Social-ize With the Fan Feed Edition of The Next Iron Chef: Redemption

by in Community, Shows, November 5th, 2012

Next Iron Chef Fan Feed EditionFans of the newest season of The Next Iron Chef have something else to celebrate. The best commentary from the judges, chefs and fans from each new Sunday night episode will be incorporated into a Thursday night repeat at 11pm/10c — it’s called the Fan Feed Edition.

Here’s how to participate:

  • Tweet along with @FoodNetwork during the Sunday night episode using the hashtag: #NextIronChef for a chance to be included in the Thursday night repeat.
  • Keep track of what the judges, chefs and fans are saying by going to Food Network’s online Next Iron Chef Fan Feed.

Watch Thursday night (11pm/10c) to see if your tweet makes the Fan Feed Edition episode.

Don’t forget: Every Sunday and Thursday you can also discover exclusive content by tagging The Next Iron Chef: Redemption using the IntoNow mobile app. Through IntoNow’s TV Sync feature you can follow along with the episode for exclusive quotes from the judges, behind-the-scenes photos and recipes as well as participate in live polling and trivia questions with fellow IntoNow users and Food Network fans.

Download IntoNow in the App Store or Google Play now.

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Comments (4)

  1. Jane Hutton says:

    How the heck can one participate if one is NOT on Twitter?

  2. Melissa Sparks says:

    What is the best way to cook Lamb on grill or baked ? I have never cook Lamb but would like to try to .

  3. Christina says:

    Iron Chef stats: Mario Batali = 79.2%; CatCat Cora= 63.2%; Bobby Flay =71%; Marc Forgione= 40%; Jose Garces= 66.7%; Masaharu Morimoto = 63.8%; Wolfgang Puck =100%; Michael Symon= 81.4%; Geoffrey Zakarian= 57.1% . Symon = the one successful chef from ICA competitions. Other chefs from competitions are ~ 50/50 chance of a win. Is this what ICA is looking for? Data points to Next ICA judges as not discerning what is enjoyed by the aggreate human palate. The ICA show presently appears as male dominated to point of male chauvinism. Difficult to accept that there are no female chefs that are as exciting & innovative as the list above. Chef Faulkner is a case in point. She was applauded for her originality & ability – eliminated for 'a little too much saffron'. Appleman has continued even tho the secret ingredient was not tasted in his dish. This decision does not follow the presented logic of ICA judging. Is the end point defined & this not a competition? Apparently. ICA – place Faulkner on your staff as an expert chef – she will more than likely exceed the ability of the prior winners.

  4. chris carter says:

    best way to cook Lamb on grill

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