Have a Question for Rachael or Ree About Thanksgiving?

by in Events, November 6th, 2012

Rachael Ray and Ree Drummond on Thanksgiving Live!Last week FN Dish readers had the chance to submit a question to Alex and Sunny for Thanksgiving Live!, a two-hour call-in show hosted by turkey master Alton Brown on Nov. 18 from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. This week, it’s all about Rachael Ray and Ree Drummond.

Before the live show starts at noon, Food Network will serve up a three-hour Thanksgiving Live webcast at FoodNetwork.com. Beginning at 11:30am ET, the site will stream a pre-show featuring celebrity chef interviews and behind-the-scenes footage of Alton and the cast preparing for the big day.

Do you have a question specifically for Rachael or Ree? Whether it’s about the way they set their table or a tip for the perfect gravy, we’ll handpick a selection of your questions and ask them live during the pre-show. Leave your question in the comment section below, or submit it via Facebook and Twitter by using the hashtag: #ThanksgivingLive.

Don’t forget: You can still submit a question for Alex and Sunny, too.

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Comments (53)

  1. Rita says:

    Rachael and Ree,

    My husband loves brussel sprouts but I just can't seem to make them right. I have tried several recipes and in the end my sprouts always taste bitter. What am I doing wrong? Thank ladies!

  2. Sylvia says:

    My question is for anyone at food network I love all of ya'll so it don't matter. My husband is highly allergic to chicken and turkey so I fix ham for the holidays. I would really like to try different ways to fix ham if any of ya'll could give your own ways of fixing ham I would greatly appreciate any suggestion.

  3. Tecia says:

    We will be having thanksgiving this year at my mother in laws house. She lives in a senior living and has a small oven. So I wnat to use my electriv roaster to cook the turkey. But , I dont know how. Can you you tell me how to cook the perfect turkey in an electric roaster?

  4. Lynn Prettyman says:

    This question is for Rachael. I am going to do your "stuffing muffins" this year with my mothers recipe. My question is this. I want to put a little duck fat in the bottom of the muffin tin (kinda like yorkshire pudding technique) but my sister is nervous. Do you think this will work, and how much duck fat per muffin?

  5. Heather Henderson says:

    Hi Ree! Thanksgiving if my favorite meal of the year to make and this year I am changing it up. I usually just serve a store bought bird that I brine but this year I am also doing a wild turkey.
    I have two questions for you; First should I cook just the breasts and thighs or should I roast the whole bird? Second, I only have one oven that I intend to use for my usual turkey, what are my other options so they are ready at about the same time?

    Thank you,
    Heather, NV

  6. Betsy W. says:

    I love the holidays and baking. One of my favorite things is pumpkin pie. Unfortunately my fiancee is allergic to cinnamon. She's tried pumpkin pie with cinnamon substitutes, but she says they don't taste the same. What can I do to make her cinnamon free pumpkin pie and holiday treats that taste like the real thing?

  7. Trudy from Ohio says:

    this question is for anybody who can help me. A friend of mine is going to make a regular dressing mix in a 18qt. electric roaster (full) but does not know how long to cook , what temp. it should be when done, or temp. roaster should be on. Does anyone have suggestions, ideas on cooking in roasters. Thank you

  8. Scott says:

    For Rachael or Ree
    Is it better to stuff the turkey or cook it on the side and what is your favorite stuffing.

  9. Tinker says:

    I have never cooked my turkeyin a roaster oven before. I would like to know will the skin get good and crispy like in the oven? Or do I need to put it in the oven for like the last hour to crisp it? Also the receipe I use has me covering the turkey with a cheese cloth that I have soaked in a broth, can I still do that in the roaster oven? Thanks Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  10. Pattie says:

    Hi Ree! I saw you make stuffing/dressing on your Thanksgiving show at the Lodge. I have never seen stuffing put in the turkey part way through the cooking of the turkey. Can you tell me if this method works better than putting the stuffing in the turkey right from the start? Very interesting concept!

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