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by in Shows, November 2nd, 2012

Next Iron Chef IntoNow Viewing ExperienceGet out your frying pan and sharpen your knives. IntoNow from Yahoo! is teaming up with Food Network to bring fans an interactive second-screen viewing experience with this upcoming season of The Next Iron Chef: Redemption.

Starting this Sunday, November 4, and running through December 23, each week at 9 p.m. ET/PT you can discover exclusive content by tagging The Next Iron Chef: Redemption using the IntoNow mobile app. Through IntoNow’s TV Sync feature you can follow along with the episode for exclusive quotes from the judges, behind-the-scenes photos and recipes as well as participate in live polling and trivia questions with fellow IntoNow users and Food Network fans.

Can You Capit? Fans can add a caption to their favorite moments every episode and share them online by creating memes to share on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Reddit. They also can create chat groups with friends.

Each week on The Next Iron Chef: Redemption, competing chefs will battle it out, proving they’ve got the skills to win the ultimate prize: the title of Iron Chef.

Download IntoNow in the App Store or Google Play now.

Support your early-favorite rival chefs by casting your Fan Vote up to 10 times per day.

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Comments (18)

  1. edwinamae46 says:

    I would to see my girl make her deep dish Mac & Cheese, I made for my family last Thanksgiving and now it's always on our Table even at my Church potlucks… love her dearly

  2. dale ann says:

    keep up the good work
    i love you all

  3. Suzan says:

    I am from Texas and grew up eating cornbread dressing. I still make my grandmother's recipe and it is awesome! Why is it that everyone seems to be doing "fancy" dressings/stuffings? I say go with the basics from the south. Also, what about good old giblet gravy?

    • J.S. says:

      Suzan, I'm from TN, and I love my mom, but her dressing/stuffing was always dry, if you have a recipe for a good old southern dressing that is nice and moist could I have it

  4. Lisa Shuart says:

    I am SO DISSAPOINTED that Chef Falkner was let go. She was my FAVORITE and i thought for sure she would make the next Iron Chef. SIGH……..I almost don't want to watch anymore, but i doubt that will happen. Chef Falkner, just know that someone was seriously rooting for you. Sorry.

  5. khaostheoryblog says:

    I have never actually been angry about an elimination until Falkner. The editors did a killer job of making sure we knew that the judges didn't think that there was risk in Mehta's or Applemen's dish. Or that the judges couldn't taste the secret ingredient. I'm sure there was much cut out of the debate with the secret ingredient showdown but … BAH. Twice now the wrong choice has been made in regards to Elizabeth Falkner. **sad face** GET 'EM FREITAG AND GAURNASCHELLI! #RantNeededtoHappen

  6. AlaskaMom1 says:

    I am SOOOO disappointed and angry that Chef Faulkner was eliminated!! I simply don't understand it!! The point of the challenge was supposed to be RISK. Clearly, she had the riskier dish, the only flaw being a little too much saffron. Chef Appleman had flaws too AND played it safe! The vibe was not good and I was feeling so fearful for Elizabeth but when Donatella pointed out that Chef Fulkner made a risky dish while Appleman made food he thought they would want to eat, I felt some relief and had hope that she would prevail. I was stunned when they eliminated her! She is so incredibly talented and creative! She definitely should have been the next Iron Chef. Last time, although Zakarian has grown on me and he is a very talented chef, Faulkner was my choice and I thought she should have won. Now, to eliminate her even before the final is shocking! I am so disgusted, I almost don't care any more about the rest! That is twice now. THE JUDGES ABSOLUTELY GOT THIS ONE WRONG!! Shame! Tell the producers to find a way to bring her back! :(( This STINKS!!

  7. AlaskaMom1 says:

    And by the way, what is with Chef Mehta?!! He is SO creepy! His interviews give me the creeps! That almost whispering, unemotional voice, stone face, and egotistical attitude. He makes some interesting food sometimes but I just can't see him as an Iron Chef. Anyone else get the creeps from him?!

    • Madison says:

      I totally agree, Alaska Mom1 – he should play the part of some evil Serial Killer like you see on Criminal Minds – I think he would do about anything to win and does not seem to have any integrity and definitely no sense of humor – does he know how to smile? Next he will be turning off burners again or hiding people's ingredients.

    • Altonfan says:

      I also agree, tis chef is quite creepy. I don't know how they will eliminate him without his chopping everyone up to pieces. This guy is strange even if he could be talented.

    • Connie says:

      I am certainly happy the Chef Mehta was eliminated. Not because he is creepy., but because of his attitude towards his other competitors. He may be a very talented chef, but he has very little integrity.
      I think all the chefs who have been and are IRON CHEFS represent all the best of their industry—
      I do not think one could have continued to say that if Chef Mehta had been the winnier.

    • Leah says:

      very creepy! and i think alex is a little whiney.

  8. That the ending, for me, was very unsatisfying, and
    there was no emotional payoff from the subplot involving Roy’s past, just an ineffective punch line.

  9. BPinMO says:

    All you Faulkner whiners……get over it already. Me and many others are tired of seeing your rants on every single IC comment page. She is talented, no one is disputing that, but she LOST, just as several others have LOST. It happens. Any one of these chefs could be the NIC, but they all have days that they don't do as well, and in a competition such as this, one bad dish will send you packing.
    I've read too many posts that the judging is "fixed". I, for one, do not believe that, but could not convince some of you, nor would I want to try. It's not that important in the overall scheme of things. I have a life, don't you? Quit carrying your torches about this and carry one for something that actually matters….for something that means something……saving a life, helping someone less fortunate, volunteering at the ASPCA…..

  10. Kevin Beck says:

    I'm still wanting Nate Appleman to win Next Iron Chef, although I would be almost equally satisfied if Amanda Freitag were to win. Ever since the first episode, I thought the finale would be Appleman vs. Falkner until they met in an earlier Secret Ingredient Challenge.

    As an aside: Based upon some of the judges' comments about some of the dishes, I am curious about Donatella Arpaia's abilities as a chef, she doesn't seem to have any ability left to taste food, because her comments have been the odd ones out almost every challenge. She would be the one I would least trust to prepare a meal for me.

    My personal choices for who I would most want to prepare a meal for me would be Nate Appleman, Tim Love, Spike Mendolsohn, Eric Greenspan, and Amanda Freitag.

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