What to Watch: $24 in 24

by in Shows, September 23rd, 2012

jeff mauro $24 in 24
Jeff Mauro is coming back to Food Network with not one but two television shows this season. Tune in this Monday, September 24 at 10:30 PM ET/PT to watch the series premiere episode of $24 in 24. Follow him as he travels cross-country in search of the day’s best meals for a total of just $24. Jeff’s journey proves that you can find delicious and inexpensive food in the most unexpected places. Watch as he migrates from Boston to Los Angeles with stops in Philadelphia, New York City, Cleveland, Chicago and Minneapolis. $24 in 24 celebrates amazing food that will satisfy your stomach, but won’t break the bank.

In fact, you can embark upon this edible adventure early by catching a sneak peek of $24 in 24 tonight at 10 pm after The Great Food Truck Race.

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Comments (23)

  1. cindy says:

    Get him off TV….he is awful…..I will watch almost anything on your netowrk, but not him. He should have never been a winner on any show. No personality, no originality, nothing. The waffle truck was more interersting than Jeff…give them the gig. Do the network a favor and sell his contract.

    • svsnt021 says:

      Because he has no personality, he's the first Food Network Star winner other than Guy Fieri to have a primetime show. If you don't like it, DON'T WATCH IT!!!

  2. Andrew says:

    Just saw the Chicago episode — this guy spent at least $24 traveling to the places he ate! And the $24 thing? He had a pecan roll and coffee, rib tips and fries, and a beef sandwich. Notice that he did not have a beverage with lunch or dinner! And such a healthy menu!

    Ack! This show belongs on the garbage heap with Restaurant Stakeout.

    • svsnt021 says:

      The $24 in the title is the budget for FOOD, not travelling. Also, they're focusing on the food, not much the beverages and most places offer iced water, no charge.

    • MoHub says:

      I was disappointed that Jeff spent more on lunch than dinner, but the main thing that hit me was that except for the celery in the giardiniera and the cantaloupe in the Italian ice, there was an extreme dearth of fruits and vegetables and a predominance of carbs and proteins. Whatever happened to 5 A day?

    • Bre says:

      Didn't bother me a bit that he didn't order a drink with his meal. I myself, usually dring water. And so what if he didn't get a lot of fruit, and so what if he had to spend other money on gas for the car, and so what if he spent more for lunch than dinner. My goodness! I think he probably ate like a LOT of us do and he was great!!!

  3. I loved the new show. I think it's entertaining, and its fun to see ways to eat cheap without hitting the burger chains. I also loved the "film stock" that it's "filmed" in. (Obviously not film, but it had a neat feel as if it were.)

    Looking forward to the next edition, Jeff!

  4. Talen says:

    I understand the concept of the show, however, I am not impressed on how Jeff acts. He seems to be annoying in the kitchen and appears to be trying to act as funny as Guy in DDD except its coming off horribly. I honestly, usually don't change the channel from Food Network except to watch the news, so I will watch his show a few more times to see if it gets better. For now, first impression is pretty boring and found myself wishing he would not talk. Will keep my fingers crossed that it will get better. Jeff has a good TV personality, just not seeing it on the show, yet.

  5. valerie says:

    I thought the show was awesome! He's funny, cute and is enjoying himself, which makes me enjoy it! Everything looked delicious–the scenes were beautiful! Look forward to tonight's show.

  6. Bre says:

    I just saw Jeff's $24 in 24 and I love it! In fact I've now seen both of his first two episodes. Jeff is fun and a bit quirky and will definitely be watching this show. Just wish he was coming to the Kansas City area! $24 in 24 and Sandwich King are great! Keep going Jeff!

  7. Becca e says:

    Good concept. i like that he went in with a friend on the 30 donuts snack but cutting what he paid for the 15 donuts in half doesn’t count. The members of the public aren’t paying the other $1.50!

  8. Wendy says:

    I find Jeff charming, and love that he’s striving to encourage people to seek out nonchain-mom and pop restaurants that cook from scratch and from the heart. My one, rather large complaint, is with his and Rachael’s tipping practices. The fact that the only front of house centered show highlights thievery, unprofessional and generally bad( and usually drunken) behaviour offends me to say the least. Then these budget conscious shows seemingly encourage under tipping for service. During these tough economic times I certainly understand tightening your belt, however, if you cannot afford the industry standard 18-20% gratuity please eat at home or the grocery store. If you tip less you run the risk of actually COSTING your server money. Between the taxes estimated on their sales and tipping THEIR Support staff they really only net 7%…so do the math.

  9. cherrycooks says:

    I like Jeff's new show and hope that it will be successful. FN needs some new shows because the plethora of reruns is getting tiresome. Jeff's new season of "Sandwich King" has been delightful, as well. Jeff's sandwiches look amazing and are definitely fit for a King or the Earl for which the sandwich is named.

  10. former waitress says:

    I think this is a terrible show. I was watching the show he did on Cleveland last night, which is were i'm from. I used to waitress for years. The thing i noticed is the way he only spends $24 is because he tips crap! For breakfast he left the waitress $.90, left nothing at lunch, and left $.70 for dinner. Does he not realize that servers make less than $4 an hour! Shows like this are why people don't tip.

    • Russel says:

      tipping to him and those idiots at FN are optional – RR use to do the same thing

      they don't have any sense of the hardworking middle class – FN SUCKS and the show is soooooo out of touch with reality it stinks worse than 3 day old fish

    • Russel says:

      don't watch the Boston show – it will make you angry – saw a post somewhere else – the douchebag only left 45 cents as a tip for a huge amount of breakfast food

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