Watch Out, L.A.: Here Comes Seoul Sausage

by in Shows, September 30th, 2012

seoul sausage
The third season of The Great Food Truck Race hit the road with eight rookie food trucks with a grand prize of $50,000 and the chance to keep their truck. Every Sunday we saw each truck pull out all their team’s tricks to stay in the game. But ultimately, one truck said goodbye each week. Tonight it was down to the final two: Seoul Sausage and Nonna’s Kitchenette. Both battled multiple Truck Stops and Speed Bumps in three different cities that constantly kept them on their toes. In the end, it came down to a difference of $103.

All season long we saw these three friends give it their all in an effort to prove to their parents that they had what it takes to be successful in the food truck industry. With their clever menu names, irresistible fried kimchi rice balls and unmistakable ambition, Seoul Sausage walked away with the grand prize — Los Angeles, welcome your newest food truck!

For seven weeks, we’ve watched you sell the fried kimchi rice balls. Where did that idea come from and why do you think those were so popular?

It came out of both necessity and coincidence. You have to remember the first week we were thrown off guard — all of a sudden we couldn’t make sausages anymore. In Flagstaff, Ariz., Chris had to think on the fly and create a new dish that could really encapsulate what Seoul Sausage the food truck was all about. He did that perfectly and it was just a fun food item that people ate up.

What was your most memorable moment of the competition (besides the winning moment)?

The graveyard shift in Fayetteville, Ark.: All of the customers that we didn’t serve earlier that day (due to the Truck Stop) came back out during the middle of the night after 1:00 a.m. to support us and buy from our truck. That area was coned-off specifically for Seoul Sausage and when we came rolling in, we seriously felt like the Beatles. Thanks again to all those who came and waited for us that night.

The Fried Ball stadium chant during the Amarillo Sox game was a close second.

seoul sausageHow do your parents feel now?

They want to try our Flaming Fried Balls (laughs). They are really happy that we are pursuing what we love doing.

No matter where you traveled, you changed the menu names to reflect your moods or the towns you were in. Do you think that strategic move became part of your success?

We place high value on connecting with the customers. That’s why when we first started the race, it was a no-brainer to put Ted (who’s really personable) up front to interact with the customers and have them become part of the Seoul Sausage experience. All of the cities we traveled through during the race are ones we’ve never visited before. So we felt it was natural to do whatever we could to make us feel at home and personalize it. Plus, it was us being goofy, too. I mean, if you had a choice, would you rather order a Tofu Salad or a Manly BUT Sensitive Steak Tofu Salad?

When you rolled into Lubec, Maine, you said, “We have an even playing field and that’s our advantage right now.” What did you mean by that?

Whenever we competed head-to-head versus another truck this season, or in a group setting, we always felt that our food, our personality and our energy stood out, and when we arrived in Lubec, we were ready for the challenge.

How come you guys never made any sausages on the show?

People don’t understand that we could never afford a sausage maker with the money Tyler gave us every week. Plus, it was near to impossible to find sausage casings on the fly from city to city. So we did what we do best, which is to improvise. What is a sausage without its casing? It’s a hamburger! People don’t realize it, but everyone was in fact eating our sausages, just in a hamburger or ball form.

What has the team done with the prize money and when will Seoul Sausage officially be on the road?

We are going to spoil our parents first. I think I’m going to buy a desk. Chris is missing somewhere in Las Vegas and Ted bought some new underwear and socks. But in all honesty, we are going to give Big Momma a small makeover, stock up, prep and head out to the streets of Los Angeles to serve our awesome fans soon.

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Comments (178)

  1. NotCool says:

    And how is it fair that the production or "tyler" can just "decide" when the show is over, when they know how much teams are making because the cameras are rolling… they should have had to get to a certain dollar amount like past seasons. Basically production called the winner on this one – the same production that kept waffle boys around the whole show. Nice job screwing up a show that has potential Food Network (or people you hire).

    • Tess says:

      Hey Not Cool, Don't Be A Fool.
      There's no such thing as a host randomly calling for the end.
      It was obviously a show stopper drama that had been planned.
      It's TV not reality though I can see why it can get confusing. LOL!

  2. Lee Dratch says:

    So, what happens to the other 7 food trucks??? and the food left in them??

  3. I'm so happy for Seoul Sausage. I knew since last week, that they was going to win and they also proved their parents wrong.

  4. Sally says:

    Why do I see a lot of comments that disapprove of Seoul Sausage winning? They did a good job, so did Nonna's!

  5. SissyAnn says:

    As a Canadian GTFR watcher how very disappointing that I found out here rather than watching the show who won. I think we must be a week behind in Canada.Congrats to both teams you were both awesome.I really enjoyed the format this year..

    • SuperHelper says:

      You should tell everyone on the message boards of your discovery.

      • guest says:

        yes, and tell them to put SPOILER on the home page (while hiding the pictures from the episodes).

        • guest says:

          Why was Food Network, which was originally broadcast on canadian cable, replaced by Food Network Canada? I've seen the Canadian version and it pales in comparison to the real channel. They show a lot of terrible "Can con" (as it is called) and when FNC does show "real" FN programs, it shows them late or not at all. Wonder why the real Food Network was removed in Canada?

  6. Deb says:

    My comment is not going win friends but the boys were too calm and the girls were too weepy. The fix was in – I predicted after the second show that the boys would win, but continued to watch in the hope that I was wrong. It’s called marketing folks.

  7. mary luckey says:

    Very poor TV ending
    All the teams did awesome and will do well
    With FN’s ending, grrrrr

  8. Shannon says:

    I wish Seoul Sausage would take another tour of the US, trying to hit as many citys in each state as possible, if they publicized their stops before coming, I am sure they would make alot of $$. Ok, maybe I just wish they would come to MY city, I would love to try their food.

  9. Zara says:

    If Noona's Kitchenette won, then the fans of Seoul Sausage would complain & rip this seasons GFTR into pieces. (Just like what some viewers are currently posting on this thread now!) IT'S A TV SHOW!!!… so don't take the outcome personally!
    This was, HANDS DOWN, my favorite season & hopefully Seoul Sausage will be open during my next visit to LA! CONGRATS SEOUL SAUSAGE!!! 대박!!! :D

    • Anonymous says:

      If Nonna's had won, people would have looked at the subjective judgment of the lobster taster who did like both of the dishes or so he said. They lost time and money with that loss based upon one person' s decision. So yes, if SS had lost, I wouldn't have been absolutely convinced that they deserved to lose based upon the fact the speed bump was not objective.

      • FactChecker says:

        Tyler sent the lobsters to the contestants and told them to make a New England dish with them. Two locals (fishermen) were the judges and, yes, it WAS subjective, as had been in the other contests. However, in NE, coleslaw is served 'on the side'. Also *lobster rolls* are not served "warm", and the claw meat IS the tasty morsel that NE's enjoy! Big mistake by SS.
        Thus, SS attempted to disguise their undercooked lobster with the mess they gave the judges, and they had to endure the shucking as their punishment.

        • andrew says:

          Still that was way too steep for a final truckstop challenge. Yet it also comes to show how good Seoul Sausage was when they made their comeback.

  10. C. Sewell says:

    I am so GLAD Seoul Sausage WON!! They worked together great from the very beginning and they made their parents PROUD!!! I am from L.A. and I cannot wait to go see the guys and tell them that I was pulling for them the entire time and I'm happy they won. There was never any mention of 2nd place winners getting any prize so what's the fuss about??? The girls won the challenge and still couldn't come up with enough money – that says a LOT about Seoul Sausage – They "ROCK"

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