Chatting With the Latest Next Iron Chef: Redemption Exile

by in Shows, November 11th, 2012

Chef Duskie Estes and Chef Elizabeth FalknerThe fifth season of The Next Iron Chef: Redemption is in full swing with 10 familiar chefs battling it out again, proving they’ve got the skills to win the ultimate prize: the title of Iron Chef.

Each chef will try to pull out all their tricks to stay in the competition but, ultimately, one chef must go home each week. Every Sunday, FN Dish brings you exclusive exit interviews with the latest chef to go home.

Web series winner Duskie Estes was the second chef to say goodbye, but she fought to the very end with a successful dish in Battle: White Bread. She was only slightly edged out by Chefs Freitag and Falkner.

What tips did you take with you from winning your initial challenges on the Web series to the The Next Iron Chef: Redemption?

DE: Surprises can happen. Just cook with perfect execution and taste.

Which Web challenge did you find more difficult: Your battle against Chef Trevino or Chef Wong? Why?

DE: Both were tough. I did not know how to open the coconut, other than smashing it on the floor, and thought Food Network would not like that so much. For the potatoes, a half hour to cook potatoes perfectly is tight. It takes strategy in your dish conception.

What was your experience like joining the cast after you won the Web series?

DE: I had the most fun I’ve had in a long time in my food fight with Chefs Freitag and Falkner and our Charlie’s Angels shenanigans during judgment. I hope Chef Freitag, Chef Falkner and I can figure out a way to play again.

If you were given the choice, what international comfort food would you have picked: banh mi, taco or falafel? Why?

DE: I was actually really happy I was Team Taco because I grew up in California, so I was comfortable with it.

You recently told Food Network that your signature party dish to make at home for friends is a BLT with your bacon and some Tabasco sauce. We saw you make Bacon, Eggs and Toast during the Showdown, too. You clearly have a love for pork, so tell us about it. When did your passion for pork begin?

DE: I was a vegetarian for more than half my life. Pork was responsible for the leap. My husband makes incredible bacon and salumi. When we came together, we agreed all our pigs would be raised on pasture (a great life and only one bad day). We now raise pigs and even have one that lives in our house. I love pigs and pork is the most luscious and versatile of meats. We like rabbit, too.

Two weeks into the competition, which chef do you consider the chef to beat in this competition?

DE: It could be anyone. It just depends on who has a worse day. All of the chefs amaze. If I weren’t voting for myself, I want one of the women to win for sure. It’s time.

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Comments (74)

  1. ICHoax says:

    Jeff Mauro the 'Sandwich King' is more legitimate than Faulkner…

  2. miss_en_place says:

    My palate is superior to all as I dine at the finest TV cook's restaurants. I have graced their establishments and their distinctive flavor profiles and tawdry pairings underachieve in my sophisticated opinion.

    My celebrated global culinary mastermind is but no match for such simple one-note chefs, but they love me for bringing class to their city chic hole-in-the-wall dives. We are all blessed with life, but remember that I am better than you…

  3. Greg P. says:

    Interesting that you choose to say the exact opposite of another poster with a similar screen name. I can only surmise that you didn't understand the points being made. Maybe this blog would be improved if IQ tests were required before anyone could log on.

    • ICHoax says:

      pseudo-intellectual garbage from asinine posters like yourself speak poorly of your high school education…

      • Timothy says:

        Don't you mean: Pseudo-intellectual garbage…speaks…

        • ICHoax says:

          nope, this is conversational chat which means you will see people start thoughts without capitalization or choose to not use closing punctuation or as an option end with ellipses…

          Are you new to chat in forums?

        • ICHoax says:

          you would be wrong on "garbage" being exclusively singular – please try to overcome your ignorance…

          • Timothy says:

            The garbage is starting to stink. When will you take them out? Yeah, that works.

            A great mind once said, "Sloppy writing is the sign of a sloppy mind."

            As lacking in ignorance as you purport to be I am sure you do not need me to supply the source.

