Restaurant Revisited: Poco’s on the Boulevard

by in Shows, November 21st, 2012

Robert Irvine at Poco's on the BoulevardWhen Robert Irvine arrived at Poco’s on the Boulevard in Kansas City, Mo., he met owner Claudia Endicott and her sister, Danna Gutierrez, who were ready and anxious to receive Robert’s constructive criticism about their Latin restaurant. Since their mother passed away several months ago, Poco’s had been dishing out inconsistent food, and Claudia had struggled with earning the respect of her staff. Robert and the Restaurant: Impossible team spent two days revamping the dining room and overhauling the menu, and in the end, they helped return Poco’s to its former glory. We checked in with Claudia a few months after Robert left to see how the restaurant is doing today.

Since the renovation, diners have been pleased with the changes at Poco’s. The restaurant is once again making a profit, and sales have risen $20,000 from July to August.

Claudia appreciates the updated decor, including the new paint color and expanded bar, and says that it has been well received by customers. “The counter space makes it more comfortable to spend time at the bar,” she tells us. She especially like the photo of her mom, Poco’s founder, which was hung near the entrance. “I feel like she’s present when I see it,” Claudia says of the image.

Robert’s new menu has proven to be a hit with customers, but Claudia says that she’s added a few dishes from their previous menu, like her “Mom’s award-winning fish tacos and basic burritos.”

The cooks now are working with Poco’s original recipes, and Claudia adds that they “are creating a recipe book to instruct new employees as well as control food servings and portions.” Claudia has been spending more time in the kitchen recently and “is learning how to prepare the food as well as helping to direct staff during heavy volume.”

Claudia notes that she and Danna have been “more sensitive to each other” since Robert left. She’s happy to report that she has “improved in her professional mannerism” and is being respected by her staff. “We are looking forward to the future and what it may hold for Poco’s,” she says.

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Comments (174)

  1. Courtney says:

    This episode really touched me. Hope to see this restaurant flourish in the future!

  2. John says:

    Review: I visited Poco’s on 10/15/12 which was after the show was filmed.
    It was defiantly improved from my previous visit.
    However, I find the green color on the walls to be nauseating.
    But the small red alcove is wonderful and intimate.
    The wait staff was excellent. Very friendly and knowledgeable.
    The food was great. It had little twists in ingredients and seasoning that I really enjoyed.
    I defiantly want to try other things on the menu.

    • Adam says:

      Did you have anything of value to add, or is your purpose to insult others? Check your grammar. Perhaps you should not HAVE been so nasty.

      Thanks for the insight on your visit John. Beneficial for those of us interested in the follow through post renovation.

      • Ant says:

        Adam you have to help me out. Where did I say anything about grammar? Where is it even typed in my comment? I corrected a spelling error hero. Go take your big red cape off, and relax.

        • Mark says:

          If you want give a comment on the episode go ahead, but that comment was just idiotic….ANT. Go crawl into a dirt hole.

        • David Kaye says:

          But you wrote "would not OF acted" instead of "would not HAVE acted", which means that unless you can write perfect English, you shouldn't be correcting other people's English.

          • Grammar says:

            Well spotted, David. I swear, almost every stupid comment like Ant's that I see on the web criticizing someone's spelling or grammar is filled with spelling and grammar errors.

    • Penn O' Sha says:

      John says, "I defiantly want to try other things on the menu."

      U.D. defines 'defiantly' as 1. To do something rebelliously; often disobeying authority or some other source of external social pressure. 2. Common mis-spelling of definitely,…

      So, since we both agree that the green was hideously painful to look at, it should be named 'Defiant Green'.

  3. MillionaireRow2 says:

    Where is the designer Tanya???? The decor color I was not pleased with it! Please let Tanya continue to design the restaurants!!!

    • John says:

      Tanya called in sick for a show a few months back and I cant blame the shows producers for not casting her as much.

      In show business it is only acceptable to call in sick if it is from a hospital. If you are sick you show up. Let the producers decide if you can work or not.

    • AlistZ says:

      There is no designer named Tanya. Perhaps you meant Taniya.

    • Big Dan says:

      Well, maybe if Taniya wasn't such an ENORMOUS FLAKE you would see her more on the show.

      Get it?

      • LLM says:

        This idea that you have to die to keep your job is so bogus. It's a JOB, not world frickin' peace. And FYI: since 2000 a long-term job is about 2 years for the average employee, according to statistics. Bosses have little to no loyalty to their employees: the idea that someone should lose an eye (like that poor girl on Next Food Network Star) or stagger in half dead seems more than a little hypocritical, given that. It's also not a good idea to show up and infect everyone else with something you've got. I swear to God, when I read one of you rubes saying "show up and let the producers decide" (what, do they have medical degrees now? Taniya was told by her DOCTOR not to go in) or calling her a flake, I know you probably never worked at anything except delivering pizza. And why is it that men on Anne Burrell's new show get to throw things around and slobber all over themselves if things don't go their way, but the women are expected to dodge shrapnel if necessary and not change expression? Men who act like that, or who act like this double standard is OK are nothing but a bunch of spoiled babies, and need to be put back into their cribs until they grow up. And the women who go along with it need to grow a pair.

  4. Jen says:

    Where the F is Tanya?

  5. FNGossip says:

    Click my name for more updates and reviews of the restaurant since the update. Nice to see that they are doing well.

  6. Ryan says:

    Did anybody else notice that a black waitress with red hair was shown at about 5 minutes into the show but was never shown again. Perhaps she quit between Robert's arrival and when he worked with the servers.

  7. RVG says:

    Still LMAO about the first string on spelling and grammar.

    Agree on the green not being the shows finest decorating moment, although the end result wasn't that bad, for a seriously talented builder anyway.

    Love Tanya, definitely the best designer they have, works best with Tom, and is, rather attractive for a, beautiful girl, with a great body.. Ty who? Sorry where was I..

    Oh yeah, I was about to wish them all well!

  8. rarebird says:

    I am so glad that they did not lose their mom's legacy….praying for their success

  9. Cat says:

    Hope this family does well in the future, loved the sisters, reminds me of my sister and I! I loved the new decor, and the family!

  10. psd says:

    The green is horrendous. I actually love the original teal color. What were they thinking?

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