Restaurant Revisited: Poco’s on the Boulevard

by in Shows, November 21st, 2012

Robert Irvine at Poco's on the BoulevardWhen Robert Irvine arrived at Poco’s on the Boulevard in Kansas City, Mo., he met owner Claudia Endicott and her sister, Danna Gutierrez, who were ready and anxious to receive Robert’s constructive criticism about their Latin restaurant. Since their mother passed away several months ago, Poco’s had been dishing out inconsistent food, and Claudia had struggled with earning the respect of her staff. Robert and the Restaurant: Impossible team spent two days revamping the dining room and overhauling the menu, and in the end, they helped return Poco’s to its former glory. We checked in with Claudia a few months after Robert left to see how the restaurant is doing today.

Since the renovation, diners have been pleased with the changes at Poco’s. The restaurant is once again making a profit, and sales have risen $20,000 from July to August.

Claudia appreciates the updated decor, including the new paint color and expanded bar, and says that it has been well received by customers. “The counter space makes it more comfortable to spend time at the bar,” she tells us. She especially like the photo of her mom, Poco’s founder, which was hung near the entrance. “I feel like she’s present when I see it,” Claudia says of the image.

Robert’s new menu has proven to be a hit with customers, but Claudia says that she’s added a few dishes from their previous menu, like her “Mom’s award-winning fish tacos and basic burritos.”

The cooks now are working with Poco’s original recipes, and Claudia adds that they “are creating a recipe book to instruct new employees as well as control food servings and portions.” Claudia has been spending more time in the kitchen recently and “is learning how to prepare the food as well as helping to direct staff during heavy volume.”

Claudia notes that she and Danna have been “more sensitive to each other” since Robert left. She’s happy to report that she has “improved in her professional mannerism” and is being respected by her staff. “We are looking forward to the future and what it may hold for Poco’s,” she says.

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Comments (174)

  1. foodgirl says:

    There needs to be a designer. Hideous green aside, the picture-frame, shadow boxes, strewn all over the walls with cheap Chinese crap, looked chaotic and far, far worse than the beginning room. Robert, here's a surprise for you, you have not healed anyone.

    • John says:

      Those kind of items are usually made in Mexico, not China.

      I thought the decor was a definite improvement.

    • WonderfulShow says:

      YOU NEED A LIFE!! STOP BEING A HATER. Easy, your green horns are showing!!

    • Helen Lamoureux says:

      Bright colors ARE traditional in Mexico. As well, I would guess the brightness would festively enhance customers' moods. Quite appropriate choice of color and the shadow boxes did tone the color affect down. The shadow boxes did make the accessories stand out AND, no clue who or why anyone relates the accessories to other ethnic cultures?! EXCEPT because other cultures do use bright colors too. Robert and the carpenter/designer DID say they were going to use some of Poco's accessories. Are you 'splitting hairs' to jump on that? It seems so.

    • Paul says:

      That was their stuff Tom put back up.

    • Mrsgemini says:

      He's not a Dr. He doesn't "heal" anyone. He HELPS. Learn the difference before you spout your hate and make yourself look like a total idiot. Unless that was your intent then mission accomplished!

  2. MattfromWA says:

    A good episode; it reminded me of older episodes when Robert would bring out all the staff and list his bullet points for change on a large tablet, so everybody got the gist of his plan.
    Two unusual occurrences: Robert actually liked some of the food, where, especially in recent episodes, he has had not one good thing to say about the food. Also, he ended up cooking, which he usually doesn't do.
    To say that Robert had a hard time communicating with the kitchen staff is an understatement; seeing him do that hog impersonation was about the funniest thing I've seen on the show!
    To all you drooling sleazebags making comments about Claudia and Danna; can't you come up with something more original than "she's soo hot!" Clam up already.

    • beachinfrizzy says:

      I thought this was a good episode too… no handfuls of nauseating filth, no cockroach infestation, no "elephant in the room" mental health issues to tiptoe around, no passive-aggressive parents or business partners who stand there with arms folded across their chest making stank faces at everything Robert says because they think they know everything despite running their restaurant into the ground, no long-simmering sibling rivalry, no delusional kook owners who can't differentiate between a place of business, a halfway house and a toddler's playground. Just dutiful daughters trying to find their way, who aren't afraid to have Robert give them the 'tough love' they need to right the ship and get things back on track in the wake of the recent loss of their mother.

      • MattfromWA says:

        I couldn't have said it better myself. That 'Valley Inn' episode with that owners mother talking trash to Robert as soon as he walked in the door just had me shaking my head. He had more patience with her than I probably would have.

  3. Roger says:

    Wish them all the luck however, back to their old ways buying groceries from local big box stores. We were having lunch and witnessed them unloading boxes of raw chicken or beef dripping liquid or blood all over the produce. Yukk.

  4. Miles says:

    Refreshing to see owners who truly want to succeed and how they respond well to Roberts training.

  5. julia says:

    So I love this show I live in fl but i wish I could visit all the places they all look so nice also to everyone who complains about how stupid they think robert is or oprah like dont watch the show noone is making you so stop trash talking really dont you have something better to do he is helping change peoples lives if it was you youd be singing a different tune so back of and apparently the customers like the green 20000 isnt pocket change

  6. bnb says:

    very ugly design It looks cheap and messy I can imagine all the dust that is settling on all those box''s and chachkas.

  7. Ruth says:

    This episode really touched me. I just wished they had kept the beautiful teal color on the walls. That lime green is nauseating.

  8. Thomas Bui says:

    I wish the Chiefs would learn something from the show

  9. Anon says:

    They should've hung the picture of their mom where the quote was hung up by the entrance.

  10. abuela says:

    Roberts face…. lmao

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