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by in Shows, December 7th, 2012

Chef Elizabeth FalknerThe Next Iron Chef Fan Post of the WeekShocking to say the least, Chef Elizabeth Falkner’s elimination last Sunday night was downright powerful and emotional, not only for Chef Falkner, her fellow chefs and the judges, but also you, Next Iron Chef fans. After all, given her string of successful Showdown wins and a first-place finish in the Chairman’s Challenge of Transformation, Chef Falkner seemed to be on the fast track to Redemption glory, and fans were just waiting for her to finally claim the title of The Next Iron Chef. On Sunday, however, things took a troublesome turn and, in a moment of striking déjà vu, she crumbled in the Chairman’s ingredient auction and a head-to-head Showdown against the rival she had chosen, just like Chef Anne Burrell did in this challenge last season. Despite a smart Caesar salad and fried anchovies, Chef Falkner was told that she would not become The Next Iron Chef, and within minutes, fans Tweeted @FoodNetwork and took to our Facebook timeline and blog to express their disappointment, confusion and sadness over her early exit.

Questioning Chef Falkner’s quick decline on the road to redemption, K. Patrice Williams posted a comment on Facebook (pictured above) that speaks to both Chef Falkner’s highest and lowest moments of the competition. “I can believe I cried when they eliminated her. I’m still shocked. I was convinced she was going to be The Next Iron Chef. How does someone [go from making] the best dessert any of the judges have ever tasted to getting eliminated the next week?” she wondered, echoing the sentiments of fellow Falkner fans.

The Next Iron Chef Fan PostAnother at-home viewer, Veronica @VeroHime, was less confused than saddened about Chef Falkner’s elimination. She Tweeted, “Disappointed with the decision on Next Iron Chef. Chef Falkner can cook circles around all the remaining chefs there. So sad she’s gone. :(” Like Veronica, Chef Falkner’s fellow Redemption rivals and the judges’ panel were sorry to see her leave, all of them realizing how badly she had worked for and wanted to win the title.

What did you think of last Sunday’s episode and Chef Falkner’s elimination? Do you think Chef Falkner deserved to be sent home on account of her dishes’ technical flaws, or should she have been pardoned given the amount of risk she took? And what is it about the now-notorious ingredient auction that makes it so difficult? Join the #NextIronChef conversation and tell us what you think in the comments below.

There’s still time to support your favorite remaining rival chefs. Cast your Fan Vote up to 10 times per day, and tune in Sunday at 9pm/8c to see which chefs shine in Sin City.

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Comments (120)

  1. John says:

    EF was robbed. Jeffery is favoring Alex. Big mistake if she wins.

    • Leiloni says:

      While all other judges were seemingly devastated at the elimination of Chef Falkner, I find it curious that Iron Chef Judge Geoffrey Zakarian had a faint but ever so telling 'grin' on his face. Why?

  2. Carol says:

    BIG mistake in eliminating Elizabeth Falkner. Was so shocked by the outcome on last IC Redemption. She is by far the most talented and worthy chef of becoming the next IRON CHEF. There is obvious favoritism with Alex via IC Zakarian. We need fresh new judges, Donatella and Majumbar need to go. Since when are their opinions the best in choosing the next Iron Chef? They are so tainted because they have been judges numerous times for IC. Food Network needs to get new judges, those who are in the culinary industry (no actors or food bloggers) and have the expertise in judging fairly. I'm voting for the underdog Marcel…because he can't be bought!!!

    • Penelope says:

      Marcel isn't consistent enough. I don't think he's IC caliber, sorry. I don't like Appleman particularly, but he would bring some excitement to ICA. The guy you love to hate.

      Overall – I'd be happy with Amanda or Alex.

    • ZLikesToCook says:

      Donatella definitely needs to go. Majumbar is far from my favorite – he could certainly be less abrasive in his comments. I would surely like to taste some of Zakarian's work to see if he truly rates up there as an IC. But I believe there was a lot of favoritism in getting Zakarian into the position of IC.

  3. Tucker says:

    Wow, surprising showdown and not a fun one for me since Appleman and Faulkner were my two top choices. I will say, since the worst case scenario came true and these two faced off, I'm glad Appleman made the cut. Mehta and Marcel need to hit the road…….followed by Alex. (stealing some tongue was her risk??!!)

