Coming in for Landing: Food Network Kitchen at Fort Lauderdale Airport

by in Events, News, November 8th, 2012

food network kitchen ft. lauderdaleFans of Food Network are now one step closer to experiencing Food Network Kitchens firsthand. Food Network Kitchen, a grab-and-go and dine-in restaurant is now open at Terminal 3 in the Fort Lauderdale Airport.

Customers can feast on foods inspired by the flavors of Florida and made using local ingredients, such as the Lauderdale Club Sandwich made with Key lime mayo, the Florida Shrimp Po’Boy or the Florida Caesar Salad with crunchy plantain chips (to name just a few menu items), all while watching favorite Food Network shows.

Wash your meal down with choice wine, local beers and cocktails — the experts have already taken all the guess work out for you by pairing your dish with entwine wine.

leg of lambFood Network Kitchen will even feel like an extension of the test kitchen located in New York City, with stainless steel, butcher block and marble furnishings. Pot racks with pots and pans have been transformed into lighting fixtures, and the walls feature graphics with common and obscure tools found in a working kitchen.

Options for every traveler:

Grab-and-Go Menu
Made-to-Order Menu

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Comments (4)

  1. Woody says:

    Very disappointed. Order was placed at 6:08 and flight boarded at 6:45 and food was not prepared! Service was extremely poor. Unable to give a review on the food as it was never received.

  2. Carlos Azpuru says:

    The food was ok. Nothing outstanding about either our turkey sandwich, club sandwich or black bean and rice burger or sweet potato fries. The kitchen was slammed when we were there on 02/19/2013. Our order took over a half hour to get to us. They need Gordon Ramsay back there to fix this Food Network kitchen!

  3. Lousy Food! The Food Network should be ashamed. I think I ate my fat and salt intake limits for a month with one sandwich. The Cuban sandwich had enough salt to make a small ocean. Even with the amount of salt, which is a flavor enhancer…to a point but too much salt is overkill. Next time I will pack a sandwich from home or just have the airplanes snacks.

  4. Maggie says:

    Employee's not customer friendly and had to tell them there wasn't any coffee or half & half on the serve yourself counter. Will pass this by next trip!

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