The Next Iron Chef Bromance: Chefs That Plate Together, Win Together?

by in Shows, November 30th, 2012

Spike Mendelsohn and Marcel VigneronSomething unprecedented happened on this past Sunday’s episode of The Next Iron Chef. For the first time in Kitchen Stadium, two chefs chose to plate together, which led to their dishes being judged side by side. Was it a good or bad decision on their part? Did it tarnish the sanctity of the competition?

It’s been evident from the beginning of Season 5 that Chefs Mendelsohn and Vigneron have had an alliance. Episode 4 showed viewers how deep their friendship goes. The two competed against one another in the secret ingredient elimination challenge and made the decision to plate their lobster dishes together. But were they to be judged together, sent home together or allowed to win together? All the rival chefs were up in arms by their actions. Ultimately the judges chose to send home Chef Mendelsohn.

FN Dish wants to know, what would you have done if you were a judge? Do you think what went down in Kitchen Stadium was fair? Would you have liked to have seen both chefs saved? Or would you have eliminated both chefs for their antics?

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Comments (38)

  1. SEO says:

    The both produced good dishes. they have been made to decide for themselves who go home. they write either their name or the other on a piece of paper. if both get one vote they both go home.

  2. bedlake says:

    I actually hate this show after this episode. All the chefs and judges are taking themselves too seriously. Including Alton Brown, whom I used to really enjoy watching. Ooh, they ruined the sanctity of the competition. They disrespected the profession. Are you serious? I don't think it was a big, calculated maneuver on their behalf; I think they were just trying to show some solidarity, not disrespect the chairman or whatever.

    It's just a TELEVISION COOKING COMPETITION. No one should take themselves this seriously. No. One.

    • cffortune says:

      I have to absolutely agree with you here. I found the rest of the chefs and judges extremely pretentious. The two here are good friends and they knew at the end one of them would go home, but they are friends and went out as friends nothing more nothing less. I too am wondering about whether or not to even watch the rest of the season.

    • LISN says:

      Exactly my sentiments as well. People are getting their shorts in a bunch over a cooking contest featuring a made up figurehead ("The Chairman") who is more like the Wizard of OZ (with the little man behind the curtain). Alton Brown et al (Da Judges) have such large heads they can't fit through the door. The competitors just want free advertising for their restaurants – nothing more than that.

  3. TooMuch says:

    I was very disappointed that they both did not get kicked off the show. It was disrespectful and a mockery of the competition. Who do they think they are?

  4. John wilson says:

    The truth why the bromance, hello they are lovers! Get a room you two instead of insultling and disrespecting the show and talented chefs many of us enjoy. Really looking forward to the other lovers collapse.

  5. carla says:

    I can't tell you how disappointed I am with the Iron Chef show, they missed the perfect opportunity to teach youth a very important lesson about friendship and competition. Competition in anything, be it cooking, sports or chess doesn't have to cut throat or hateful. I loved the fact chefs Mendelsuhn and Vigneron were friends and willing to help each other even though they each played to win. Iron Chef should have taken the opportunity to celebrate and showcase a friendship. Why is it studios think everyone wants to see people with negative attitudes and fighting? I for one do not. I use to love this show and the food network but am so very disappointed in both at this moment.

  6. Sous Chef B says:

    You guys are such uptight, inside the box thinkers! This is a TV show you idiots! Who cares? It was entertaining. I think they should have sent home a chef that was even competing because his breathe smelled bad that day. You guys take this stuff waaaaaaay toooooooo seriously. They violated sanctity of a reality show competition? PLEASE! get a life!

  7. Sous Chef B says:

    *was not even competing

  8. Sue says:

    they actually plated separately (bowl vs plate) but presented together. I think it was a wrong decision on their part and it *did* give an appearance of defiance. When asked if they'd stand together or fall together, they should have been willing to take that chance. Sending them both home might have sent a message, but it might also have wrecked havoc with the later eliminations. They did the right thing to award originality and creativity.

  9. Clinspec says:

    The chefs need to get over themselves. They shared the plate because of Spike's time issue and they respect one another enough to assist each other. End of motive……the judges and Alton are ridiculous in their arrogance.

  10. Kajunn77 says:

    I think the whole snobby attitude of theses so called Judges and Alton Brown, is so wrong. Alton should keep his mouth shut and just report the results and go to commercial's. Geoffrey Zakarian should never even be on this panel much less an "Iron Chef, he won the last completion for"Iron Chef challenge" because they rigged the show for him, he should have been sent home on the "Ball Park Food" challenge, where he clearly did not do what was requested. When he got the pass then we new it was rigged. It is after all a TV show….entertainment…..for fun! They need to lighten up.

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