Chatting With the Latest Next Iron Chef: Redemption Exile

by in Shows, November 11th, 2012

Chef Duskie Estes and Chef Elizabeth FalknerThe fifth season of The Next Iron Chef: Redemption is in full swing with 10 familiar chefs battling it out again, proving they’ve got the skills to win the ultimate prize: the title of Iron Chef.

Each chef will try to pull out all their tricks to stay in the competition but, ultimately, one chef must go home each week. Every Sunday, FN Dish brings you exclusive exit interviews with the latest chef to go home.

Web series winner Duskie Estes was the second chef to say goodbye, but she fought to the very end with a successful dish in Battle: White Bread. She was only slightly edged out by Chefs Freitag and Falkner.

What tips did you take with you from winning your initial challenges on the Web series to the The Next Iron Chef: Redemption?

DE: Surprises can happen. Just cook with perfect execution and taste.

Which Web challenge did you find more difficult: Your battle against Chef Trevino or Chef Wong? Why?

DE: Both were tough. I did not know how to open the coconut, other than smashing it on the floor, and thought Food Network would not like that so much. For the potatoes, a half hour to cook potatoes perfectly is tight. It takes strategy in your dish conception.

What was your experience like joining the cast after you won the Web series?

DE: I had the most fun I’ve had in a long time in my food fight with Chefs Freitag and Falkner and our Charlie’s Angels shenanigans during judgment. I hope Chef Freitag, Chef Falkner and I can figure out a way to play again.

If you were given the choice, what international comfort food would you have picked: banh mi, taco or falafel? Why?

DE: I was actually really happy I was Team Taco because I grew up in California, so I was comfortable with it.

You recently told Food Network that your signature party dish to make at home for friends is a BLT with your bacon and some Tabasco sauce. We saw you make Bacon, Eggs and Toast during the Showdown, too. You clearly have a love for pork, so tell us about it. When did your passion for pork begin?

DE: I was a vegetarian for more than half my life. Pork was responsible for the leap. My husband makes incredible bacon and salumi. When we came together, we agreed all our pigs would be raised on pasture (a great life and only one bad day). We now raise pigs and even have one that lives in our house. I love pigs and pork is the most luscious and versatile of meats. We like rabbit, too.

Two weeks into the competition, which chef do you consider the chef to beat in this competition?

DE: It could be anyone. It just depends on who has a worse day. All of the chefs amaze. If I weren’t voting for myself, I want one of the women to win for sure. It’s time.

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Comments (74)

  1. dessertgirl 434 says:

    I'm glad chef Duskie is gone. She has a peculiar attitude about her and she always looks mad. Who wants to watch an hour of IC with a despondent bi$ch?;

  2. Shannon says:

    I am just relieved that neither Chef Frietag not Faulkner went home, I am rooting for either of those to be the victor. They are my faves, both have made it to the finale in prev seasons. They both can cook and deserve the win! Good luck chefs! (they also both have great attitudes and level of creativity)

    • Episode 2 says:

      I'm sorry to see Duskie has left early. Glad F & F are still in too. They make up most of the women & it would be disppointing if they didn't go at least half way.

    • donna says:

      Frietag did not make it to the finale. She was sent home from Japan before three others….Mullen, and the final 2, Mehta and Garces.

  3. ICHoax says:

    Wow, that was THE ugliest competition that I have ever witnessed…

  4. fiestyphoebers says:

    I'm rooting for chef Guarnaschelli..the best chef in the competition. Sometimes she tries too hard, but we can all do that.

    • ICHoax says:

      When Alex G competed on Iron Chef as a challenger chef she looked calm and lazy toward the end. I don't know if it is part of her personality to be the lead chef in the Iron Chef competitions.

      Watch her compete as a challenger on Iron Chef and you will see her laid back style – it was kinda out of place. I would love to eat her professional cooking though…

  5. gma says:

    missed this one guess it was good

  6. KtLass says:

    I am bummed that Chef Duskie is gone!!! She is an original and both of her dishes were perfection! She got robbed!!!

  7. cookie says:

    Go Alex!

  8. Episode says:

    I want a monte cristo now.

  9. chaigal says:

    Anyone else think it's not particularly fair that Guarnaschelli gets to be judged by folks she appears on shows with (Chopped) and that she is also Zakarian's sous chef when he's in Kitchen Stadium? Talk about a 'teachers pet' …

  10. bonnie says:

    Elizabeth Faulkner has really won me over….rooting for her

    • ICHoax says:

      1. She's not a real chef.
      2. 'she's made 3 ice creams and a souffle wonder when she'll make some real food'.
      3. Her odd appeal is so 2011…

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