What to Watch: $24 in 24

by in Shows, September 23rd, 2012

jeff mauro $24 in 24
Jeff Mauro is coming back to Food Network with not one but two television shows this season. Tune in this Monday, September 24 at 10:30 PM ET/PT to watch the series premiere episode of $24 in 24. Follow him as he travels cross-country in search of the day’s best meals for a total of just $24. Jeff’s journey proves that you can find delicious and inexpensive food in the most unexpected places. Watch as he migrates from Boston to Los Angeles with stops in Philadelphia, New York City, Cleveland, Chicago and Minneapolis. $24 in 24 celebrates amazing food that will satisfy your stomach, but won’t break the bank.

In fact, you can embark upon this edible adventure early by catching a sneak peek of $24 in 24 tonight at 10 pm after The Great Food Truck Race.

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Comments (23)

  1. kim says:

    didn't rr do this show?so what just cut the budget & get new host? at least rr gave some good exaples to save(eat @ expensive place for dinner,check local papers,etc.) & i'm glad alot of people drink water,but i think a drink,cocktail,etc. should be included esp. @ dinner.also-everything just seems forced-"like hey,i'm funny & having a great time-you should to".Way to much forcedness.

    • Russel says:

      everyone wants to be like RR – fake and unfunny are MAJOR criteria for getting a show on the food network if you don't actually know how to cook….

      making a sammie – wow that is soooo taxing on the brain that he now has to go out to eat … would he like to try and eat a veggie once in the day…

  2. marc sancheez says:

    I like Jeff's new show – I mean the current economically damaged rehash of Rachel Ray's $40 a day. But not a bad deal when you think he probably promotes small business by showing up and serving food to patrons. I think he even makes a couple people happy by giving away extra food that the owner won't be compensated for.

    But truly and great FN show. He's a talent from gutter and should be newest success of FN – cheerio!!!

  3. Juliet says:

    Terrible examples set by Jeff – eat until you explode and tip less than the change found in a typical couch cushion.
    Dear Food Network – why do you allow this to happen? Do you care about the image your hosts are projecting?

  4. Lainer says:

    I just watched the episode where Jeff is in Minneapolis – first one I have seen. I think the show is stupid. If you are too tight to spend more than $24 bucks/day – stay home! He went to a brewery that gave him free beer samples – he got 4 and used that as a snack. I live in Portland., OR, and we have great microbreweries everywhere. They are very happy to give free samples. I would never just go in and get the free samples and leave, and if I ever did, I'd leave a freaking tip. I just heard Jeff say he always leaves a tip but he sure didn't at the brewery. Bad example! Stupid show!

  5. film french says:

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