What to Watch: Iron Chef America With the Winner of The Next Iron Chef

by in Shows, December 28th, 2012

Iron Chef America: Chef Judy Joo vs. Chef Alex GuarnaschelliOn last Sunday night’s Next Iron Chef, in a glorious final battle in Kitchen Stadium against Chef Amanda Freitag, Chef Alex Guarnaschelli proved that she deserved to win the season of Redemption and the title of Iron Chef, making her the second female chef to hold the title. This Sunday is your chance to see Chef Guarnaschelli in her first battle on Iron Chef America. She will be up against Iron Chef UK‘s Judy Joo in an international battle. The competition will be judged by Jeffrey Steingarten, Karine Bakhoum and Tory Belleci.

Tune in on Sunday, December 30, at 9pm/8c to see if Chef Guarnaschelli can win her first battle as the new Iron Chef.

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  1. Marisol says:

    I really can not understand all the hate! This is a cooking channel and a cooking competition for goodness sake! No wonder all this chefs end up being so full of themselves and believing that they are curing cancer with their dishes. I enjoy the Food Network, it's actually one of my favorites channels to watch because it's something the whole family can enjoy and there's no violence nor immorality in their programming (yes, I am old fashion!). But I can not taste or even smell the food they are preparing, so…who am I to say the contest was "fixed" or that Alex G was not worthy of winning? Congratulations to Alex Guarnaschelli for winning! I think it's wonderful we have a new female Iron Chef and I'll continue to watch the Food Network and enjoy it.

  2. Sarah says:

    Both Amanda and Alex cooked wonderful. Alex started the competition stronger and Amanda finished it stronger. Amanda was at the bottom once in the beginning and Alex was in the bottom once at the end, albeit for a challenge that she was forced to team with Marcel on and where she had a 50/50 chance of being in the bottom. Amanda won more challenges than Alex overall, but what people don't seem to understand is that none of that goes into the final decision. The whole point of the competition is to decide which 2 people survive to cook in kitchen stadium. Once you get to kitchen stadium, the decision is based solely on that last meal, just like in sporting events, championships are decided based on the last game or match. It doesn't matter what you have to do to get there, you just have to win the last game. The last meal was clearly pretty even until the dessert and Alex simply had a better dessert. Most of the judges said so. She won, fair and square!! So happy for her.

    • ShanniMoon says:

      I totally agree with Sarah. I think the whole reason Alexandra became Jeffrey Z's sous chef in his battles was a preparation for this. I absolutely adore Amanda F and woud love to see her up in the pantheon too. Maybe next season? Also, since Cat Cora stepped down, Iron Chef has been a "boys club". I'm quite sure the Food Network audience is mostly women and I, for one, just love Alexandra up there. Plus she is a damn fine chef! I loved the quote she wrote in her Iron Chef journal: "People often meet their destiny on the road thay take to avoid it." Alexandra, YOU ROCK!

  3. Mike says:

    I think that AG lacks the class I expect from an IC. I am no food expert but I do watch FN a lot. It is fun and good clean competition. AG always brings a negativity to whatever program she is on, especially Chopped. I so did not want her to win. Oh well. I am sure my opinion does not count.

    • Sarah says:

      Alex lacks class and chef talent. She is a basic industry cook who relied on friendships and network manipulation to win NIC. Amanda, Falkner, Appleman or Mehat were clearly better than Alex.

      Zakarian was part of the overt corruption and he should never have been allowed to judge any part of the NIC.

      • Lin says:

        Sarah –
        I totally concur. How come noone is extremely concerned with her reusage of spilled sorbet ? I find this totally outrageous ! ANd she is supposed to be an example of what an Iron Chef should be !!?? NOT…
        Does anyone at Food Network read these comments ? Are we wasting our time making statements ?

  4. Auntfatazz says:

    I used to enjoy Alex's show but the way she is to the "Chopped" contestants I can"t stand her anymore she is so rude. I don't watch chopped, can't stand any of these Cupcake Wars, Dinner Impossible, Health Inspector, Sugar This, Sweet That,.. It's called Food Network for a reason…cook already.

  5. Julio says:

    Chef Alex won because all the Judges like her, not because she cook better than the others.

  6. Way to go Alex! You certainly earned the title :)

  7. LIZ says:

    Not only did they change the format of the show to insure that Alex won but they instructed her competion to acknowledge her worthiness to be called iron chef. I have never seen the judges look more disgusted. One of them even asked her, Do you have to win everything?!!! Alex at the ice cream machine is an accurate representation of her culniary genius. SHAME ON YOU FOOD NETWORK!

  8. LIZ says:

    It is always a big mistake to presume that your audience is made up of morons who will fall for anything you serve up. Its unfortunate that FOOD NETWORK thinks that we are all idiots who can be manipulated by any tripe they serve up! Oh yeah TRIPE STINKS AND SO DOES FOOD NETWORK!!!!

  9. Tracy says:

    Congratulations to Alex, she deserves the win, she is a true foodie and excellent chef!

  10. adventurous54 says:

    I agree that the results were rigged. The judges pick who they have a interest in, not who deserves to win. Such a waste of television. Do it behind closed doors. It goes to prove that in America, it not what you know but who you know.

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