VOTE: The Next Iron Chef Secret Ingredient Bracket Challenge Finals

by in Shows, November 29th, 2012

NIC Secret Ingredient Bracket Challenge FinalsThere are some pretty strange and unusual ingredients that get used on The Next Iron Chef challenges. But what secret ingredients have been the hardest for the competitors to work with? The culinary team in Food Network Kitchens weighed in on this question and came up with eight of the most difficult secret ingredients from the previous four seasons.

But what’s the absolute hardest ingredient used on The Next Iron Chef? You get to decide in this bracket challenge. In Round 1, you had to narrow down the eight to four. In Round 2, you had to choose the two finalists. Now’s your chance to vote for the one ingredient you want to win.

How It Works

Round 1 was November 15-22. The top eight secret ingredients were narrowed down to four.

Round 2 was November 22-29. The remaining four ingredients were narrowed down to two.

The finals are this week, starting November 29 at noon. You choose the winner from the two finalists. Vote below now.

On December 6 we will announce the winner at noon.

The Secret Ingredients Up for Vote in the Finals

Gummy Candy: In Season 4, Episode 3, the chefs had to cook two dishes incorporating movie theater candy. Michael Chiarello used gummy bears in creating his dishes.

Tuna Jerky: In Season 4, Episode 6, the chefs had to bid on the amount of time it would take them to create a dish using an assigned ingredient. Elizabeth Falkner had 25 minutes to create a dish using tuna jerky, which ultimately won her the challenge.

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Comments (4)

  1. TellTailHeart says:

    The next secret ingredient should be selected from any meal served Guy Fieri's Times Square eatery. That will be a challenge for anyone but not necessarily to cook but fo swallow. Flavortown is on the wrong side of the tracks, apparently. Go back to games shows Guy!

    The Fieri imbroglio raises bigger questions: Why is FN constantly featuring shows about (a) unhealthy; (b) toxic; and, (c) poisonous restaurants. Ditto shows about restaurants where (a) the help contaminates the food; (b) have, ahem, questionable relations in hallways and coolers; (c) steal; (d) are alcoholic cigarette smokers; and are (e) cretins who seem to hate customers or want to have "social relations" with them? Is this good TV? Trust FN to educate foodies about how dangerous it is ti eat out. I'll stay in, thanks! Is that the real agenda here?

    Oh, then, there are the shows about incompetents and nincompoops who need a real man like Robert ("Dr. Bob") Irvine to come in and bust some chops with tough love and a roll of bunting and a bottle of floor wax. ["First I have to heal this family…. and then the programming department at FN before I bake a cake for kate Middleton."]

    Hey, what about the Secret Diner show? Guys, it's not a secret! Anyone who has eaten at Guy's can tell you what a nightmare before Christmas restaurant looks and tastes like.

    Lastly, watch Alex to win Next Iron Chef Redemption. People, gosh darn, like her and the Zkarian fiasco needs redemption big time just as FN needs a female Iron Chef. Giving it to Chef Faulkner would be too obvious so Alex wins by default. Go girl, go!

    • Penelope says:

      I have to agree about all the restaurant spy shows. Caught an episode of Secret Diner the other night and wondered what it was doing on the Food Network. I do like Robert Irvine, however. Guy just seems to eat a lot and doesn't do any cooking that I'm aware of.

      Next, I'd love to see Alex win. She's such a sweetie and so very genuine. I loved Zakarian until I found out about his filing bankruptcy to avoid paying his employees. He does use Alex as sous chef when he's challenged on Iron Chef – so, in that regard, I know he's pulling for her. Falkner leaves me cold. If Amanda wins it, I wouldn't be upset – again a nice lady.

  2. Vif says:

    Zakarian ABSOLUTELY deserved to be the Iron Chef winner. His business dealings have nothing to do with his talent.

  3. M-girl says:

    I think the Mystery Diners and Restaurant Stakeout shows are not what Food Network should be airing, but they need to appeal to more than just home cooks and foodies. I guess this is the closest you can get to some of the other mindless shows on other networks. It's sad, really. Food Network was founded on a great platform and concept but has grown to be so commercial (Susie needs to be able to sell cooking utensils with her "extensive brand expertise" agenda.) I don't need to see any more of the Deen family, either. Maybe they'll give Hunter Fieri his own show next then too?!
    I am hoping that they rework the Next Food Network Star series as well. Please stop with the drama queen contestants who cannot boil water and think they are God's gift in the kitchen. (Need to see how it's done? Bravo's "Top Chef" is your hint.) I also think Zakarian is a world-class chef as well. There are a few Iron Chefs who don't belong (Garces, Forgione) but he's clearly deserving.

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