Restaurant Revisited: Michele’s

by in Shows, September 19th, 2012

Restaurant: Impossible
In Corry, Pa., Michele Sventek needed Robert Irvine’s help to give her restaurant, Michele’s, a new look and better food. Perhaps more importantly, she needed Robert to teach her the basics of running a restaurant since she had no experience in the culinary industry. In just two days, Robert gave Michele’s a much-needed overhaul and taught Michele how to best manage her staff and maintain food quality. We checked in with Michele to see how her restaurant is doing a few months after its Restaurant: Impossible renovation.

Michele says that compared to last year, sales have increased “about 40 percent.” Robert wanted Michele’s to achieve $12,500 per month in sales, and Michele is happy to report that she “can see it happening as we progress.”

The new decor at Michele’s has been well received by customers. “Everyone likes the brightness of it, especially the wall between the dining area and the bar, the fireplace (people are excited for winter to see it working) and the mirrors,” Michele explains.

The servers, too, are excited about the changes at Michele’s and “are loving the extra business,” Michele tells us. She says that she is “scheduling more staff” in order to match the demand at the restaurant.

Michele’s menu now features a mix of the most-popular plates from its original menu and the best-selling items from Robert’s menu, and diners are loving the made-over list of selections. Michele’s favorite dishes include the salmon, hamburger and French fries. Jessie is no longer a chef at the restaurant, but Michele says that she has hired a new full-time chef, one with 16 years of experience and who “is excited to introduce new” dishes to the menu.

Michele tells us that her husband, Andy, “is more positive and more focused on us.” Looking ahead, she says that she hopes to be out of debt by the end of the year.

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  3. Joseph says:

    this is the restaurant that I would always wanted to be done. I just wished that things will become clearer then because of then. Thanks a lot for what you've done.
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  4. Lynn says:

    Why do noe of the comments here relate to the resturant Michelle's? I clicked on to see the reults of the resturants after the resturant was featured on the show and nothing here tells me that. What a waste

    • Mike says:

      Right, hate when you just see gossip about the show and not real experiences about eating at the place.

    • Me Here says:

      I agree. I got to this point, wanting to read about Michele's. Actually, I want to tell Mrs. Michele (I KNOW that is not her name) to DUMP Mr. Michele. I hope this gets back to Mrs. Michele. EVEN after Robert "tried" to show him that he was being a pig, every comment after that was "me", "me", "me" and "I", "I", "I". Even when the new restaurant was presented to them, he never once turned to her. She turned to him and touched and hugged HIM. HE was the one who got THEM (NO, HER) into this mess…suggestion that they buy a restaurant when he thought her cooking stunk…then dumping it into her lap. He trotted off to his construction job then returned to whine about what she was doing.

  5. drlife says:

    June 5, 2013. Just saw Michele's and checked yelp. They are not listed there so I wonder if they are really still open.

    • Dennis says:

      checked yahoo local and they listed Micheles. A comment said the chef never came back after the show and that Michele was cooking but doing OK.

  6. REALLY........ says:

    How can anyone try to go into a buisness,not having a clue about how to do anything? And then they can,t figure out why they are lossing there ass,wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. IcksPigeon says:

    I just saw this episode and I almost cried when they painted the knotty pine paneling. Don't they know what a bad thing that is??? That is a crime to wood! And the wall paper, I can't say enough bad things about it. They should have changed the lighting to brighten it up. Knotty Pine lovers of the world, unite! And then, they covered up the beautiful stone fireplace!!!!! Oh, Tanya, you broke my heart on this one. You are my favorite decorator in this show, but you really disappointed me here.

  8. rtw915 says:

    I am convinced that Tanya Nayak has exactly ONE design concept: sleek modern with "bright" colors and geometric shapes and patterns…regardless of whether that design suits the building or the concept of the restaurant. What she created for Michele's looks NOTHING like a steakhouse. Nothing at all. (P.S. How will this restaurant make it when the goal is to make $12,500 in revenue each month? That's only $150,000 per year to pay wages, buy food, pay utilities, pay down the taxes, etc. Maybe he meant $12,500 in profit but stil…)

    • peggy says:

      My reaction to this makeover was "if I were the owner, I'd be appalled". Painting over natural wood and the ugliest wallpaper in the world. All their paper looks like it came from the discontinued remnant table.

  9. mike cesare says:

    Robert you and your crew are the very best at what you do. I love watching your show. I am addicted. Tom and your designers are top notch and I commend you and your staff on how you turn these places around to make them more productive.. God Bless You and Thank You for all you do for all these restaurants. Being retired US Navy, I also hope one day to meet you in person when you are in the area. I admire and respect you and your crew very much.. Keep up the good work and thanks again..

    Michael C.
    Ford City, Pa

  10. J Wilson says:

    Over the week of the 4th of July, we made a visit to Erie, PA to see relatives and made it a point to drive to this restaurant to give it a try. Oh, how heartbreaking it was to see that the place was somewhat rundown again. After all the hard work that Robert and his crew did, it made us feel bad that it isn't doing better. I ordered the chicken and biscuits – it was bland and disappointing. There was a bad mix of pictures hung on the walls – I think they were added after Robert and his crew left. The bathroom was not kept clean. I don't understand how someone can allow this all to happen after getting such fantastic help.

    • bobbi says:

      They are only open 2 days a week..apparently Roberts advice wasn't heeded they only wanted the make over…this place was THE BOMB when original owners had it…

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