Watch Thanksgiving Live! This Sunday

by in Shows, November 16th, 2012

Thanksgiving LiveThe weekend is finally here: Food Network’s annual Thanksgiving Live! is going live in just one short day. Just in time for the big feast, on Sunday at 12 pm/ET, Rachael, Giada, Bobby, Aarón, Alex, Sunny, Ree and your host, turkey master Alton Brown, will be on hand to answer your Thanksgiving questions live on-air. What do you want to know? Ask your question here.

The best Thanksgiving appetizer: Watch the Thanksgiving Live pre-show on at 11:30 am/ET Sunday. We’ll have exclusive interviews with Food Network chefs as they head into the kitchen to answer your questions.

Stick with us during the live show and then go to during commercials. Jeff Mauro will be featuring viewers’ tweets (don’t forget to use hashtag #ThanksgivingLive), taking more questions and — knowing Jeff — I’m sure the ultimate Thanksgiving leftover sandwich is coming your way too.

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Comments (98)

  1. Liza says:

    I like quiche with leftover turkey

  2. Housna Kadrie says:

    Can you bake turkey with just water?

  3. Housna Kadrie says:

    How do you make the turkey top red?

  4. Housna Kadrie says:

    Someone told me to put plain yougert with turkey. Is that a good idea?

  5. katherine says:

    yes – overall a disappointing show.
    alton – all over the place; wouldn't let anyone explain anything in detail; not a good host
    sunny – the host snubbed her;he could care less what she had to say – but i see why with a recipe like "fried icecream balls"…i mean please, that was pathetic – this is thanksgiving, not a carnival – and she said they take one minute in the deep fryer. she dropped one in and saw they were doing nothing and closed the lid. i bet the oil wasn't even turned on !!!
    ree – she is a fish out of water. she has some good ideas but doesn't fit in well. a little boring ree.
    gianda – the worst – i agree with the previous blogger – she only wanted to get on camera and was always hugging the host. she is so superficial and has nothing of any importance to add. and her recipe – green beans and almonds….OMG….what a joke she is. please…spare us from giada !!!
    rachel, alex, bobby – they were the most helpful and had the best ideas; thank goodness for them, because this show was too spastic.

    • Stacy says:

      Poor Ree. The reason she didn't belong is because she was the only one on her very best behavior. She held herself with class and dignity. Giada was the total opposite. Ree is awesome. I love watching the 'Pioneer Woman'. I kept watching Giada with Alton and thinking: 'Are their spouses watching?' I wonder when Giada got home and her husband pointing to the t.v , saying, "What the—"
      Ree isn't boring. She's just not super loud like most of the others. I'm glad she didn't lose herself in the chaos.

  6. Stacy says:

    I love leftovers. I make my ultimate sandwich. I use thick slices of quality bread. Instead of mayo, I slather cranberry sauce on the slices, then slices of turkey breast, a small mound of dressing, a dollop of sweet potato casserole and a little drizzle of giblet gravy. Yeah, it's messy but I love it. It's a a jumbled mess on the plate on Thanksgiving anyway. I just decided to put it in between bread. I wash that down with our family's secret Cranberry Tea recipe. Yummy!!

  7. Ena Sharples says:

    I enjoyed the show and got some good tips from several of the chefs. Alton was a good host but the whole thing was a little on the manic side. Presumably this is the first time they have attempted a two hour Thanksgiving show live? Is there something going on with Giada and Alton? She appeared to spend most of her time draped around his shoulders. If they do another one next year I will watch but a little less manic next time please :)

  8. Ginger says:

    Please tell Alton that he should A) calm WAY down and give the chefs time to answer, and B) stop antagonizing Giada. I recorded the show, but will delete it because it was too stressful to watch. Just the opposite of what I was hoping it would be. I agree that Sunny got snubbed and Ree, although sweet, seems out of place. Bobby was his usual humble and informative wonderful self. I love Food Network, but this wasn't their best special.

    • Trishthedish says:

      Ree is a breathe of fresh air , the show became more about displays of ego and personalities quirks most of us did not know, go to Ree's blog for more reality .

  9. Nunya says:

    OMG this show was so annyoing to watch!!! Giada made a fool of herself…she was drunk!! and being a big time kiss ass, needs to get over herself. Alton was all over the place and clearly had his favorites..Rachel, Arron who also appeared drunk and Bobby. Sunny nor Alex really exsisted to this Ahole.

  10. karen says:

    what is the best kind of apple cider to get

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