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by in Shows, December 7th, 2012

Chef Elizabeth FalknerThe Next Iron Chef Fan Post of the WeekShocking to say the least, Chef Elizabeth Falkner’s elimination last Sunday night was downright powerful and emotional, not only for Chef Falkner, her fellow chefs and the judges, but also you, Next Iron Chef fans. After all, given her string of successful Showdown wins and a first-place finish in the Chairman’s Challenge of Transformation, Chef Falkner seemed to be on the fast track to Redemption glory, and fans were just waiting for her to finally claim the title of The Next Iron Chef. On Sunday, however, things took a troublesome turn and, in a moment of striking déjà vu, she crumbled in the Chairman’s ingredient auction and a head-to-head Showdown against the rival she had chosen, just like Chef Anne Burrell did in this challenge last season. Despite a smart Caesar salad and fried anchovies, Chef Falkner was told that she would not become The Next Iron Chef, and within minutes, fans Tweeted @FoodNetwork and took to our Facebook timeline and blog to express their disappointment, confusion and sadness over her early exit.

Questioning Chef Falkner’s quick decline on the road to redemption, K. Patrice Williams posted a comment on Facebook (pictured above) that speaks to both Chef Falkner’s highest and lowest moments of the competition. “I can believe I cried when they eliminated her. I’m still shocked. I was convinced she was going to be The Next Iron Chef. How does someone [go from making] the best dessert any of the judges have ever tasted to getting eliminated the next week?” she wondered, echoing the sentiments of fellow Falkner fans.

The Next Iron Chef Fan PostAnother at-home viewer, Veronica @VeroHime, was less confused than saddened about Chef Falkner’s elimination. She Tweeted, “Disappointed with the decision on Next Iron Chef. Chef Falkner can cook circles around all the remaining chefs there. So sad she’s gone. :(” Like Veronica, Chef Falkner’s fellow Redemption rivals and the judges’ panel were sorry to see her leave, all of them realizing how badly she had worked for and wanted to win the title.

What did you think of last Sunday’s episode and Chef Falkner’s elimination? Do you think Chef Falkner deserved to be sent home on account of her dishes’ technical flaws, or should she have been pardoned given the amount of risk she took? And what is it about the now-notorious ingredient auction that makes it so difficult? Join the #NextIronChef conversation and tell us what you think in the comments below.

There’s still time to support your favorite remaining rival chefs. Cast your Fan Vote up to 10 times per day, and tune in Sunday at 9pm/8c to see which chefs shine in Sin City.

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Comments (120)

  1. Tidewaterbound says:

    I am rooting for Amanda and Alex, either are great. And oh yeah, please a BIG NO on Mehta.

    • Elderleigh says:

      Agreed. He just rubs me the wrong way…so arrogant and when he is critized he is never wrong….it s the judges who are wrong. I find him so unpleasant that I will not watch him if he should prevail. I was hoping they final three would be EF. AF and AG.

  2. marily griffin says:

    I thouhgt that MS Faulkner was going to succeed the whole way.. She is amazing in the things that she creates and how she feels about them. I know the comments make no difference to the show and to Ms Faulkner but they are a good release for the disapointment many of us feel. I also think the judging at times leaves a little to be desired. Does Majumdar always have to be a judge. I honestly belived he is very negative in what he sees and eats which and change to vote and he does not seem to care. I beliver he is not sincere or an expert. This had a lot to do with what happened here. Well I will keep watching and hoping the last ones that want to see get it after Faulkner make it.WHO KNOWS.

  3. mehtafan says:

    The Next Iron Chef should be a woman – Mehta. Think about it…

  4. S.E.B. says:

    I can believe Chef Falkner went home :( i almost cried!!!!!! She didn't deserve to go home! She should still be in the competition! It makes me almost want to stop watching the show!

  5. Heidi says:

    I couldn't believe that EF got eliminated! My husband was watching with me and his comment was that the show is rigged. I'm beginning to agree with him. The whole point of the show was risk…Appleman while a good chef made comfort food…NOT risky. Not sure it is even worth watching at this point. I like the other chefs, but Alex has been sous chef for Jeffery in IC and she and Amanda F judge with him on Chopped. They are already FN insiders and thus it will probably be one of them. The other three don't have a chance. While I'm happy to have a woman IC (about time after Cat Cora left) it just seems too rigged!

  6. Nan Johnson says:

    After watching the elimination of EF last Sun., I am convinced the "Redemption" series was contrived for the sole purpose of crowning Alex G. the next iron chef. Who was Zakarian's sous chef in the last Iron Chef finale against EF? AG. I'm done with the whole "competition"

  7. DIna says:

    Don't think it is fair that Jeffery is a judge with Alex in the competition. The only reason he has won the battles that he has as an Iron Chef is because of Alex being in the kitchen with him. He is going to do everything he can to make sure she wins.

    • Becky G says:

      I totally agree. I can not believe that FN has Jeffery as a judge. Not oly has he competed against some of these contestants he is an obvisious compadre of both Alex and Amanda. The fact that both of them still remain supports that! Faulkner should still be there – the other two judges were very graphic about how they felt about her leaving. Yes, I'm beginning to think it's rigged!

  8. connormk says:

    Chef Falkner shouldn't have been eliminated. This show is rigged to who ever gets the Advantage in the action challenge gets eliminated.

  9. Jenniejumpup says:

    Falkner was the biggest risk taker and the just seemed more at the level of Iron Chef than any of the others. The others are just at a different level, I'm sorry. It takes the whole level of Iron Chef down a peg in my view and to be honest, I don't think the redemption show is as interesting without Falkner. For sure, I can't stand Marcel and it should be a woman since there isn't one on the IC team currently. Find a way to bring back Falkner. She deserves it.

  10. Judy Washer says:

    Everyone of these talented and passionate chefs are working very hard for a coveted position. Everyone who watches has thier favorite as do I. Elizabeth was not one of my favorites but you have to respect her talents, passion, brillance, and ability. Even though I watch some of the other chefs more and would like to see one or two of my favorite win at the end of the show, I think Elizabeth probably has the most talent, can adapt and continue to be creative as an IronChef and should not have been voted out in this instance.

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