POLL: Which Team Makes a Better Ball?

by in Shows, September 27th, 2012

meatball vs kimchi rice ball
For the final two teams, Nonna’s Kitchenette and Seoul Sausage, the secret to Food Trucks success has come in the form of balls — meatballs and rice balls, that is. The ladies of Nonna’s have followed their grandmothers’ no-fail recipe for authentic Italian meatballs made with cheese and herbs, while Seoul has cooked up a deep-fried concoction of kimchi, rice and Korean spices.

Both teams’ creations have won rave reviews from customers and judges alike, but we want to know which dish you’d most like to taste. Do you think that the saucy, beefy meatballs from Nonna’s would be the best bite, or would you prefer the flavors of Korea nestled inside a crispy, crunchy coating?

Tune in to the Season 3 finale of The Great Food Truck Race on Sunday night at 9pm/8c to find out whether Nonna’s Kitchenette or Seoul Sausage will keep their keys.

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Construction of public welfare floor this is a good thing benefit the village group of villagers, the resolution also in line with the villagers Organization Act, also Banqi the various procedures and permit 17 villagers why they were strongly opposed to? villagers on behalf of the opposition party 17 households Yulan, said they think the rest of the retained land value is far greater than the project cost of the public service floor, led by the village cadres and benefits View company signed such a contract exists tricky. reporter saw the contract, stipulated in the terms of Article IX of the contract “on the payment of the contract price”, the funding required for the construction of the project, the by beneficially King’s first advanced, the village group should be capped in the main project disposable paid in full for projects to benefit King. in the village group to make the feasibility report, in consultation with the developers of the village group, the estimated cost of building cost and procedures for all documents of about 493 million. payment contract specified piece of land for construction, Alliance New Village team will “remaining about 6,000 square meters as well as the village the Jinshan north of the villagers leave the land area of ​​about 300 square meters, a total of 6300 square meters of land for a consideration of RMB 500 ten thousand yuan against the Qing Party shall be paid in full for projects and other expenses. ” this method of payment before this talk good “for flat”, but opposition parties strongly doubt its impartiality. 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Yulan questioned this extra out of more than 2000 square meters to where? ” handle the matter Ping Shan Street Office Party Working Committee had Jiyun pointed out that the key factor “the retained land specified in the contract area of ​​land, land valuation, project cost contract itself, has not been assessed and notarized. ” clear for projects and other fees retained land arrived, Huidong County Land Resources Bureau pointed out in the report of a petition matters, according to the Guangdong Province, rural collective land retained land management approach “Article retained land use right grant,Means of corrupt officials corruption accused of s,abercrombie and fitch paris, transfer, lease, or price of shares, financed in cooperation with others, associates and other forms for operating projects and industrial land,Guangxi Yunlong Tendering Co., Ltd. Nanning, Liuzh, should refer to the procedures and methods of the state-owned land use rights of publicly traded through the land market tender auction listing. 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But did not expect that,Ningbo Economic and Information Technology Commiss, compared to the coordination with the developers, it is more difficult to coordinate the conflict between villagers. in constant consultation and negotiation, the streets do eventually sort out a few options. According to Zeng Jiyun, the program first, commissioned by the relevant agencies on land valuation and village groups will be entrusting the management of the construction of the public service floor opposing party supervision and management of the villagers’ representatives; program two government coordinated modify the contract irregularities fact land auction listing, the proceeds from the auction funds to pay for the construction of public welfare floor models. had said Jiyun street two programs to get the support of the opposition parties 17 villagers, but the attitude of the deputies of the village group made had Jiyun quite helpless village team suddenly changed their mind: the program is to be determined, to discuss the program two o’clock representatives of village groups and even sides refused to gel. the 4 18, Ping Shan Street offices to the village group issued a notice, saying that If we do not correct the error, caused by the loss of collective property will be borne by the person in charge of the village group. Jiyun village group ignore this notification will request the discipline inspection departments to conduct a thorough investigation into the problem of corruption behind the project. but so had Jiyun dilemma began in March this year, representatives of the village group also began to petition their reasons: “The relevant government departments as a petition, because a small number of villagers and the work stoppage resulting works become rotten poop,Traffic police to the the illegal police car ticke. ” Village Group, deputy head Li Zhiqiang, but it is, as long as the public service floor can be built up and bring benefits for the villagers, correct land area, land will remain listed on the auction with a cash payment of project cost all of them agree, “street cadres never talked to us, even when we find he ignored, so the only continuous petition to the City and even the province. As of press time reporter,Strong urban management accused of not willing to, had said Jiyun Street Office is also working with the village group coordination Village, the team was able to adopt a second set of amendments to the program. for the San Tsuen team villagers, a protracted disputes they have tired of: “subdivision or manufacturing floor or wish I had a result, the land can not allow such a waste anymore! ” share: welcome to comment I want to comment microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging

