Chatting With the Latest Next Iron Chef: Redemption Exile

by in Shows, December 2nd, 2012

Chef Elizabeth Falkner and Chef Nate ApplemanThe fifth season of The Next Iron Chef: Redemption is in full swing with now only six familiar chefs battling it out again to prove they’ve got the skills to win the ultimate prize: the title of Iron Chef.

Each chef will try to pull out all their tricks to stay in the competition but, ultimately, one chef must go home each week. Every Sunday, FN Dish brings you exclusive exit interviews with the latest chef to go home.

The second victim of the ingredient auction, Chef Elizabeth Falkner, failed to impress the judges with an over-seasoned pasta dish and caused the most-emotional elimination moment of the season to date with fellow rival chefs and even the judges.

You had the advantage this episode and part of that was judging your own peers. What was that like?

EF: This advantage was a disturbing setup because it was déjà vu — Anne Burrell went through the exact same scenario last season. It was all too familiar to me. I like judging and competing, but the combination is difficult, especially when it’s solely based on just one dish to put someone on the bottom, and you just know that you’re probably going to be pitted against them.

In episode 3, Chef Freitag used anchovies in her dish to describe you and ultimately anchovies brought you down. Are anchovies foes or friends of yours now?

EF: I love anchovies and use them all over my menu at my new restaurant, Krescendo. In fact, one of my signature dishes is the Fregola Con Le Sarde, which has anchovies and sardines along with fennel and saffron in a typical Sicilian pasta dish. I don’t think the anchovies brought me down. I think the fact that I made what I did in 30 minutes is an accomplishment and I disagree with letting me go from that Showdown.

Do you think the auction challenge is cursed? You mentioned déjà vu earlier.

EF: Not cursed, but the setup makes for good TV.

Your final reaction was saddening for everyone to watch — it even brought tears to Simon’s eyes. What are your final thoughts about your elimination?

EF: I love seeing what the other chefs and I come up with for any of the random ingredients, especially given the time and environmental constraints thrown at us. I like portraying a superhero and I think I do a good job at it. I love to cook and think I try to push the Iron Chef concept for myself and the audience. I am being true to myself in these competitions.

If it were even possible, would you try for the title a third time?

EF: In a heartbeat! I would go for the gold again.

Relive the episode and take a look at an extended preview of next week’s episode below (click the play button):

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Comments (948)

  1. Pam says:

    Thank you Chef Faulkner for saying you would try again for Iron Chef in another season. You should have won this season. You provide the most creative dishes with depth and balance especially under pressure, which is Iron Chef criteria.

  2. Guest says:

    Must have been quite the frittata chef Appleman cooked because the judges picked last week a frittata over what looked on our TV screen like a complex pasta-anchovies dish prepared by chef Falkner. And what about those sophisticated balls of dressing chef Falkner took the risk to create? It was supposed to be a risk challenge judges! Where was the risk in a frittata? We at home don't get to taste the dishes, but from our side of the screen, chef Falkner won the challenge.

  3. WestCoastFan says:

    900+ posts. Wow! I've never seen such activity before. For those who don't think Foodnetwork care what we think I think they do listen. Social media is something that no channel can ignore. The number of posts (for and against) Chef Falkner are something I'm sure the Foodnetwork people have noticed. Maybe we'll see some special with Chef Falkner being the host or something.

  4. bob says:

    This program is a bunch of bull #$^*. You have two of your regulars as fill ins. So who will win?

  5. babs15 says:

    I have the craziest question of anybody who knows……when the chefs prepare their ONE dish….and when they are finished it appears to be one dish, how are the judges getting a dish each????? Am I not seeing the chefs prepare that or what? Please help to clear this up for me. Thank you.

    • Sarah says:

      I guess it is the same as it is on Iron Chef. I always assumed that they just had their time limit to produce one example dish and then were later allowed to reproduce the dish (only as it was originally done) in as many portions as necessary. If anyone is actually in the know, I wouldn't mind knowing the actual truth myself. Thanks.

    • babs15 says:

      Thank you Sarah, that is a good theory I never thought of that. But I agree I too would like a more definitive answer.

  6. WinterSquash says:

    Chef Falkner is crazy talented. I was really surprised to see her lose. Especially because she took the most risks in the Chairman's Challenge. And anybody notice how Geoffrey Zakarian immediately defended Alex? Apparently stealing a cow tongue is considered risky. *cough cough biased cough cough*

  7. Guest says:

    Very sad to see Chef Faulkner leave. Even the judges felt horrible…it seemed a bit contrived to me this time around. She will be missed and I sure hope to see her next season! I love her fighting spirit and her skill is incredible.

  8. Jim says:

    Fans can always see chef Falkner on Unique Sweets.

  9. Guest 43 says:

    How do you go from (paraphrased) "if she would have prepared this last year, we'd have a different Iron Chef" to being in the bottom several times . . . and ultimately eliminated??????????????????????? Something is very male and screwy if you ask my opinion.

  10. Guest says:

    I don't want to repeat what everyone has said before but I can't help it! This show is fixed, sexist and a total letdown. The fact is these judges and fellow chefs are afraid of this incredibly smart, talented, and creative female chef. So good that standing next to certain other iron chefs (Flay, Zacharian, etc.) would be beneath her. Falkner deserves to be the iron chef more than these other clowns, especially Guarnaschelli who seems to be fake humble and a kiss-ass all wrapped in one. I stopped watching this show after Falkner was eliminated and won't watch again. I've never seen such obvious bias, conflict of interest (Zacharian, really???), and sexism. Food network, good luck with keeping your fans – you can't even try to hide fixing this competition anymore? A grave injustice this time. So disappointing it sickens me.

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