Candy Man: How to Make Alton Brown’s Candy Corn

by in Food Network Magazine, Holidays, October 19th, 2012

candy corn

Kids who ring Alton Brown’s doorbell on Halloween don’t get the usual fun-size candy bar. Over the years, the Browns have handed out homemade taffy, candied apples, headless marshmallow bunnies — you name it. But of all of Alton’s Halloween creations, nothing tops his candy corn. As usual, Alton and the Good Eats team approached the project as a science experiment: They created the recipe in April but used a dehumidifier in the kitchen to mimic crisp fall air. Alton also tested every imaginable food coloring before choosing gel paste. The resulting recipe, which appears in his latest cookbook, Good Eats 3: The Later Years, is easy — and super impressive, Alton says. “When you tell people you’ve made candy corn, they say, ‘Holy cow, you made your own?!'” Plus, a lot of candy corn haters realize they actually like the stuff when it’s homemade. For the record, Alton will take his candy corn any which way. “I’m not a snob,” he says. “I won’t turn down the store-bought stuff.”

Alton says the candy corn tastes better after a few days: It dries out a little and becomes chewier, and the flavor intensifies. Find out how to make it with this step-by-step.

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Comments (6)

  1. Kevin A. Lewis says:

    OK, Alton, I'm glad you make candy corn at home for the kids, and I have no objection to store-bought junk for the same clientele-but this last episode and American Iron Chef where you made Donatella Arpaea choke down fine food ingredients artfully ruined with Halloween store candy was just too painful to watch-everyobody worked really hard to pretend they were having fun but it was like watching wine lovers sipping a '37 beaujolais with a couple of grape fizzies added. You guys ought to be ashamed of yourselves…We're used to some pretty stupid ingredients on occasion, but next year if you're going to do Halloween, read Dracula and serve up some paprika and garlic along with some actual food ingredients. If I'd been either a chef or a judge on that episode you'd have seen most of the entrees sliding down the walls of Kitchen Stadium-for your own well-being, don't ever invite Jeffrey Steingarten to one of these dogfights….

  2. Sophie says:

    I've made this candy corn and it's really good (and vegetarian unlike the store bought stuff), but mine never got very stiff. I let it sit for quite awhile, but it just got kinda gooey. Everyone loved it, but I even used gel food coloring because I have it on hand at all times. Maybe this year it will work, but I followed the instructions exactly (except for the butter cutter) and it was like that. Well, I'm making some today so wish me luck!

  3. Candy Corn says:

    This is amazing. I'm not a great candy maker so I'm in awe of anyone who can make even something as simple as fudge–which I've botched up everytime, even the no cook kind. But to turn a complex favorite homemade is pretty neat. Leave it to Alton, he's a food genius.

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  5. GNfbl says:

    223998 519595I think you did an awesome job explaining it. Sure beats having to research it on my own. Thanks 462932

  6. Jeremy Mahan says:

    There's something new on me. I've never heard of a dehumidifier being used to help prepare food before.

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