The Great Food Truck Race: A Look Back

by in Shows, September 21st, 2012

The Great Food Truck Race
We’re just one week away from the finale of The Great Food Truck Race, and by now the three remaining food truck teams are cruising into new cities and dishing out orders like professionals. But of course that wasn’t always the case. It was only a few short weeks ago that the eight rookie teams stepped onto their trucks for the very first time and dealt with bump after bump in the road as they learned how to cook in a small space and how to drive an extra-large vehicle.

As you get ready for this Sunday’s brand-new episode in which Nonna’s Kitchenette, Pop-A-Waffle and Seoul Sausage cruise into Cleveland, take a look back at where our teams started. We’ve rounded up a collection of this season’s best, most shocking moments from all five of the previous cities. Check out these photos and relive the most memorable Truck Stop cooking challenges, Speed Bumps, eliminations and more from the teams’ cross-country road trip.

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Comments (6)

  1. MoHub says:

    So—will we be seeing Michael Symon in Cleveland?

  2. Suspicious says:

    I don't see how anybody could say that these pretenders are being professional when they routinely make one or two dishes to serve at each city and use a lot of processed foods. I would hope that they learn to do much more than that, and somehow actually use their so call named product in their business, and since I know who the finalists are, I don't think it's going to get any better, but with the three that are left, how could it?

  3. Bruce G Larson says:

    This is a great show and has inspired many people. Food trucks are becoming increasingly popular in teh Central Florida area:

  4. Gene says:

    I think it's UN-original that the Jersey girls put rice balls on their menu.
    How tacky. Don't even have the creativity to come up with a unique creative dish.

  5. Lynne says:

    Why is it every season there is an oriental/asian group who is either absolutely arrogant or cheats to win. This year is no exception. Seoul Sausage are just plain irritating… and the girls from New Jersey are just that.. girls from New Jersey…. arrogant, brash and stuck on themselves… at least Coast of Atlanta were down to Earth, I wouldn't visit either of their trucks, they don't vary their menu's and everything just seems boring.. In order to have a food truck one must vary their menu to keep their clientele coming back everyday. Can Tyler be anymore irritating this year… seems like everyday he just rolls out of bed and doesn't even bother to shave.. to me this was the worst season.. I liked last years better even though I didn't like the team that won… I think I will skip next week…. the writing is on the wall Seoul Sausage wil win.

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