What to Watch: Guy’s Family Reunion and an ICA Thanksgiving Showdown This Sunday

by in Shows, November 10th, 2012

Iron Chef America: Thanksgiving ShowdownWith the upcoming holiday, it’s all about getting the family gathered around a Thanksgiving table full of food. With that in mind, there are two new shows to watch this Sunday that check off both those boxes.

Guy’s Big Bite: Guy’s Family Reunion

What happens when Guy Fieri and his extended family get together for a reunion in Nag’s Head, N.C.? A week-long, no-holds-barred gathering that’s filled with food cooked up by Guy himself. Beyond the food, there are games on the beach, deep sea fishing and crabbing. Get to know Guy on a personal level from his family’s perspective.

Tune in: Sunday, November 11 at 12pm/11am c

Iron Chef America: Thanksgiving Showdown

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like if the Chopped judges battled it out in Kitchen Stadium, here’s your chance. Three Iron Chefs (Michael Symon, Marc Forgione and Geoffrey Zakarian) will join sides for the first time to battle it out against Chopped judges Aarón Sanchez, Scott Conant and Marc Murphy in a Thanksgiving showdown to determine which team’s Thanksgiving dishes will reign supreme.

Tune in: Sunday, November 11 at 10pm/9c

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Comments (22)

  1. ICHoax says:

    Weren't these the dancers in Michael Jackson's Beat It video?

  2. sierrajm1972 says:

    ICA Thanksgiving Leftovers was a great change up in format… I was very happy to see it!

  3. Maria says:

    I just watched "Guy's Family Reunion" and absolutely LOVED it! I laughed and cried. What a great tribute to his parents and to his sister Morgan! The end was fabulous when the entire family held hands on the beach, and all said alittle something. Then when they all said "Namaste", the natural light show/thunder was right on point!! GREAT SHOW GUY, Thanks for making us feel like a part of your special family!!

  4. Dylan Cleary says:

    LOVED! Guys Family Reunion but why didn't the network let us know about it coming up? We just watched it by chance, waiting for the football game to come on. We are huge Guy fans and wish we would have known about this sooner – we missed the first 15 mins. But will set the DVR to catch it again. Loved the crabbing expedition and prayer circle, truly magical! Thanks for letting us meet your family Guy!

    • cherrycooks says:

      For some reason, I thought the show was on at 2:00PM Sunday, so I made a quick trip to the market and thought I'd be home on time to tune in for "Guy's Family Reunion". Alas! I missed more than half of the show and was glad that it was reprised today (2:00 EST). Awesome show and one that I will surely watch again. Guy is a fabulous family man and a great teacher who encourages kids and grown-ups to join in to prepare delicious food. The "tribute to Morgan" segment at the end was very touching and a perfect way to conclude the memorable family reunion. One of FN's best shows ever!

      • Laylafoodie says:

        I agree, I think it is one of Food Networks better shows! Too bad it is a special, I liked how it had that documentary style feeling but you still learned how to cook something without the "staged" looked of some of their other shows. How did he cook for 50? Simple and delicious dishes seem to do the trick.

  5. Jill Nelson says:

    GFR! Awesome show – love to see Guy doing something different. I can't believe he let us meet his family, love the story about his sister, it was nice for him to share such a personal story with us. I feel bad that I haven't had a family reunion lately, does Thanksgiving count?

  6. Brenda Duncan says:

    I love the family reunion show! cracks me up when they play the practical jokes and the boy who has a birthday. My favorite is the whip cream in the face, waking up for the fishing trip, and the crab biting the finger. It was cool to meet Guys mom and dad, you never get that type of opportunity – thanks for letting us into your life Guy.

  7. ilovecookingshows says:

    Absolutely loved your reunion show. Brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for sharing and so nice to meet your family!

  8. Bryn says:

    Guy's Family Reunion was awesome! We're old family friends of the Prices and extended family, so great to see Pete & Geri, Rooker and Robbie pinched! Great how everyone got involved, even the kids with the cooking and fun to see some of the other family bonding activities. Tribute to Morgan was magical, touching!

  9. Linda says:

    Did they say, how did Guy's sister die?

  10. Annika S. says:

    We didn't have a chance to watch the show on Sunday but just now watched the recording and absolutely loved it! I feel like we got to see a whole new side of Guy. I loved the recipes and the overall sense of how important family is to Guy. Bravo to FN for showing you how to cook for a crowd – did he say 50 family members? I loved the French Toast, cooking with kids and the fish tacos. I also liked they went out for a meal…let's get real…who wants to cook the entire time.;)

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