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by in Shows, December 7th, 2012

Chef Elizabeth FalknerThe Next Iron Chef Fan Post of the WeekShocking to say the least, Chef Elizabeth Falkner’s elimination last Sunday night was downright powerful and emotional, not only for Chef Falkner, her fellow chefs and the judges, but also you, Next Iron Chef fans. After all, given her string of successful Showdown wins and a first-place finish in the Chairman’s Challenge of Transformation, Chef Falkner seemed to be on the fast track to Redemption glory, and fans were just waiting for her to finally claim the title of The Next Iron Chef. On Sunday, however, things took a troublesome turn and, in a moment of striking déjà vu, she crumbled in the Chairman’s ingredient auction and a head-to-head Showdown against the rival she had chosen, just like Chef Anne Burrell did in this challenge last season. Despite a smart Caesar salad and fried anchovies, Chef Falkner was told that she would not become The Next Iron Chef, and within minutes, fans Tweeted @FoodNetwork and took to our Facebook timeline and blog to express their disappointment, confusion and sadness over her early exit.

Questioning Chef Falkner’s quick decline on the road to redemption, K. Patrice Williams posted a comment on Facebook (pictured above) that speaks to both Chef Falkner’s highest and lowest moments of the competition. “I can believe I cried when they eliminated her. I’m still shocked. I was convinced she was going to be The Next Iron Chef. How does someone [go from making] the best dessert any of the judges have ever tasted to getting eliminated the next week?” she wondered, echoing the sentiments of fellow Falkner fans.

The Next Iron Chef Fan PostAnother at-home viewer, Veronica @VeroHime, was less confused than saddened about Chef Falkner’s elimination. She Tweeted, “Disappointed with the decision on Next Iron Chef. Chef Falkner can cook circles around all the remaining chefs there. So sad she’s gone. :(” Like Veronica, Chef Falkner’s fellow Redemption rivals and the judges’ panel were sorry to see her leave, all of them realizing how badly she had worked for and wanted to win the title.

What did you think of last Sunday’s episode and Chef Falkner’s elimination? Do you think Chef Falkner deserved to be sent home on account of her dishes’ technical flaws, or should she have been pardoned given the amount of risk she took? And what is it about the now-notorious ingredient auction that makes it so difficult? Join the #NextIronChef conversation and tell us what you think in the comments below.

There’s still time to support your favorite remaining rival chefs. Cast your Fan Vote up to 10 times per day, and tune in Sunday at 9pm/8c to see which chefs shine in Sin City.

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Comments (120)

  1. Mona says:

    my top 3 are Falkner, Frietag and Appleman. Frietag and Falkner because they are incredible female chefs, and iron chef needs a female. Appleman because he is the underdog and somewhat of a rebel, and strikes chord with the rebel in all of us. I can't stand Alex, she is a fat cheater and being GZ's sous chef is as good As it gets for her.

  2. Mona says:

    Chef Falkner was eliminated fairly, even though she is one of my faves! She had a huge advantage put another chef on the bottom. Her advantage can be used in three different ways: 1) SINCERELY: whose dish really belongs on the bottom; 2)SAFELY: assuming oneself is in the showdown which chef is least threatening ; 3) RISKY: put your biggest competitor on the bottom and hope you are not the other chef in the bottom. Falkner choose to take a risk, and she lost. c'est la vie. Personally I would have played it sincere or safe. But even safe sometimes back fires like when Mehta choose to go against Spike and ended up in the showdown himself. KARMA?

  3. David Adams says:

    Sorry all of you apparently do not use saffron. It can overpower a dish. Try it sometime. I hated to see EF go also, but she chose her opponent. Anne chose poorly as did Elizabeth. The game is tough and no matter how hard you play the game, sometimes you lose. Those remaining have made fewer bad choices or missteps than the other chefs. I don't buy the rigged game. I have my favorites as well as not so favorite. But, before you dost complain too loudly, think how you would fare in the game. I have won Blue Ribbons for my dishes and several chili cook-offs. I doubt I would have made it past the second round if I made it that far. Best of luck to those remaining. I WILL be watching.

  4. Mimi P says:

    I think that regardless of whom the judges will choose to be the next Iron Chef, there should be another Chef redeemed by the viewers. Although we don;t get to taste the offerings the competitors present, we listen to the comments that the judges make and in our minds we decide who wins and who we want to see battling in future shows. On Chef Falkner's elimination we all got confused by what the Food Network chose to air, giving a clear win to EF and then eliminating her? There should be a vote by the watchers the evening of the final to choose a 2nd Iron Chef, that would be True Redemption.

  5. Sophie_Hatter says:

    Personally I agree with the decision to drop EF. She was not on her game this year. My spouse really liked her and had to agree with me at the end.

    I also think that the NIC should only have contestants that have actually beaten an Iron Chef. I am so tired of watching people that couldn't beat an Iron Chef (hint… Symon) become Iron Chefs. It used to be that you had to be a Moriomoto or Batali to be a Iron Chef. I don't know that I agree that the new ones are at that level.

    I am definitely tired of Donatella as a judge. She has been there every time and I am no longer interested in her perspective.

  6. Max says:

    I think the Food Network should consider allowing the last 4 eliminating contenders for the Next Iron Chef title return for a cookoff over the remaining 4 and may the best chef win! Additionally, select an entirely new panel of judges, who will make a fair decision unlike Iron Chef Geff Z. The best judges I think should be Iron Chef Bobby Flay, Iron Chef Cat Cora and Iron Chef Michael Symon. They all know so well what worthy iron chef dishes taste like.

    Did you notice the look of Iron Chef Zakarian face when Chef Elizabeth Faulkner was going into the secret ingredient showdown. He had a cockie expression on his face. So disappointed.

    Remember only 3 judges and if one person swing Chef Zakarian way that person will be eliminated.

  7. HopefulCynic says:

    That was just NIC's Project Runway "Gretchen" moment..

    Won't be watching this anymore, sorry.

  8. How can people say EF was the "best contestant ever"? She was in the bottom two more than anyone. It finally caught up with her.

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