The Next Iron Chef Bromance: Chefs That Plate Together, Win Together?

by in Shows, November 30th, 2012

Spike Mendelsohn and Marcel VigneronSomething unprecedented happened on this past Sunday’s episode of The Next Iron Chef. For the first time in Kitchen Stadium, two chefs chose to plate together, which led to their dishes being judged side by side. Was it a good or bad decision on their part? Did it tarnish the sanctity of the competition?

It’s been evident from the beginning of Season 5 that Chefs Mendelsohn and Vigneron have had an alliance. Episode 4 showed viewers how deep their friendship goes. The two competed against one another in the secret ingredient elimination challenge and made the decision to plate their lobster dishes together. But were they to be judged together, sent home together or allowed to win together? All the rival chefs were up in arms by their actions. Ultimately the judges chose to send home Chef Mendelsohn.

FN Dish wants to know, what would you have done if you were a judge? Do you think what went down in Kitchen Stadium was fair? Would you have liked to have seen both chefs saved? Or would you have eliminated both chefs for their antics?

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Comments (38)

  1. Yrusur? says:

    Did you really just say "tarnish the sanctity of the competition"? I hope this is schtick. This show is a glorified county fair bake-off meets a bad reality show. I'm a pianist, and if there was a solo competition and the 2 finalists decided to play a duet to be judged instead of individual pieces, I would say, "That's great!" It's art, not brain surgery. Get over yourselves, especially you Alton! And don't get me started about
    two of the three judges, where do you find these unemployed people?

  2. Plate Together says:

    I agree with judges. Since both made seperate dishes without the help of the other that's what shuld count most. Sharing a plate is like sharing equipment and utensils. All the chefs do it and that's a good thing–kindness is important even in a competition. As long as they cook seperately as individuals when then are supposed to that's what matters. I'd rather see this level of competition versus pushing and turning burns off.
    Sorry to see Spike go though!

  3. lcsa99 says:

    My problem with this whole stunt was that they were hoping it would keep both of them, but were unwilling to stick with it when threatened with both going. It seemed like that option never even occured to them. If you are going to create an alliance – which is ridiculous in a show like this, you have to stick with it to the end. You gotta actually be willing to eat the berries if you're gonna use them as a threat!

    • Bros says:

      I'm not sure would the show keep them both if they eliminate one chef each week? That I think would shake the show up a bit if both stayed. Perhaps it was to prove they are what they are–bros.

  4. Shannon says:

    "Tarnish the sanctity of the competition", "All of the other chefs were up in arms" These 2 statements are ridiculous. These were 2 chefs who are friends that were competing, all the while knowing one of them was being sent home. Spike did not have enough time to get a plate so Marcel allowed him to plate on the same plate….so they could be judged on their food and not on the fact that they did not finish in time.

    These were 2 completely different dishes, they did not cook together they plated together. As a matter of fact they did not even plate together..they served their dishes on the same vessel at the same time, period. The dishes in no may were integrated with one another.

    I think most of the Chefs would agree that it's better to win based on your superior cooking than to win by a technicality. That's not really a win after all is it?

    • FanFare59 says:

      Shannon, you took the words right out of my mouth. I nearly wrote the exact same top lines as you. The writer of this article is as pretentious as the judges, Alton and other cheftestants to believe this cooking contest is anything but a tv show hoping to lure viewers based on a made up schism. Marcel and Spike hardly committed the crime of the century or spilled national secrets when they decided to plate together.

    • lcsa99 says:

      It seemed to me that both had plenty of time to plate. If you have ever watched Chopped, you can easily see from the results which chefs were lacking time. Everthing presented for this particular episode of Iron Chef looked as beautiful as always. They could have easily presented separately, they just hoped that the single plate would stump the judges.

  5. FanFare59 says:

    The only thing that I didn't understand about the Meddlesome/Vigneron "Bromance", was that those two didn't behave like that when they appeared on Top Chef All Stars. They didn't interact at all. Yet, in his outgoing interview here, Spike claimed that they have been close pals for many years. Something doesn't jive well.

  6. Susanne Casey says:

    I think Chef Spike and Chef Marcel should have both been eliminated. This is a cooking competition, yes, but it wouldn't hurt to respect the competition every once in awhile.

  7. Helenagram says:

    I think everybody's making a mountain out of a molehill.. What the heck was the big deal with them having an alliance in the first place. I lost respect for the ones that was whining about them anyway, which was most of them! I used to love to watch chefs on Food Network but am beginning to believe all are too arrogant and self centered to please me & it changes how I feel about the show. really. Geoffrey
    is proof you can be the most talented and humble at the same time.

  8. badchef says:

    Next Iron Chef Bro's & Ho's

  9. Glitterbox says:

    Seriously "Tarnish the sanctity of the competition"? They have an actor playing "The Chairman" and sound effects dubbed in. Spike & Marcell were on Top Chef, that is an excellent show.

    Next Iron Chef tarnishes Top Chef. I'll take Tom Collichio over "The Chairman" any day.

  10. Jericurl says:

    Relax….it's TV

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