Is Your Table in Shape for the Holidays?

by in Entertaining, Holidays, November 17th, 2012

Thanksgiving Buffet TableI suspect that many basic round white plates or sets of plates adorn many tables around the country for the holidays and for everyday use. Square plates and even triangular dishes have also made a splash on many a table top store display and Web site. But what’s the solution if you have a few of one and some of another shape? How do you know if your table needs a little seasonal shape-shifting?

Here are some suggestions:

1. Layer two square-shaped plates on top of a round shape to create a bit of holiday panache. Most round plates have a rim around the edge to contain sauces or meat juices. These will serve as a great base.

2. Square plates without lips or borders look great atop round plates. Instead of nesting them atop the round plate to form a square, try fanning both plates in a diamond pattern (see photo above), the way bartenders always fan out the cocktail napkins. It’s a little fancy and a bit unexpected.

Stacked White Plates3. You can top off this setting with a white bowl in any shape. Make use of what you have and don’t shy away from vintage or odd-shaped bowls. Let these settings show off your personality.

4. Experiment with different arrangements and colors. Try your settings with a few colorful or patterned bowls or any festive items that you may have. They can only lend to the festive mood you want for your holiday table. And start thinking now — it’s never too early.

Get inspired with new ways to decorate your Thanksgiving table with Food Network’s lively ideas.

How do you set your holiday table? Tell me in the comments below.

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Comments (5)

  1. Elsie says:

    If it's clean, I iron it: that's the tablecloth. Same for the napkins, always cotton. I have more of these than mouths to feed. If I have a holiday arrangement in the basement that's not too cruddy, I will bring it upstairs, shake it out, and enliven it with foliage and holiday cheer. I always have candles and buy extras, in the correct color for the setting. I own 100,000 pieces of china and a ton of glassware from my mishug family heirloom, so I can be very picky about what I use for the actual table setting after this.

    Send the camera crew over: we'll have fun!

  2. table throws says:

    i love this table full of foods and colorful covers. I honestly do like the fork, spoon, the plates and everything that's inside the table.

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