  2. yii429yd says:

    Inspected commercial vehicle drivers do not recognize the illegal operation was very emotional. Fu Chao Army photo by Xiao Xiong Nanfang Daily (microblogging) (Reporter the the / Hu Liangguang intern / Luo Min correspondent / Liu Jia Jing) Yesterday was the 111th Canton Fair opened on the first day, law enforcement officers of the reporters accompanying Guangzhou SEC Pazhou Exhibition Center area to carry out the action of traffic regulation,Man drunk with a knife rape the woman next door nu. Hit a law enforcement vehicle the cars blue car license in the illegal passenger, When someone questioned the behavior of the driver, the driver shouted: “do Lei Feng may not ah?” According introduced, the first day of Fair attendance of about 150,000 visitors; traffic departments were organized taxi about 1620 trips, the open temporary bus line 27 trips Airport Express Line 9 trips,Zhengzhou High – tech Industrial Development Zone, water bus trip, and distribution of approximately 4.5 passengers. As of 18:00 yesterday, law enforcement agencies around Pazhou Complex investigate illegal operations 5, 6 taxi violation. blue car license illegally operating crashed into law enforcement vehicles in yesterday afternoon, Xingang East Road, a license plate number of the the brand van with law enforcement officers in Guangdong A862DG blue car collide, reporter on the scene saw the corner of the headlights of the vehicles knocked enforcement personnel have been knocked to deformation. data 市交委 Enforcement Bureau road transportation administration law enforcement the squadron leader Week sword, when law enforcement officers see this van driver waving to the passengers, suspected to be a blue car license illegally operating vehicles. And other passengers on the bus, law enforcement officers have been followed the van to Xingang East Road, when the van going to pull over,abercrombie & fitch, the van driver saw law enforcement vehicles, and want to reverse escape it hit the back of law enforcement vehicles. “Then press the horn warning, a distance of one meter away from the van, but it is still fierce speed reversing last hit.” When asked whether the blue car license illegally operating,Guy car lied to stick the money to help his girlfr, the driver said excitedly: “I am not the illegal operation!”, and, in turn, accused law enforcement vehicles touched his van: “I did not break the law, I did not hit them, they hit me! “That’s why on the roadside to attract and traveling on unfamiliar passengers,Guangzhou the Nansha Wanqingsha secondary school c? The driver excuse: “I see that others feel the strain, thought to go and help, upload them, and I have not received the passengers money.” When someone questioned the behavior of the driver,Men posing as police rape women indicted, the driver is stunned the world, told reporters shouted: “to do Lei Feng can not ah?” Subsequently, the law enforcement officers in the driver’s car found to his business card, the driver surnamed Luo, clear business cards printed the Refine yard 7 Welcome chartered tourist the words, as well as contact phone number. yesterday afternoon, law enforcement officers in the Pazhou area investigated an illegal operation of the same van, the driver said: “The van is asked relatives to borrow.” the face of law enforcement officers questioned the driver admitted he did not have a car operating certificate , and charged 200 fee passengers reach their destinations. Law enforcement officers also seized a taxi been altered license plates, the reporter saw the taxi was altered the original license plate number for the Guangdong A904P1 altered into a A904PT. illegal operation of a maximum fine of 100,000 road transportation administration of Bureau of 市交委 law enforcement law enforcement, deputy chief of Yu Jinquan introduced proceed smoothly for the protection of the 111th Canton Fair, 市交委 Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau to carry out the transportation services from two main aspects of security work. First of all, every morning 9:30 to the end of the Pazhou exhibition organized by the Joint Implementation Team composed of militia and reserve personnel as well as law enforcement officers, are monitoring the Pazhou area, a total of 111 law enforcement officers persuaded to leave in a timely manner, expelled suspected bargaining, refusing hire, taxi chaos docked. Secondly Exchange Commission Enforcement Bureau and the police, traffic police and other departments to crack down the Pazhou illegal operations, and cloning taxi, daily law enforcement officers will be deployed to 60 people involved in the action. “during the Canton Fair will focus on combating illegal operation blue car license will encounter the phenomenon of violent resistance to law, in the investigation process.” said Yu Jinquan, conclusive evidence of the illegal operation, law enforcement agencies will temporarily detained the vehicle, and then impose a fine of 3 to 10 million,mulberry outlet bags. Yu Jinquan said, so far,abercrombie & fitch pas cher, no evidence the Pazhou area have not play table bargaining car,Fire doors, fire shutter of the, if investigated is true, processing will be carried out in accordance with the relevant provisions of the severely. He appealed to the majority of taxi drivers to comply with the operating rules, do not discipline. If it is found to have not hit the table, different driving offense, will the drivers in serious cases will revoke its operating certificate. As of 18:00 yesterday, law enforcement agencies around Pazhou Complex investigate illegal operations 5, taxi violation 6. peak capacity taxi up dispatched 300 the during the Canton Fair, Guangzhou opened two temporary bus Line are: International Convention and Exhibition Centre – Central City West “,mulberry bags on sale,” International Convention and Exhibition Center – Liuhua Road “, specifically set up temporary bus Line boarding at Fair Field Road zone. yesterday FAW bus operations, vice president of Li Shaowen introduced in the first day of the Fair, the traffic is relatively large,mulberry bags cheap, with a total of 20 car Dedicated run the bus line is a line Tianhe Road and major hotels in Central City Road to facilitate the travel of the majority of the merchants, the density of the turnout for 5,6 minutes for a bus, the sold-out and go. Compared with previous years, the traffic flow of people of Canton on the first day of this year more, the company is also preparing vehicles for emergency response capacity. Xie Xianming, at the 市交委 passenger and taxi Branch, said that in March this year, the peak capacity taxi will be joined every afternoon 6:30 to 5 o’clock in half, according to the needs of customers, providing 200 to The 300 peak capacity Taxi as a supplement. In the peak hours of 5:30 to 6:30, is expected to provide 1,000 taxi. If the taxi is not enough, the emergency response capacity of the buses will be deployed to ensure that the travel of businessmen. to According to statistics, yesterday’s Fair on the first day attendance of about 15 million people; traffic departments were organized taxi about 1620 trips open temporary bus line 27 trips, the Airport Express Line 9 trips, water bus trips, and distribution of approximately 4.5 thousands; subway during peak hours (17:00-19:00) and distributing merchants about 50,000 people; Total Parking 1497 trips, berth utilization rate of 43.6%,abercrombie online, the overall parking situation is normal. Fair scene taxi operators normal order, the urban taxi vehicles suspended phenomenon did not occur, the industry remained stable. Share: welcome to comment I want to comment microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging

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    To talk about peace in the Yuan Laoshi bedside. Reporter Wang industry full photo 42 years ago, the teacher Yuan Seoul pure teacher of his kindness, he always remember a good teacher. In order to repay the teacher know mentor stroke paralyzed, as when the squad leader, he, on behalf of all the students take the initiative to take on the burden of caring for the mentor. Seven years, his weekly draw out more than three days, go to geriatric rehabilitation hospital to accompany the teacher “speak” …… Today is Teachers’ Day yesterday, the family of the Yuan Er pure teacher telephone call to reporters, would like to thank all these years, has been to take care of the Yuan the teacher’s students. life difficult period the teachers often give students to buy food to eat yesterday afternoon, the reporter saw in the Nanjing Yangtze River Village community hospital geriatric rehabilitation center The seven years is like a day care for stroke paralyzed in bed mentor “students” about peace. bed Yuan Seoul pure teacher eyes Weibi nostrils oxygen tube sticking legs are infusion. Hospital bed, 55-year-old to talk about peace took the teacher’s hand, mouth ears close to the teacher, said: Yuan Laoshi, tomorrow is Teacher’s Day, I on behalf of the students as a squad leader, I wish you a happy holiday. “The Yuan Laoshi Although no opened his eyes, but his face revealing a trace of a smile, slightly open mouth open to say something, but the Yuan Laoshi saying reporters did not hear clearly. “She can hear what I say, just can not talk, she just say thank you to the students.” To see the reporters do not understand the Yuan Laoshi about peace and translation. Speaking own mentor and Yuan Laoshi, to talk about peace, said: “such teachers as Yuan Laoshi running, she is each of us students like their own children.” told reporters to talk about peace, Yuan Laoshi It is his teacher. That was at special times,ugg boots, students in addition to classes, but also rehearsal revolutionary program. “Program at noon rehearsal late, the Yuan Laoshi always at their own cost, to eat in the school cafeteria when students home conditions are not good,moncler Jackets, to the cafeteria to eat better food is …” to talk about peace, ask someone to eat cafeteria, the Yuan Laoshi per semester should help those poor families, students pay tuition. “I remember a lot of class, some students school the money to go to school the Yuan Laoshi went to their home to these children to school,Database is not updated genuine identity cards of, and then to pay the tuition fees.” In school, Yuan Laoshi our students when their the children, sometimes at the weekend will go to Yuan Laoshi home to play, she will give us dumplings If we go a little fruit,cheap uggs, she also said that we, the stringent requirements not allowed to buy things to her house. “about peace and that, later, not allowed to bring a gift has become a habit to Yuan Laoshi home, until later everyone to go to work, go to Yuan Laoshi home or not allowed to bring any gifts. “about peace and said he became gifts section now when I see the Teacher’s Day , the heart will be remembered Yuan Laoshi, in their eyes, such a teacher as Yuan Laoshi, is the real teacher of the people. teacher ill students 24 hours in hospitals and other news talk about peace and the students graduating from high school, and are the Yuan Laoshi Contact increasingly less. “At that time all busy, apart from a few years to see once Yuan Laoshi, usually not linked, but our hearts are still thinking about the teacher.” Let’s talk about peace can not imagine how, seven years ago,moncler coats, the body has been good the Yuan Laoshi because of acute exacerbation of diabetes caused a deep coma and was admitted to the hospital. “I learned about this accident was really nervous.” About peace and that he immediately rushed to the hospital, “I’d lived in the hospital hallway. Although the doctor and I said, Yuan Laoshi in the intensive