  4. Anne Marie says:

    From what the viewers saw and heard from the judges I would think Faulkner was the winner. Too much saffron?!! Ridiculous,she outcooked and has out cooked Chef Appelman everytime.And why were the judges upset at her dismissal;what is there strategy?She is my fan favorite.

  5. Lisa A says:

    Nobody even mentions Chef Frietag. I predict she will be the next IC. She is understated, but nearly always on top when you look at the judging. Faulkner may be a great chef but she is inconsistent in the competition, which has lead to her departure. Frietag is consistent, and very talented. She's just flying under the radar at the moment.

  6. Foodie2012 says:

    If either Alex or Amanda win it will be a travesty in regards to female representation on IC. Although both are excellent chefs, they do not have the creative edge that Faulkner has. There is obvious favoritism here and if a Food Network chef/judge wins the title, its just bad form all the way around.

    • Penelope says:

      The biggest problem with Falkner was that despite her creativity, her food was often inedible. That's why she lost. Food is about eating and if it doesn't taste good, you lose. Both Alex and Amanda are preparing food that people like to eat – it's also the reason that Appleman beat Falker. The judges all said that Alex's dish was the best tasting, it just wasn't risky.

  7. Sharon says:

    All I can say is that Chef Faulkner is the Iron Chef I wanted to watch.

  8. donna says:

    Faulkner deserved to be eliminated. She sent Appleman to the bottom, because she feared him, which was not honorable. She should have sent Alex to the secret ingredient showdown, because she had the least amount of risk in her dish. Faulkner over-reached to have presented fried scales to the judges. Afterall, no matter the challenge, above all else, a chef must present beautiful, delicious food. For all of the rage expressed here that she was sent home prematurely…..she was in the bottom 3 out of 5 times. Get a grip.

    • downnotout says:

      Falkner was her own worst enemy. She was too over confident for her own good and forgot the basics – she did not make wise choices and that is what finally caught up with her. There did not seem to be conflict amongst the judges when she was sent to the cook off round. And it was a clear 2-1 loss for her in that cook off round where Appleman prevailed.

      Clearly Falkner is an ambitious chef with a young heart, but she needs a bit more seasoning before she can get to the next level – hmmm, that is what they said in last year's finale as well…

      • donna says:

        She's got 20+ yrs experience, more than any of the other competitors. She has an attitude of entitlement that is a big turn-off. Having watched her lose in 2 seasons of NIC, as well as many episodes of 'Challenge', she has a long history as a sore loser. She also lost in the 2nd episode of the 1st season of Top Chef Masters.

    • Bertie says:

      Faulker's "strategy" of trying to knock out her strongest competitor blew up in her face. This ain't "Survivor" it's a COOKING competition. Whatever happened to "may the BESTone win"? Now it is all elbows, dirty tricks and sabatage.

    • ZLikesToCook says:

      It was blatantly obvious that Donnatella Arpaio was not being an objective judge!! How can you have anchovies at the mystery ingredient, have 2 judges say they could taste the anchovies, and Donnatella say she couldn't taste the anchovies!! Arpaio should be removed from any judging roles on any show associated with FoodNetwork!!!!!!!

  9. noFalk4U says:

    Appleman: "Don't look so shocked Alex."

    Alton: "Chef Falkner you reached so far, but in the end the over use of the saffron so flavored the rest of the dish that the anchovy was overpowered – and I'm sorry, but you won't be the next Iron Chef. Terribly sorry."

    Donatella: "Oh my God."

    Now THAT is drama!

    • ZLikesToCook says:

      Donatella was obviously doing her best to through this contest. I believe she has consistently abused her privileges as a judge on FoodNetwork. GET RID OF HER!!

  10. Henry VIII says:

    The caliber of competition is so high, one slight flaw may be the foundation for dismissal. I am sorry to see Chef Falkner go; I would have much preferred to see Nate Appleman sent packing. I have disliked his arrogance each time he has appeared in a Food Network competition. Confidence and arrogance are two separate behaviors…and, Appleman is arrogant.

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