Enter The Next Iron Chef Pantry Cook-Off Challenge

by in Shows, November 28th, 2012

Pantry ChallengeHow many times have you been caught without a plan for dinner? It can happen, right? You end up scrounging around in the pantry or the cupboards looking for something you could turn into a meal. Oftentimes you may even find yourself cooking with canned foods. Take, for example, a can of tuna — it can become a pretty good pasta puttanesca with the right recipe. Food Network is challenging you to a pantry cook-off challenge to find out what you can make.

On the latest episode of The Next Iron Chef, the Chairman’s challenge had the chefs cooking with canned foods with the goal of transforming the ingredient into something worth plating for the judges. Some of the cans available were properly labeled and others had question marks — just to throw the chefs a curveball. Though the chefs didn’t seem very keen on the challenge, they took it in stride. Now it’s your turn: Which canned food would you choose and what would you make out of it?

In the poll below, choose the ingredient that you would transform into a meal. Then, in the comments, describe the dish you would cook. The FN Dish editors will judge the entries and announce the winner on Wednesday, December 5.

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Comments (18)

  1. Latest Episode says:

    Canned salmon. Vile stuff. As Alton said all the good stuff goes in the can, right? Once you get the pin bones out of the can it's workable. I tried making salmon cakes because the salmon is full of salt an oil all you need really to add are spices and bread crumbs and your done. For a spin deep frying in a hush puppy batter would be good too.

  2. @SisterAngel says:

    I would take the SPICED HAM and grind it with onion, garlic and thyme and create a filling for a ravioli. This ground mixture I would add to some fresh ricotta and stuff my home made ravioli dough, chill then boil until done. Then I would fry them until crunchy and serve with a vareity of dipping sauces such a spicy duck sauce, hot mustard and sweet and sour! YUM

  3. Greg says:

    I think it was absolutely awesome that two best friends plated together but were judged separately. I saw absolutely nothing wrong with it. In fact, it was brilliant and will go down as one of Food Networks gretatest moments! Is the audience the only one capable of seeing the simplicity, respect for one another, and brotherly love?

  4. shameonU says:

    Alton looks like the "tall man" from Phantasm (even though he is 5' 3" – well that's what I heard…)

  5. Freedom says:

    Any Alaskan housewife would have beat out all these FN cooks with those canned ingredients!

  6. Linda says:

    I would make a tuna salad and use it to stuff heirloom tomatoes. Mix celery, onion, grapes, toasted almonds, a twist of lemon juice and just enough mayo to hold it together. Stuff it in the tomatoes, top with some crisp micro greens and serve with some crisp crackers that have been toasted with a light coat of oil and lemon pepper.

  7. Linda says:

    Canned tuna mixed with onion, celery, green grapes and toasted almonds. Blend in a tsp of lemon zest and a spritz of lemon juice. Add enough mayo to hold it all together. Scoop the seeds out of some heirloom tomatoes and fill with the tuna. Top with some crisp micro greens and serve with crisp crackers

  8. Kirstie Lepore says:

    Tuna cakes. I would mix the tuna with egg, sweated onion and celery, garlic, breadcrumbs, seasoning. chill for at least 20 minutes, then form into small cakes. pan fry in half oil half butter until crispy on both sides. then i would make a roasted tomato remoulade. i would roast a seeded plum tomato in the oven until shriveled, then puree it in a food processor with mayo, lemon juice and zest, capers, and a dash of hot sauce. i would drizzle the remoulade on the tuna cakes, and top with a homemade corn salsa. corn, avocado, white wine vinegar, olive oil, black beans, seasoning.

  9. justin says:

    Canned corned beef beuase i can do a really inventive breakfast. corned beef is fatty and meaty. It make s a perfect ingredient for eggs and hash. I can render the corned beef and cook my potatos and veggies in it. If thre is any fat left, i would add a little chickenstock and reuce it. cokk my egg in it and BAM a yummy hearty has andegg made with canned cornd beef

  10. bursturbubble says:

    These cooks over processed their over processed meats!

    How do these 'brilliant' culinary minds let that happen?

    Alex made her Spam inedible and grassy; it is almost impossible to ruin Spam – the simpler the better.

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