          • ICHoax says:

            Tim, you just proved my point.
            The garbage (plural) is starting to stink. It (singular) stinks. They (plural) stink.

            You used the plural form as did I.

            Please review your inaccurate critique.

          • Timothy says:

            Just yanking your chain to make a point by using garbage (singular) correctly in the first sentence and garbage (plural) incorrectly in the second.

            Garbage is singular and therefore "The garbage (singular) is starting to stink" is correct . If garbage were plural (I use the subjunctive mood because it is not) "The garbage (plural) are starting to stink" would be correct which clearly it is not.

            And it is contrradictory on one hand for you to imply that the conventions of formal English are suspended in this kind of forum but then try to defend yourself for failing (by not matching a singular noun with a singular verb) by trying to reclassify the noun as plural.

            Just for fun please post a sentence which properly pairs garbage with a plural verb form.

          • mise_en_place says:

            Timothy: Google "Grammar Nazis You Tube" and enjoy!

          • Timothy says:


          • ICHoax says:

            Sentence: The garbage is starting to stink.
            "The garbage" can be either plural or singular (look it up – garbage is a word not bound to one or the other) as it can refer to more than one piece of garbage. As that sentence is written, "garbage" is plural.

            Proof? You correctly paired it with "stink" which is a plural verb form.

            You proved my point.

            As for the "contrradictory" accusation – I was referring to not capitalizing the first letter or using punctuation as is accepted for chat rooms and forums… you are off base in what I meant – and you incorrectly spelled "contrradictory" – but in the end who cares?..

          • Timothy says:

            I apologize for the typo. And it is "off-base" with a hyphen.

          • mise_en_place says:

            "Stink" is not the verb in the sentence.The subject of the sentence is "garbage" and the verb is the singular verb of being "is".

          • ICHoax says:

            "stink" is a verb (intransitive) as used in the sentence "The garbage is starting to stink."

          • ICHoax says:

            ""Stink" is not the verb in the sentence." That is a false statement.

            "Stink" is a verb (intransitive) in that sentence. All the thumbs up people need to go back and study the parts of speech that comprise the English language.

            "The child is starting to cry." – "cry" is a verb (intransitive)…

          • mise_en_place says:

            "To cry" is an infinitve. "Cry" can be either intransitive (He cried when he was hurt) or transitive (He cried my name). Do you even understand what "intransitive" means? I would guess that you think that "feels badly" is correct grammar. You probably also start sentences (incorrectly) with "hopefully".

            Boy, am I glad I didn't go to your high school.

            I would be happy to send you a copy of Warriner's "Advance English Composition" as well as Strunk and White's "Elements of Style" which we used in my 7th and 8th grade classes in (probably according to you podunk) Beverly Shores, Indiana.

            PS: Just for your edification (although this was not part of the conversation) "snuck" is not the past tense of "to sneak" (another infinitive) and "irregardless" is not a word. Also (to help you from embarrassing yourself in educated company) "whether or not" is redundant.

          • ICHoax says:

            Finally, garbage is not automatically a singular noun. It can be identified as a singular noun but it carries with it a plural meaning until it is further defined – for example, "a piece of garbage". It is the peculiarity of the word "garbage" that confuses you into believing that a simple "is/are" test is enough…

            Don't trust me – look it up! Such wisdom is cleverly hidden in books.


          • mise_en_place says:

            Waiting for you to use "garbage" in conjunction with a plural verb form.

          • jlsbcn says:

            I can't wait for this one!! I never knew garbage could be so educational. Garbage was never discussed in such detail in any of my English classes, not even in post graduate studies! Perhaps I should have gone on to post doctorate so I could have become more educated about the worthiness of this conversation on a food blog! I do have to admit this entire discussion has been very entertaining, if not somewhat educational(?).

            And befor you come down on me about grammar, syntax, spelling, and all that good Enlish stuff, I know. I'm not going to apologize. This is after all a food blog where most bloggers don't give a rats a@@!!!

            Have fun!!!

