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by in Shows, November 30th, 2012

Alton Brown and Chef Nate ApplemanAfter last week’s doozy of a Secret Ingredient Showdown in which Chefs Spike Mendelsohn and Marcel Vigneron threw caution to the wind and presented to the judges as The Next Iron Chef‘s first-ever alliance, some fans may be ready for a return to Redemption normalcy, or at least some semblance of predictability. But with just six finalists remaining and the Chairman’s dreaded ingredient auction looming, the competition is just heating up and the next episodes will be the most-shocking yet as the chefs are faced with do-or-die challenges and last chances for success.

No stranger to either high or low moments of The Next Iron Chef, host Alton has witnessed all of the most-unforgettable moments in Kitchen Stadium and surely knows what the rivals should — and should not — be thinking, doing and cooking at this stage of their journey. In the above sneak-peek shot from Sunday’s new episode, Alton seems to have pulled Chef Nate Appleman aside to share a quick bit of information intended for his ears only. What do you think Alton is dishing about in his one-on-one chat with Chef Nate? Where are the other rivals, and why aren’t they privy to what Alton has to say?

Before you tune in this Sunday at 9pm/8c to watch what happens next, we’re challenging you, Next Iron Chef fans, to write your best captions (tastefully appropriate, please) for this secretive moment in the comments below.

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Comments (28)

  1. Guest says:

    You don't have a chance, your not on Chopped…

  2. @TroyVera says:

    @FoodNetwork @altonbrown @nappleman "Just click your Vans together and say 'There's no place like Kitchen Stadium' …" #NextIronChef

  3. J Sweeney says:

    I am confused….is Alton an MC or judge? It seems he has over stepped his role in this show

  4. Skeeat says:

    I"ll tell you the secret ingredient, only if you look in this direction, & look stupid.

  5. Guest says:

    You don't have a chance, your not part of the "Chopped" team. Honestly, the two girls are sliding thru this thanks to Jeffery. The fix is in.

  6. Linda says:

    Shall we dance??

  7. Cast Iron Kid says:

    Alton; "Is it true Chef Appleman, that your ture talent in ciooking comes from those wonderful Red shoes?" Chef Nate Appleman: "Alton, style starts at the shoes, just ask Chef Mario Batali!"

  8. graciasdenada says:

    Caption: Appleman, give me your best shocked look because you're about to win and Faulkner will fall. You lucked out again!

  9. Foodie says:

    Did you hear the one about……..

  10. joy says:

    I honestly thought last nights, 12-2, show was to do something RISKY. Chef G was told her dish wasn't risky, but, of course she stayed.
    I'm outta here.

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