Have a Question for Alton or Bobby About Thanksgiving?

by in Events, Food Network Chef, October 16th, 2012

alton brown and bobby flay thanksgiving live
Last week FN Dish announced the return of Thanksgiving Live!, a two-hour call-in show hosted by turkey master Alton Brown on Nov. 18 from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m., featuring Giada De Laurentiis, Bobby Flay, Aarón Sanchez, Alex Guarnaschelli, Sunny Anderson and Ree Drummond.

Before the live show starts at noon, Food Network will serve up a three-hour Thanksgiving Live webcast at FoodNetwork.com. Beginning at 11:30am ET, the site will stream a pre-show featuring celebrity chef interviews and behind-the-scenes footage of Alton and the cast preparing for the big day.

Do you have a question specifically for Alton or Bobby? Whether it’s about a technique they use at home or a tip for the perfect gravy, we’ll handpick a selection of your questions and ask them live during the pre-show. Leave your question in the comment section below, or submit it via Facebook and Twitter by using the hashtag: #ThanksgivingLive.

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Comments (93)

  1. jennifer says:

    Hi! My family and I are trying out a heritage turkey this year. I planned to use the Good Eats brine. Do I need to do anything else to ensure tastiness, since I assume it wil be a little leaner and darker?

    Thanks for doing this q/a. It's great. Happy Thanksgiving to everybody.


  2. Reem Haddad says:

    i need to cook my turkey at 4000 ft above sea level. it always take 3 – 4 hours extra than the instruction. any ideas about what i need to do to get the turkey to cook in less time?


    Reem Haddad

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Alton,

    I am wondering if I can brine my turkey breasts from frozen and also allow the thawing to take place in the brine?

    Hajar Elizabeth

  4. Happy Thanksgiving Alton to you and yours,

    Can I brine my frozen turkey breasts having the thaw occur during the brining process? The old two birds with one stone idea. No pun intended.

  5. Did NOT intend to post twice!

  6. Brandi-Seattle says:

    Hi guys, every year my family and I try a new Turkey technique. This year we decided..SMOKE A TURKEY, yummy! We were so excited we went out and bought a "professional" smoker, then I thought to my self…now what? How will I make this turkey taste better than my previous years? HELP!

  7. Kim T says:

    Hi Alton –
    What, if any changes, would you suggest for brining, spatchcocking, and grilling (gas model is what I have) a turkey? I've noticed at altitude (5000ft) that it does take longer for my whole birds to grill/roast.

    Thanks so much
    Kim T, Longmont, CO

  8. Jan says:

    I know the rule of thumb for 1 lb of turkey per guest, but what if most of your guests only eat the white breast meat? How much should the new figure be?

  9. @joelwrose says:

    Hi Alton! Last year I smoked a turkey in an electric smoker. I brined it for 8 hours and smoked it. I used toothpicks to pin the skin in place which was a suggestion I found online. When the turkey was done, the skin had contracted (tearing through the toothpicks) and the meat was exposed on 80% of the turkey. It looked ruined, but the meat was actually still fairly moist and edible. On the whole- not a bad first attempt- but I'm wondering what suggestions you have for smoking a turkey in an electric smoker.

  10. Mimi Hanna says:

    Alton: Your show is my favorite on the Food Network. Just a question about brining – can you still brine a standard, supermarket frozen turkey, all of which seem to include salt in the ingredient list? Thanks for responding.

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