What’s Cooking on Thanksgiving Live!

by in Holidays, Shows, November 18th, 2012

Thanksgiving Live! ChefsWhat happens when nine Food Network stars come together in the kitchen around the holidays? If you guessed a whole lot of cooking, eating and drinking, then you are correct. This afternoon, Alex Guarnaschelli, Alton Brown, Aarón Sanchez, Bobby Flay, Giada De Laurentiis, Jeff Mauro, Rachael Ray, Ree Drummond and Sunny Anderson will gather in Food Network Kitchens for Thanksgiving Live!, Food Network’s annual call-in show, to answer all of your Turkey Day questions and cook up a holiday feast from start to finish. Want to see what’s on the menu this year? Take a peek at the recipes below, and be sure to catch the show from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m.

Cocktails and Appetizers
Alton’s Concord Grape Royale
Aarón’s Hot Punch (Ponche)
Jeff’s Maple Perfect Manhattan
Sunny’s Fruity Limoncello Spritzer
Rachael’s Ginger Snap
Ree Drummond’s Holiday Bacon Appetizers
Aarón’s Sopes

Rachael’s Cider-Brined Turkey With Maple-Cider Glaze
Giada’s Cranberry-Orange Glazed Turkey

Stuffings & Dressings
Alex’s Basmati Rice Dressing
Alex’s Apple, Turnip and Sage Dressing
Aarón’s Chorizo and Cornbread Stuffing
Ree Drummond’s Cornbread Dressing

Side Dishes
Bobby’s Grapefruit-Campari Cranberry Relish
Giada’s Mashed Potatoes
Giada’s Green Beans With Lemon Vinaigrette and Almonds
Rachael’s Double Stuffed Butternut Squash

Alex’s Citrus Flan
Alex’s Raspberry Crumble Tart
Sunny’s Fried Apple and Pear Ice Cream

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Comments (97)

  1. Rudy says:

    I thought Alton and Giada acted childish……Hope to not see these two together again.
    I found the other chefs to be respectful and informative.

  2. @EleciaMoore says:

    I had this experience myself, although I figured it out myself. Naturally, as the turkey roasts, the juices will seep out. If breast is down, it's going to hold those natural juices along with herbs and other seasonings you have chosen to add. This helped me convince dark-meat eaters that beautiful white breast meat could be a very happy and healthy choice! _

  3. @EleciaMoore says:

    Just a simple question….did anyone today feel actually embarrassed for Giada's behavior? She is
    so beautiful, so accomplished…why did she have to try to stage a Giada Special? I was disappointed in her flirtatious behavior, hanging on Alton, etc…and attempting to have her face in every moment. Her colleagues, certainly well-accomplished and admired chefs, seemed to just stand back and draw a breath, wondering what was coming next. Shame! I thought she had grown up since she had Jade. Not a GOOD THING.

  4. Stephane says:

    Alton, What is your best Holiday children memory. What was each chef's MOM special touch to the Thanksgiving diner????

    Stephane from Robbinsville NJ

  5. Scott says:

    Where's the recipe for the pumpkin chicken empanadas show earlier today?

  6. Hugo says:


  7. Chef says:

    Is Giada drunk? She is so distracting and mean to Alton. Maybe she is a mean drunk or mean girl…

  8. Philip says:

    What a boring show. There were so few questions asked and answered. Such a missed opportunity. I really like Alton, but stop talking!!!

  9. Judy Rogers says:

    Recorded show..just watched it and have to say I was so disappointed in Giada's behavior and the ones who condoned it. I am a dedicated fan of Food Network..don't really know of any show I don't like to watch but I do now..I will not watch Giada again..Don't know if she was under the influence of something that altered her good judgement or if she is just downright childish but her behavior was unacceptable and I was insulted to be entertained like that for such an important time of the year.

    We have so much to be thankful for when our country has been under attack in some manner or another for the past years (war, terrorists, mother nature)..What was she thinking and why did the Food Net Work allow her behavior. I think Bobby Flay almost fell into her show and Alton Brown but the rest of the FoodNet Work stars seemed to be embarrassed.

    I think she was out of line not only in being intoxicated but also flirting with Bobby and Alton..Her husband and child must really be proud..Huh

    Again, I was very disappointed in this show..


    • Penpen90 says:

      I totally agree with you Judy. Disgraceful. Her big ole head really brought her ego to life tonight

    • Laura says:

      My sister and I were really excited to watch this show not only because it was about thanksgiving but because it was going to be live. As we were watching this show together we found ourselves in complete shock by Giada's and Alton's behavior (especially Giada). She was trying to be the center of attention and it completely took away from the actual show. People were actually looking forward to asking questions and learning tips for thanksgiving dinner. Instead we found ourselves watching Giada's immature behavior. At one point Rachel Ray was cut off by Giada and Alton.
      We were so disappointed and felt there was a lot useful information left out. I would've also liked to hear more from the other chef's like Sunny, Ree, and Aaron.
      Completely disappointed. Total waste of a show.

      • Stacy says:

        I think the others were more behaved. Especially Ree. She seemed graceful and classy. Giada was too much to take. Rachael couldn't finish her sentences. No one else got to explain their cooking techniques. It's good I'm already schooled in food and knew how to do everything they were cooking because I didn't learn anything by the show.

        • kan315 says:

          i agree giada was very childish …she seemd to think the whole show revolved around her but then again she is like that on every show she is on (i.e the next foodnetwork star) felt bad that sunny and arron and ree did not get much "talk time" love alton but kind of thought he didn't know how to stop giada once she got going..

          • cherrycooks says:

            Giada is totally self-absorbed. She used to be tolerable in her earlier days on FN, but I can no longer stand to watch her show or most shows on which she appears. I hope FN execs pay attention to what viewers think and that they feature this scene-stealing egomaniac less in the future.

  10. Penpen90 says:

    Giada was outrageous. Anyone else notice when she declined a drink from Alton? was it because she already had too much? She's probably the next Paula Abdul

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