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by in Shows, December 7th, 2012

Chef Elizabeth FalknerThe Next Iron Chef Fan Post of the WeekShocking to say the least, Chef Elizabeth Falkner’s elimination last Sunday night was downright powerful and emotional, not only for Chef Falkner, her fellow chefs and the judges, but also you, Next Iron Chef fans. After all, given her string of successful Showdown wins and a first-place finish in the Chairman’s Challenge of Transformation, Chef Falkner seemed to be on the fast track to Redemption glory, and fans were just waiting for her to finally claim the title of The Next Iron Chef. On Sunday, however, things took a troublesome turn and, in a moment of striking déjà vu, she crumbled in the Chairman’s ingredient auction and a head-to-head Showdown against the rival she had chosen, just like Chef Anne Burrell did in this challenge last season. Despite a smart Caesar salad and fried anchovies, Chef Falkner was told that she would not become The Next Iron Chef, and within minutes, fans Tweeted @FoodNetwork and took to our Facebook timeline and blog to express their disappointment, confusion and sadness over her early exit.

Questioning Chef Falkner’s quick decline on the road to redemption, K. Patrice Williams posted a comment on Facebook (pictured above) that speaks to both Chef Falkner’s highest and lowest moments of the competition. “I can believe I cried when they eliminated her. I’m still shocked. I was convinced she was going to be The Next Iron Chef. How does someone [go from making] the best dessert any of the judges have ever tasted to getting eliminated the next week?” she wondered, echoing the sentiments of fellow Falkner fans.

The Next Iron Chef Fan PostAnother at-home viewer, Veronica @VeroHime, was less confused than saddened about Chef Falkner’s elimination. She Tweeted, “Disappointed with the decision on Next Iron Chef. Chef Falkner can cook circles around all the remaining chefs there. So sad she’s gone. :(” Like Veronica, Chef Falkner’s fellow Redemption rivals and the judges’ panel were sorry to see her leave, all of them realizing how badly she had worked for and wanted to win the title.

What did you think of last Sunday’s episode and Chef Falkner’s elimination? Do you think Chef Falkner deserved to be sent home on account of her dishes’ technical flaws, or should she have been pardoned given the amount of risk she took? And what is it about the now-notorious ingredient auction that makes it so difficult? Join the #NextIronChef conversation and tell us what you think in the comments below.

There’s still time to support your favorite remaining rival chefs. Cast your Fan Vote up to 10 times per day, and tune in Sunday at 9pm/8c to see which chefs shine in Sin City.

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Comments (120)

  1. Angela says:

    The judges definitely got it wrong in their decision to eliminate Chef Faulkner! How could she be eliminated for too much saffron when Chef Appleman's dishes lacked the flavor of the secret ingredient? Week after week Chef Faulkner's dishes were judged superior to all the other chefs. Obviously the anchovy isn't the only thing that stinks on The Next Iron Chef Road to Redemption. They lost this viewer after this episode!

  2. Alan says:

    Well it really stinks that Elizabeth Falkner lost over what was considered a mistake that I certainly didnt believe. I dont understand why Jeff Z is a judge, he is obviously biased. Because he's an Iron Chef, doesnt mean for a second it gives him any integrity. As has been stated by others, the judging is lacking, I have never like Donatella, she is arrogant and just unpleasant and the judge with the English accent is not actually worth talking about. The Iron Chef has such a poor reputation for judging in the first place, how do you expect to ever make anyone feel like the show is legitamet when it is so wishy washy.

  3. David says:

    She is the best contestant ever. EF it was sad to select you leave.

  4. lchris1958 says:

    Absolutely heartbroken that Chef Faulkner was eliminated. If anyone embodies an Iron Chef it was her. She stepped up to the challenges each and every time. I can't stand Chef Appelman. FN made a huge mistake..

  5. Lenore says:

    I am so glad I got on this site to voice my opinion about this elimination oc Chef Falkner. I watch this show and say, ok you have G. Zakarin who was competiting with her for the High honor of Iron Chef, and now he is judging her in this contest of redemption. A SHAME and an INSULT to any rational human being. Food Network you are operating on a slippery slope allowing this to happen. To add insult to injury you have that woman, Guarnaschelli who is his (Zakarin) best buddy and assistant helper on his segments to help her win this title.

    Food Network you are operating on a disgusting, and bias point of view. Do you think your views are not intelligent to recgonize a scam when it is presented to them.

    I will not watch this show any long. Esp. when we all know the outcome. So Congradulations Chef Guaraschelli.. for nothing!!

  6. foodie says:

    I am still boggled by the blatant favoritism showed Alex and the other food network chef-it got me to thinking about Chopped and why I stopped watching that show-the winners weren't nec the best chefs!
    Someone should look into food network and how they judge-it seems so unfair to Faulkner! I will stop watching the network- that's my power!

  7. It would be really nice to see some fresh judges. I particularly like to see the other Iron Chef's judge judge TNIC.

  8. Donna says:

    This silly and extremely insulting stunt of eliminating the best chef, Chef Falkner, is ridiculous for ratings. She should have won the first time around and now this is just sour grapes by Zakarin and crew. Zakarin should not be on the judge's panel when the chef he brings with him for his competitions is still competing (Alex) and his other Chopped co-host is still in the competition. Since being the best no longer matters for this "TV show" I hope Marcel wins so he can bring Zakarin down a few notches and irk the rest of the bloated Iron Chefs. I would gladly eat at any establishment Chef Falkner graced, can't say the same for the rest.

  9. abbygals_books says:

    I feel that the elimination of Chef Faulkner was totally asinine. She was absolutely the best chef in this seasons competition. I don't know that I'll be watching this season any farther. There's no point.

  10. ajohnsonstogner says:

    I have watched Iron Chef with my 2 children for almost 6 yrs now. I was stoked to watch this season. Then Elizabeth was eliminated. I've totally lost all interest. Last season, I was ok that Geoffery won. I knew it would be a tough battle. I wasn't thrilled that Elizabeth was eliminated. But I was not disappointed that Geoffery won. This season has shown so much growth in front of the camera for Elizabeth. It was so much more than just her cooking skills. Who she was, was so evident. I was absolutely sick when the judgement came down. This season feels rigged. Just hand the title to Alex whether she deserves it or not If Elizabeth has to lose to Chopped Judges- & I'm sorry I knew from the start Geoffery was the man to beat last yr & Alex is obviously a fav. this yr. by the judges & network. I love Marcel, but he blatantly broke a rule plating w/Spike & stayed. Alex has been called out about the main ingredient not shining more than once & she stayed. Falkner beat the showdown how many times? She honestly met the chairman's challenge & was out over safferon. Can't buy that. I will catch updates online in blogs if I get curious about how the Chopped family dynasty is built.

    • katekelly says:

      The judges in particular Geoffery want Alex to be the next Iron Chef. I think Geoffrey is still threaten by Elizabeth and doesn't want to face her in the Iron Chef kitchen. Elizabeth was clearly the most talented and most creative chef on the show. Shame on the Food Network for playing favorites.

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