What to Watch This Weekend: Home Made in America with Sunny Anderson and Halloween Wars

by in Shows, October 5th, 2012

home made in america with sunny anderson
Beginning this Saturday, October 6, you can watch Sunny Anderson embark upon a new journey in her second show, Home Made in America with Sunny Anderson. Follow Sunny as she travels through Baton Rouge, La., Oklahoma, North Carolina, Texas and New York tasting delicious home-cooked creations as she moves across the country. Sunny demonstrates that there is more to food besides preparation and flavor — there is also a story. Throughout the season Sunny will not only try the most-celebrated recipes in the cities she visits, but she will also meet the cooks behind the creations. These cooks will share their inspirational stories and also their own secrets and tips. Tune in to this daytime series at 9:30am ET/PT on October 6 so that you can be a part of the journey.

Get the recipes from the most recent episode of Home Made in America.

On Sunday the second season of Halloween Wars is back with even more frightening feats to be accomplished by five new teams. Watch as groups — each made up of a candy craftsman, talented cake decorator and a pumpkin-carving artist — compete for survival in this four-episode Halloween special. The first challenge begins this Sunday, October 7, when you can watch the teams put their talents to use in order to create the most-frightening clown imaginable. The groups will be judged by a panel including accomplished cake decorator Shinmin Li; award-winning makeup artist, actor and director Tom Savini; and this week’s guest judge, Shawnee Smith of the movies Saw and Anger Management. One by one the competition will fall and as in any horror show you are left to wonder, who will be the last team standing? For those eager to watch the terror begin, the premiere will have a special showing on October 7 at 7pm ET/PT.

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Comments (70)

  1. Kay says:

    Loved the show…….where are the recipes?????

  2. Ann Evans says:

    It's not Sunny's fault if the recipes are not posted yet. From what I read, Steve posted a patent on his wing sauce, so if that's the case, maybe he changed his tune about sharing his recipe, BUT, it was aired on t.v., so if you did like I did, or catch the next show, tape it – I did, so since I cook all the time, I can do what he did on t.v. I'm sure this show was taped before he did the patent as he aired his ingredients on national t.v. which anybody can write down and put together to your own liking. BUT, it would be nice if Food Network would post something and say at least that the cooks on this show did not allow us to post the recipes after all, then we would not be asking questions of "where are the recipes". If these people say "yes" to posting the recipes, i would think it would be in writing so they won't trip later and say I changed my mind, that way Sunny won't be saying you can find these recipes on this website. That makes her look bad. So Food Network, get it together.

  3. kiya says:

    came on to find dirty steve wing sauce ….where can i find it. got so hungry watching that show this morning… good job Sunny

    • talktoomuch says:

      I found the recipe for the cupcakes by googling the show and recipe name. I couldn't find the recipe for the wing sauce. Dirty Steve has a webpage that has recipes on it but not the recipe for the wing sauce.

  4. Diane says:

    Where are the receipes for the cupcakes???????

  5. holly says:

    Well it wouldn't be too hard to duplicate the recipe. I think the technique of how he deep fried the wings, drained them in the box etc was interesting and also shaking the wings in a lidded container with the sauce. Then dumps them in the foil pans for serving.

    I know his main sauce recipe had lots of melted butter, I suppose some brand of BBQ sauce, brown sugar and hot sauce and I beleive spices. I thought he said it was sweet with a kick. Just do like he did…..till it tastes good to you.

    If you google Dirty Steve he does have the garlic ranch wings recipe listed, which doesn't look that good to me. Didn't he put honey in something? Maybe that was some Honey BBQ wings.

  6. holly says:

    I noticed about half the comments since the show have been deleted, there were about 67 or so, now there are 39. They must not want others to see the complaints about not being able to get the wing sauce recipe

    • JANET says:

      you're right, there were a bunch more comments. and the cupcake recipe is on huffingtonpost.com. I made them last night. I'd give them 3 out of 5 stars.

  7. holly says:

    Yeah, I have been having 2nd thoughts about foodnetwork too. Actually I started watching Lucinda Scala on the hallmark channel more. FoodNetwork, ignores you, doesn't answer questions half the time. And you can't find the recipes sometimes either. When they first started, they used to be really good. but I don't even like the website format. Things are hard to find and them seem to be hawking their ware more than anything.
    I think at least someone should have came on and let the bloggers know why Dirty Steves Wing sauce wasn't going to be listed. Everyone makes mistakes. You know after a 1st show, they are paying attention. It probably isn't Sunny's fault. but I think I will just start watching elsewhere. Southern Living Magazines have really good recipes too. I like Italian, but I am getting sick of all the Italian cooking too, I have pasta coming out of my ears. Pioneer Woman is good and I have caught TRish Yearwood a few times.

  8. Frances Myers says:

    Today October 6th is my 51st wedding anniversary and I watched your new show and loved it. I so wanted the wing sauce recipe and went on-line to get it and as the rest found out it's not there. I hope later you can put it up or at least tell us where to go and get it. My husband saw the show and really wanted to fix the family some of the wings. Please Sunny let us know something about the situation I love your show and will continue to watch. Lots of love and good luck on your show.

  9. VTNikster says:

    Yet another person that's dying to find Dirty Steve's wing sauce recipe. I hope that it can be posted in the near future, I'm definitely having 'wing withdrawal' and can't wait to try the recipe.

  10. nikk says:

    i just can't wait for the cupcakes recipes…PLEASE post ASAP! I love how you keep it real, Sunny! I will try both of the cupcake recipes and will let you know if they're as good as they looked! Depends on how the cupcakes turn out, i will try those finger licking good wings too…keep them coming!

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