VIDEO: Next Iron Chef’s First Food Fight

by in Shows, November 13th, 2012

If you’ve ever thought that the Next Iron Chef kitchen is home only to neat, orderly, proper chefs, it’s time to think again. When the cameras stopped rolling after last Sunday’s Secret Ingredient Showdown, Chefs Elizabeth Falkner, Duskie Estes and Amanda Freitag indulged in a second battle, this time a physical one. Within minutes of Alton saying “The challenge is over,” the first handfuls of food were flung and a full-fledged food fight was underway. Each of the chefs aimed for her fellow rivals and doled out the leftovers of her dish’s components, and each took the ingredient inundation in stride, becoming covered with marshmallow fluff, flour and more in a flash.

Want to see how it all went down? Click the play button on the video above to watch Chefs Falkner, Estes and Freitag go head-to-head-to-head in the ultimate Kitchen Stadium food fight, then tell us: Who do you think started the fight and which chef became the messiest?

Scroll below for more behind-the-scenes snapshots of the fight.

Chefs Amanda Freitag, Duskie Estes and Elizabeth FalknerA still-clean Chef Estes ducked for cover to avoid Chef Freitag’s aim.

Chef Amanda FreitagDuring the fight, Chef Falkner found that she even had remnants of food in her ear.

Chef Duskie EstesArmed with a bowl of leftover food, Chef Estes headed back to the fight zone.

Chef Elizabeth FalknerChefs Greenspan and Guarnaschelli watched from the sidelines as Chef Freitag took a quick clean-up break.

Chefs Amanda Freitag and Duskie Estes“Don’t get it on our plates!” Chef Estes yelled to her fellow rivals about their Showdown offerings.

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Comments (23)

  1. Food Fight says:

    They all seem like fun spirited women but just as a tease, I think Amanda started it.

  2. mlp says:

    Women want to be taken seriously and they engage in this kind of behavior while competing to be an iron chef? I understand that they were under a lot of stress but acting childish isn't the best way to impress. I am appalled. Also, I am female. And embarrassed for them.

    • Agreed, a little more tact and composure should be practiced by individuals in this profession.

      • Foodie says:

        All the women knew one was going home & they all were not going to be together in the show again. I think it was for fun, to let go of a little stress. If the men had a random food fight I would say the same thing.

      • Julie says:

        I hope you're joking. You're a chef, not a neurosurgeon, lighten at least half the way up.

    • WestCoastFan says:

      Oh, pooh! They didn't do it to impress but just to let off some stress.

      From the white goopy look of the stuff. I'm thinking it might have been Chef Estes ricotta that was thrown about.

    • Julie says:

      And mlp, for God's sake, you're worse than travel chef. This is a TV SHOW. Being chosen as "Iron Chef" is not akin to becoming the Pope or a prime minister. Michael Symon would laugh himself sick to read comments like yours– I think it's safe to say he indulges in "childish behavior" fairly regularly on IC — that's why he's so loved. It's COOKING, not quantum physics. Symon gets that. Be like Mike.

      • mlp says:

        I understand what you're saying, even the sarcasm :), however………………. I know it's a TV show but the characters are real people who are chefs in real life. Every last one of them, male and female alike, has expressed a great desire to become an iron chef so the goal seems to be important to all of them. If you watch ICA proper, you know that all the chefs show respect to each other and to Kitchen Stadium. None of them, including Michael Symon whom I love, acts like he or she is in junior high. Last season and this, many women have clamored for a female iron chef and I'm sure all the women on the show know it. I was expecting them to behave as if they would be a good fit in the "pantheon."

        • Julie says:

          We can agree to disagree but I do watch ICA regularly, and its entire tone is comprehensively tongue-in-cheek– everything from the "Chairman" (an actor who makes funny, cartoony expressions) to the exaggerated "fierce warrior" folded arms and smirks of the chefs, to every word out of Alton's mouth, to the opinions of judges who are marginal actors, or minor NPR hosts, or food writers– every bit of it is geared toward laughing at itself. Certainly, the talent and creativity of the chefs is genuinely astonishing and the money they make is very serious indeed– no jokes there at all. Certainly they respect each other, themselves and the kitchen. But the title of "Iron Chef" it is still just a tv show title. They dont actually rule cooking any more than Miss America actually rules this country. It is the Food Network, not Mt. Olympus. Kitchen stadium is a television set.

          I think Amanda Freitag gets it. I'm sure she doesnt have food fights in her restaurants. But on a tv show where grown people bow to the cartoon Chairman on a screen and cook grasshoppers for the favor of foodie elites (one or even two of whom are not even chefs) — I think an outtake food fight is pretty much appropriate and says great things about Freitag's sense of humor, perspective and confidence. The idea that she has been disrespectful to a tv show's dignity is just kind of silly to me.

          • Comment says:

            She may not have food fights in her her kitchen, maybe she does, but in a commercial itchen there are no cameras following chefs around up close or ultra violet lights beaming down on you or other chefs who can only watch you cook–just a few added pressures.

          • mlp says:

            You're right. Neither of us is going to change the other's mind so we may as well agree to disagree – about my original premise that is. Overall, I think your first paragraph is quite accurate. I have to say that you write very well and I've enjoyed talking to you.

  3. Lisa Siazer says:

    God for them, just would like to know…who cleans this all up?

    • jlsbcn says:

      Probably the same team that gets to do all the dishes!!!

      • Food For Thought says:

        The support crew they have that work behind the scenes is amazing & huge! They may do a lot of clean up, including dishes, equipment & so forth. It's part of the job I'm sure, aside the chefs seem to get messy even without good old fashion food fights.

  4. Stephanie says:

    I can watch the show but not this video from Canada. :(

  5. guest says:

    well that was a GREAT way to let off built up stress and one i'm sure metha wouldn't use, but bobby flay might

  6. donnadobee says:

    Well considering that I have never had to be in that sutuation, and, I know that I would not be able to work under such pressure, I think it was great to see that such amazing and talented women can let loose, have fun, and have some type of stress release at the same time. We could all benefit from such (behavior) and let loose time and again, that is of course unless your a snob or some such, in which case it would only cause YOU more harm than good. In any case life goes on, and if we don't have a stroke or heart attack from worrying about the little things, hopefully so do we.

  7. SDC says:

    For my part I think its wonderful that they blew off steam in that manner. My mom and I bake cookies every year for Christmas and one of my fondest memories is the flour fight we had one year. It still makes me laugh!

    Stress is a killer, It was a stressful competition . So they blew of some stress by having a food fight! They're human just like us and deserve to have some every so often.

    • Olive says:

      What a great memory! I'm sure all of us have had fun at some point in our life with a little food fight or done something silly like we did every holiday and made 'olive puppets' with black olives.

  8. Lana says:

    This food fight must have been a hoot! They are all top class chefs just having some fun. I agree with some other posters that they are just blowing off steam. You can tell that they take this competition seriously so a good old fashion food fight just lightens the mood.

  9. might be considering that mcgurth literally posted the very last 13 videos and i want sexy back again

  10. Syed says:

    This competition is solely designed to appoint Chef Guarnashelli (is that her name ? ) as the next iron Chef . She is the sous chef for Chef Zakarian in ICA who is one of the judges in the show !! Spike and the other Top Chef contestant will be the next to be eliminated !!!

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