speak with any of your Chef's/hosts of your show. Please give us a call and join our schools to be featured.

    Thank you, Julia E-Sanchez 626-967-9337 Wait to hear from you!!!

  2. Julia E Sanchez says:

    How much fun would it be to have one of your Iron Chef's appear at one of our school site promoting a dream that some of them think are just not possible and seeing one of you!! We are a non-profit organization and can't truly wait to hear from someone….

  3. Sandwich says:

    I like sandwiches that use an option other than bread. The potato pancakes are a good idea. Looks yum!

  4. Tower Deli says:

    I am so craving for this right now. Aside from looking delicious, the other good thing about this is you get to use your left over. As you say it, give them a second chance. This is really a must-try. Thank you so much for sharing this incredible recipe. Please keep on posting.

  5. sohbet says:

    very blog thanks admin

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