Watch Thanksgiving Live! This Sunday

by in Shows, November 16th, 2012

Thanksgiving LiveThe weekend is finally here: Food Network’s annual Thanksgiving Live! is going live in just one short day. Just in time for the big feast, on Sunday at 12 pm/ET, Rachael, Giada, Bobby, Aarón, Alex, Sunny, Ree and your host, turkey master Alton Brown, will be on hand to answer your Thanksgiving questions live on-air. What do you want to know? Ask your question here.

The best Thanksgiving appetizer: Watch the Thanksgiving Live pre-show on at 11:30 am/ET Sunday. We’ll have exclusive interviews with Food Network chefs as they head into the kitchen to answer your questions.

Stick with us during the live show and then go to during commercials. Jeff Mauro will be featuring viewers’ tweets (don’t forget to use hashtag #ThanksgivingLive), taking more questions and — knowing Jeff — I’m sure the ultimate Thanksgiving leftover sandwich is coming your way too.

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Comments (98)

  1. Jessica Stanwood says:

    Anyone have recipe for tamales? Always thought that would be good leftovers recipe?

  2. Angela says:

    When watching the Thanksgiving show, did anyone other than myself notice how that Giada kept trying to get into camera range wherever Alton was on the set? That woman is SO annoyinng, and she thinks much too much of herself. I don't think she's too well liked by Alton or the other chefs on the Food Network. Personally, the less I see of her the better.

    • Katie says:

      I agree. Stopped watching because Giada was so immature. She likes the camera. Less Giada, less smiling from her next year or better yet, no Giada..

    • Sky says:

      Giada seemed a little too flirty with Alton, I noticed. I didn't think he look too annoyed with her. This was a way to let loose a little. I wanted to see more of Ree Drummond because I have seen the other chefs quite frequently. She has a quiet personality and I am now addicted to 'Pioneer Woman' I have a soft spot for ranches, horses and good, simple food. Very refreshing. Now, I have to rely on my DVR'd 'Good Eats' and the newer show from Ree.

    • katherine says:

      yes – i agree and commented on this too in my blog.
      giada is the worst. she is totally annoying and must think she needs to be on camera. she has the fewest culinary skills and terrible manners and etiquette. she was picking at the food (gross !) when alton was speaking and did nothing else during the show. make something lady ! stay in your spot and cook ! that's what you're getting paid to do !! she was walking around trying to get in the way of the camera the entire time. what a joke she is. and her pitiful show too. one word for her….phony !!!

      • Evelyn McElroy says:

        I do believe that I heard that her family is really big in the film industry. Notice how she kept looking off camera for direction? She may come from a long line of camera hoggers…just saying.

        • Evelyn McElroy says:

          Also noticed that she actually threw food at Alton..WHILE HE WAS ON CAMERA! What are we, 7th grade? She comes from a famous family name in the film business, so guess she thinks she can do what she wants, and everyone one wants to cater to her family. Now they have her picture in all the magazines, selling things….That smile looks like it needs serious help, like a cornered possum. just my opinion.

  3. Deanna says:

    I would like the Pioneer Woman's bacon appetizer recipe cannot find it on the website

  4. no name says:

    Can you put marshmallows and/or chocolate chips in a pumpkin pie?

    • Sky says:

      I like the sound of chocolate better. Instead of chips, why not drizzle a good melting chocolate over the pie after it's cooked and cooled? Marshmallows seems more appropriate for the Rice Krispy treats and S'mores. Just please don't put them on your sweet potato casserole. :)

  5. Kristin says:

    Will they repeat it? We missed it. :(

  6. SCOTT says:

    we love giada and she is HOT

  7. Debbie says:

    How do I make a great cranberry sauce, cause I'm tired of using canned cranberry sauce.

  8. zouli says:

    Omg what the heck is that handle thingy on Altons tablet??

  9. Debby says:

    What a disappointing show! Alton was like a hummingbird on acid! He barely let the chefs speak! WAY too much going on here! The chefs, the host, the skpes, the emails, the terrible camera angles………..did I mention the completely irritating host??? Also, lots of favoritism with the chefs! Sunny will never get that hour of her life back.
    Next year………lose the host……lose the skypes……… just.let the chefs cook!!!!

    • Katie says:

      What are you talking about–I loved–loved–loved the show–liked the unconventional feel and the fun of it all–I really enjoyed it–Thanks food network chefs for being you and just having fun

  10. Debbie says:

    Whats a good non alcoholic drink to serve on thanksgiving?

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