Restaurant Revisited: Whistle Stop

by in Shows, October 3rd, 2012

Restaurant: ImpossibleWhen Robert Irvine arrived at Whistle Stop restaurant in Hot Springs, Ark., he found an outdated dining space and dirty kitchen in desperate need of a makeover. Linda Todd, employee-turned-owner of Whistle Stop, needed Robert’s help to transform her restaurant into a profitable business and effectively manage her staff. We checked in with Linda to see how the restaurant is doing a few months after its Restaurant: Impossible renovation. Hear from the owner below then take a photo tour of the restaurant and see before-and-after snapshots of the Whistle Stop’s dining room and buffet station.

Since Robert left, the restaurant has begun breakfast service, which Linda says “is doing pretty well” so far. “We started doing breakfast a little over 2 weeks ago and it is doing pretty well. Hopefully it will continue to grow.” She also notes that Brett does not work at Whistle Stop anymore.

In terms of the decor, Robert turned to designer Lynn Kegan to take what was once a dark and drab dining room with multicolored holiday lights, faux greenery and dated black chairs and turn it into a bright, relaxing area with comfortable, contemporary silver seating.

Restaurant: Impossible

Restaurant: Impossible

Additionally, the team improved the flow of Whistle Stop by moving the buffet station from one side of the restaurant to the other.

Restaurant: ImpossibleRestaurant: Impossible

“What I love about the Whistle Stop,” said Lynn, “is that we took an outdated buffet and layout that just consumed space and reimagined the look and layout to make it more customer friendly.”

Tell us: What do you think of the new space?

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Comments (298)

  1. Julie - Florida, says:

    There are two sets of children here: she has two daughters from a previous relationship and he has a son and a daughter from a previous relationship. They did not have any childred together, so I understand from previous comments that have been deleted. I don't know this personally.The money she received was payout from his insurance policy that she was the beneficiary of, that is not an inheritance. I think the statement she made about the money being her childens inheritance was just to get sympathy from Robert and the viewers. I don't believe it for a minute. I don't think that she wanted to say straight out the she blew all of her money and then some on a failing restaurant that she does not know how to run. It's sad for everyone involved. I don't think the Whistle Stop has much chance of success.

  2. Pam says:

    The actual write up said Brett was no longer there !

  3. Bulldog says:

    It's AR not AK (that would be Alaska). Learn your US state abbreviations before commenting with an exclaimation point! I am from TX (that's Texas ;) )

  4. guest says:

    That is good to hear…Linda obviously has her heart in the right place & I admired her determination…I wish her continued sucess

  5. Wen says:

    It's AR not AK (that would be Alaska). Learn the US state abbreviations before commenting with an exclaimation point! I am from TX (that would be Texas ;) )

  6. Poe says:

    I don't understand why you have thumbs down. I completely agree, but personally I don't enjoy eating in filth. I guess not everyone minds it.

  7. guest says:

    They didn't really put any work into making it better. The TV crew did all the work while the owners and staff moaned and cried. They did the show to get a free make-over, but I agree with the others who say you can't retrain anyone in 2 days.

  8. guest says:

    If your kids really wanted a restaurant, they should start it. The idea of starting one to pass to her children is ludicrous. They probably won't even want it.

  9. Guest says:

    That's pretty sad. The place seemed like a total disaster with incompetent staff. Probably doomed to fail in spite of the free makeover.

  10. tammy says:

    Gordon shame on you for your comment and anyone else that has made comments along these lines. he may not have been the best person for this position but really is the crude name calling seriously necessary? I think this man seems to have a low self esteem as it is and then there are people like you to knock him down just a little bit more. Bravo you.

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