          • mise_en_place says:

            I certainly won't come down on you as I wouldn't want to do anything to discourage you from sharing your reasonable and well-written posts. I think the only reason this whole thread started was because ICHoax sneered at someone else's intellect and (as we say in the world of law) opened the door for cross-examination.

            Notice that ICHoax could easily have just said "Sorry – typo" or "My mistake" instead of trying to deny the well-established rules of an entire language because he/she refuses to admit error.

            We all have strengths and weaknesses and I do consider it unfair to judge the posts on any site based on style rather than substance. Debate about ideas is much more worthwhile than criticism of someone's spelling.

            But he/she was asking for it.

            When do you think we will see that sample sentence?

          • jlsbcn says:

            I dont know, I hope it's soon. My curiosity is growing. Unless, of course, we scared him/her off! I hope not, as I would be interested in the sentence.


          • jlsbcn says:

            By the way…you won't discourage my from posting by anything you say! I am able to stand on my own two feet. I am able to thank compliments, and accept criticism, if it has valid points. I am, also, more than willing to apologize for anything I say that offends others.

            To that end, I wish you happy posting!

            Still waiting for that pleural verb form!!! Do you have any?? I have one or two.

          • mise_en_place says:

            There aren't any because "garbage" is singular. You can use "garbage" (still and always singular) as the object of a prepositional phrase as in the sentence "These bags of garbage are an eyesore", but the plural adjective (these) and the plural verb (are) refer to the subject of the sentence which is "bags". You can leave out the modifying phrase ("of garbage" – which describes the bags) and the sentence ("These bags are an eyesore.") still makes sense and remains grammatically correct. If you eliminate the words "Bags of" you are left with "Garbage are an eyesore." See the problem? It becomes really clear when you try to use modifiers in front of the word "garbage". You would never say "These garbage" instead of "This garbage".

            Most singular nouns become plural by the simple addition of the letter "s". Think about it. Have you ever hear anyone use the word "garbages"?

          • jlsbcn says:

            Oops!!! I forgot about the modifiers! No wonder what I was thinking didn't make sense. Too many years out of school has turned my brain to mush!!

  4. guest2 says:

    alex will need all the help she can get

  5. mise_en_place says:

    I want to apologise to anyone who interpreted my posts to mean that I was holding my opinions above other posters. In fact, the point that I was trying to make was that even though I have dined at the restaurants of some of the current and past IC competitors, I know my limitations as a critic are defined by my very subjective palate (you can't prepare eggplant in any way that won't make me gag). I just wanted to make the point that no matter how extensive our individual experiences and education may be we can't taste the food that is being presented (and even if we could we would be influenced by our individual biases – i.e me and eggplant). I am just suggesting that we base our comments on our informed observations:: personalities, techniques, flavor profiles, presentations, kitchen etiquette, sanitation, et cetera.

    Let's err on the side of generosity.

  6. RabidL says:

    Routing for Alex, but will be happy if it's Amanda or Elizabeth. But watch out for Appleman ladies, he's "cereal"

  7. Badmf says:

    Remember its about the food not personalities, Iron chef competitions are to get the person whose qualities exude perfec tion and can deliver under time constraints, not so easy with strange ingredients.

  8. Badmf says:

    You should re-examine being vegetarian, your family would be better for it.

  9. CAREY says:

    This is not about the redemption,but about RACHAEL RAY.I watch her show everyday where she has guest for some time now and i have noticed with every guest she has,they are trying to tell you something and rachel butts in and the guest hardly never gets out what they want to say because shes always butting in,thinks she knows it all.dont get me wrong shes ok and she does do a lot,buuut stop and let your guest talk.

  10. goldgoat says:

    I agree Alex should not be allowed in this competition. Zakarian passing judgement on his sous cheif is just crooked.The fact that Food network has done this goes to prove that their minds are made up before there is a competition. The rest is Bull.

    • jeff says:

      totally agree with your comment. preplanned show, this is not a true competition at all. Alex didnt take risk
      at all and they kept them…the person put little more safron is let go. im a true food network fan, but this might be the decision that will make me cancel my channel.

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