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by in Shows, December 7th, 2012

Chef Elizabeth FalknerThe Next Iron Chef Fan Post of the WeekShocking to say the least, Chef Elizabeth Falkner’s elimination last Sunday night was downright powerful and emotional, not only for Chef Falkner, her fellow chefs and the judges, but also you, Next Iron Chef fans. After all, given her string of successful Showdown wins and a first-place finish in the Chairman’s Challenge of Transformation, Chef Falkner seemed to be on the fast track to Redemption glory, and fans were just waiting for her to finally claim the title of The Next Iron Chef. On Sunday, however, things took a troublesome turn and, in a moment of striking déjà vu, she crumbled in the Chairman’s ingredient auction and a head-to-head Showdown against the rival she had chosen, just like Chef Anne Burrell did in this challenge last season. Despite a smart Caesar salad and fried anchovies, Chef Falkner was told that she would not become The Next Iron Chef, and within minutes, fans Tweeted @FoodNetwork and took to our Facebook timeline and blog to express their disappointment, confusion and sadness over her early exit.

Questioning Chef Falkner’s quick decline on the road to redemption, K. Patrice Williams posted a comment on Facebook (pictured above) that speaks to both Chef Falkner’s highest and lowest moments of the competition. “I can believe I cried when they eliminated her. I’m still shocked. I was convinced she was going to be The Next Iron Chef. How does someone [go from making] the best dessert any of the judges have ever tasted to getting eliminated the next week?” she wondered, echoing the sentiments of fellow Falkner fans.

The Next Iron Chef Fan PostAnother at-home viewer, Veronica @VeroHime, was less confused than saddened about Chef Falkner’s elimination. She Tweeted, “Disappointed with the decision on Next Iron Chef. Chef Falkner can cook circles around all the remaining chefs there. So sad she’s gone. :(” Like Veronica, Chef Falkner’s fellow Redemption rivals and the judges’ panel were sorry to see her leave, all of them realizing how badly she had worked for and wanted to win the title.

What did you think of last Sunday’s episode and Chef Falkner’s elimination? Do you think Chef Falkner deserved to be sent home on account of her dishes’ technical flaws, or should she have been pardoned given the amount of risk she took? And what is it about the now-notorious ingredient auction that makes it so difficult? Join the #NextIronChef conversation and tell us what you think in the comments below.

There’s still time to support your favorite remaining rival chefs. Cast your Fan Vote up to 10 times per day, and tune in Sunday at 9pm/8c to see which chefs shine in Sin City.

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Comments (120)

  1. love that show says:

    Its going to be a women this time we need to replace cat so the men are for show sake go girls I like them both

  2. freelancer69 says:

    I think Foodnetwork has already anointed Alex as the next Iron Chef. This is all great entertainment, but the outcome has already been decided. Given some of her mis-steps during this competition, she should have been eliminated a while ago.

    • ZLikesToCook says:

      And as a judge of others dishes as well!

    • Leiloni says:

      While all other judges were seemingly devastated at the elimination of Chef Falkner, I find it curious that IronChef Judge Geoffrey Zakarian had a faint but ever so telling 'grin' on his face. Why? Isn't Alex one of Zakarian's sous chefs (perhaps former)?

  3. foodie41 says:

    With Chef Falkner eliminated, not interested in watching the show anymore. Don't much care whose left standing!

  4. Linda says:

    OK, folks. I understand how passionately you love Ms. Faulkner. She is undeniably extraordinarily talented and possesses great skill.
    HOWEVER….. if you look at her performance in the various episodes that led up to her elimination, she had extreme ups and extreme downs. Admittedly some of her dishes were spectacular successes. But she was in the Secret Ingredient showdown more than any other contestant. You keep doing that and one of those times you won't pull it out. You will go down. She did. The old saw, three times and you're out' held true.
    In the final elimination against Nate Appelman, (whom many underestimate as a so-so 'cook' which is far from the truth)' He didn't get as much of the anchovy taste as teh judges would have liked. But Faulkner covered it up with too much saffron. The judges opted to reward the more delicate hand. Although, in truth, after watching the episode several times, I can't understand how he didn't have as much of the anchovy as they would have liked.He used a LOT of it.

    • ZLikesToCook says:

      Nate didn't get any anchovy taste into his dish according to only one – Arpaio!! She is so obviously biased, when will they finally dump her as a judge?

      • downnotout says:

        I didn't think Appleman could get any more anchovy into his dish. Donatella was desperately trying to disparage his dish but failed.

        Congrats to Appleman!

    • luvAmanda says:

      Donatella lied and said she "didn't taste ANY anchovy…" Really, we watched Nate load up that dish with anchovy to include the anchovy oil.

      Ugh, Donatella and Zakarian both have obvious biases and need to be thrown off the judging panel.

  5. anibundel says:

    As I posted in my recap, "The five who survived will go to Vegas next week. I might be over Chef Elizabeth going home by then. But don't count on it."

    In other news, I now no longer have a team. Can I just be Team "Anyone But Appleman or Mehta"? I feel like it's high time we had a female Iron Chef, but it's hard to get enthused about Chefs Alex or Amanda. And I find myself rooting for Chef Marcel because he's the underdog and the outsider, but I think he's shot himself in the foot the other week with the Spike plating fiasco. I just don't see the producers giving him the win in the end.
    Boo hiss.

  6. Sunstrike says:

    Here is the thing, we the viewers can't taste the food! So as much as we my like a certain personality we really do not have the ability to judge what is being eaten by the judges. Alas Chef Elizabeth just may not have beaten Chef Appleman on this challenge and really at the end of the day that is what the challenges are for , who does best on that day.

  7. Karen says:

    Totally unhappy Chef Falkner was eliminated; she tried to do the challenge and was eliminated because she didn't play it safe. You see that Alex is being favored by Jeffrey – so obvious! She get's away with everything. Don't want Mehta; I will not watch any of his shows, he is not a nice person!

    • Penelope says:

      Agree about Mehta. Geoffrey, Alex and Amanda are all judges on Chopped, so makes sense they would get along. Alex is also his sous chef. That said, doubt she can move forward without the other two judges or at one of them supporting.

    • ZLikesToCook says:

      I used to feel the same way about Bobby Flay when he started on FoodNetwork a long time ago. Now I think he has earned his position both as IC and as a person of stature in

  8. Tracey says:

    This is a sexist show, Jeffrey was not the winner last year. I'm done with Food network. I cannot believe Chef Falkner was eliminated; just look at the 2 of 3 judges at the end of the show. Jeffrey was what ever; his bes bud will probably win, she cooks allot better than he does.

  9. Theresa says:

    i finally got to watch the next iron chef from last Sunday and sat there in shock to see chef Falkner be eliminated. One of the greatest chefs ever. It occurred to me then that this particular competition wasn't really about crowning amazing chef's with a well deserved title and all that that implies, but rather, a moment when an amazing chef has a less than stellar moment. Therein lies the problem now with the way I look at all Iron Chefs at this point; any one one of them isn't necessarily a brilliant chef, just had a good moment in the kitchen. Sad. Disillusioned, and changing the channel on that show.

    • Penelope says:

      Have you ever eaten her food? Since you are saying she's one of the greatest chefs ever, just wondering. Seems to me like she lost more of the challenges than she won – based on the way her food tasted. Just saying – you can't be a great chef if people don't like to eat your food.

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