Restaurant Revisited: Rohrer’s Tavern

by in Shows, November 28th, 2012

Robert Irvine on Restaurant: ImpossibleAt Rohrer’s Tavern in North Bend, Ohio, Robert Irvine found an outdated eatery with an unadorned dining space and basic-at-best food to match. Lisa Kendall is the owner of this decades-old restaurant, and she needed Robert and his Restaurant: Impossible team to help Rohrer’s avoid a looming closure. We checked in with Lisa a few months after the transformation to see how her restaurant is doing now.

After the renovation, Rohrer’s saw year-over-year growth of $20,000 for the month of September. Lisa explains that while the restaurant used to attract only local customers, it is now “pulling people from other neighborhoods” as well.

“Everyone loves the new look and for the most part loves the menu,” she says. Rohrer’s is still serving most of the menu items that Robert created for them, and they’ve added a few of their previously popular dishes to their list of offerings.

Since Robert left, the kitchen staff has been held “accountable for everything,” Lisa explains. She now challenges them when they tell her that something cannot be done, and says she has “made it clear that I am not just the owner. I am the boss and manager.” She adds, “Criticism is still something that no one in the kitchen likes, but I do it as constructively as possible.”

Still working in the kitchen, Stacy “finally has a staff that she can count on,” Lisa tells us. “Stacy has always been and continues to be my right hand.”

Bev and Renee are both shift leaders, and Aunt Sandy has returned to serving. “She is doing really great with the menu and the computer,” Lisa says of Sandy.

For Lisa, one of most beneficial aspects of the Restaurant: Impossible experience was the food-cost lesson she received from Robert. She says, “I couldn’t thank him enough for sitting down with me to show me how it should be done.” Today Rohrer’s spends about 34 to 36 percent on food, but Lisa notes that she is “still working diligently on making it lower.”

Looking back on the transformation, Lisa tells us, “It has truly been a blessing and brought life back to not only me but to my staff.”

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Comments (142)

  1. hiiiiui says:

    i was concerned to the fact that when the lights behind the bar wreck, how are they gonna change them? lot of work just to change one.

  2. Bill says:

    I can't tell if Lynn is that bad or if Tanya just raised the bar to high. Some one needs to recognize how talented Tanya was…..Fact : Tanya was amazing….what she did…..was crafty, saved money, and always impressed. She pushed the ticket constantly time wise, but she was an expert at doing something with nothing. Then the nothing blended in and added to the overall project. She was a real talent …….Would love to know where her career is taking her…. I actually looked forward to seeing the completed project, not so much any more.

    • rtw915 says:

      Tanya was NOT amazing. She did the same d@mn look at every restaraunt. "Oh! Let's make it look contemporary." No matter what the food or the location, everything had the same d@mn generic look. I am so glad that she's gone. Total hack.

  3. TopShelf says:

    Lynn is a horrible designer. There's is no way I'd eat in any of his creations – the colors are simply too eye-aching to be able to enjoy the food

  4. donthebrain says:

    I'd go there just to see the owner, Lisa!! Wow is she smoking hot. Great bod!

  5. dawn says:

    i so did not like any of the colors. they were horrible and looked like they were chosen randomly chosen from a crayon box. please bring tanya back and get rid of lynn or what ever his name is. my eyes hurt,lol

  6. David Elswick says:

    I know to add "drama" for the show that the time limit is 2 days, but on Bar Rescue they use a week. A lot of the owners on RI are in way over their heads – Robert gets their nose above water – but I think if he could stay longer (3 to 5 days) that the owners would learn how to swim.

  7. Ben says:

    “Everyone loves the new look and for the most part loves the menu,” she says.
    I will tell you Lisa "everyone likes the look of the foxy owner. Who cares about the food when they can look at you Miss Hottie.

  8. @IamRitaV says:

    This restaurant is closing – last day it will be open is 4/25/14.

    • dlboston says:

      My husband and I drove by Sunday, May 4, 2014 and the tavern was indeed closed. No signs on the door/no explination.

    • Went to the last day for lunch .. was a sad say for everyone …have been going there since I was 11-12 years old .. best fish in town and tarter sauce ,,… They were known for their Cod ! .. I went with 2 other friends to visit one last time and say goodbye.. top it off , an older man had chocked on something.. friend of his got up to help and he was throwing up water all over the floor .If I am not mistaken you don't perform that on someone while they are already spewing water, they ask if he was ok and he said yes .. ? called ambulance , then cancelled , then called again, they arrived ,but he seem to be doing much better .. What a last day for Rohrer's Tavern..Oh, by the way .. we were sitting at the table next to them and Lisa ask if we wanted to move on the other side of the dining area .. yes, the bar side behind the wall , so we couldn't see ,in case something else happened .. That was the last day .. then the doors were closed for good……..:(

  9. Bill says:

    Restaurant has now closed for good.

  10. AlistZ says:

    Its amazing how much food prices have gone up during the Obama presidency.

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