care unit, not need family members to accompany, but I see a lot of people into the intensive care unit left, I was even more afraid to go home, and decided to keep in the hospital, and been so on Yuan Laoshi woke up. “about peace so I care in the hospital for 12 days, until finally a miracle occurred, Yuan Laoshi was rescued over. repay mentor squad seven years uninterrupted care of Yuan Laoshi saved over, but from then on the paralyzed, need long-term care. The next year, Yuan Laoshi home occurs once unexpected turn of events, make this home even harder. Looking at this scenario, to talk about peace decided to assume the obligation to take care of the Yuan Laoshi. “the Yuan Laoshi at home condition is not very good, and they often need to go to the hospital for examination and her husband and daughter discuss Yuan Laoshi find a rehabilitation hospital.” about peace and that, hospitals in addition to good condition, from his home very close, just 10 minutes walk. Him anyway off at home, usually did not have anything to do, take care the Yuan Laoshi became the center of his life. Seven years, I have a week at least to see her three times, each time Yuan Laoshi very happy, I would accompany her to speak, to say our classmates say things on the social conditions are not good of my family, not material support to the teacher give her some spiritual comfort. “Here, to talk peace looked at the the Yuan Laoshi shed tears. talk about peace but also brought along his wife and children to a rehabilitation hospital to visit Yuan Laoshi. “In the beginning, we all thought about peace and is the son of Yuan Laoshi, they later learned that the teacher-student relationship, we were very moved.” Rehabilitation hospital, a nurse told reporters, rehabilitation hospitals, many sons the old man to here, sometimes a year are rare to talk about peace enough people. Teacher’s Day the Yuan Laoshi family wrote table thank after the Spring Festival this year, the hospital suddenly came a group of more than sixty-year-old elderly, they came to the hospital looking for the Yuan Laoshi, saying they are Yuan Laoshi students recently learned Yuan Laoshi live in here, so we collective come visit. to face to talk about peace and the concern of many students, the Yuan Laoshi family members to thank these students on their own behalf. “Really, these students so that our family was moved to talk about peace, especially his time to take care of my mom than my daughters.” Speaking of the mothers of these students, Yuan Laoshi daughter said a few days ago, Yuan The teachers know the Teacher’s Day is coming, let the family to help her thank you in the newspaper, and to thank those who have been concerned about and take care of her classmates. thank you 67th Nanjing High School (1) classmates Hello, everybody! classmates after the Spring Festival this year, noted that the the Yuan Laoshi hospitalized visit Yuan Laoshi par in his busy schedule to visit a rehabilitation hospital, but also to raise funds condolences, this continuation of a mentor for 40 years, people are greatly pleased . The students care of Yuan Laoshi our family to express our sincere thanks and wished Dear students, family happiness and good luck,The newborn piglets long gender organs ( Figure ). the Yuan Laoshi’s wife Zhu Jiwen daughter Zhu Peining Sincerely correspondent John West reporter Wang Yeh ■ News Nanjing 10 years to train the 100 doctoral school teachers celebrate the 26th Teacher’s Day in recognition of the forum was informed reporters from held yesterday in Nanjing, Nanjing will start the “1130” excellent education personnel training program, created with a doctorate from now to 2020, the city’s education system to train the more than 100 primary and secondary school teachers. The yesterday, commendation meeting of solemn recognition of 75 outstanding educators in Nanjing by and Wu Shao Ping, Beijing East Road Primary School kindergarten director as the sole representative of the early childhood education system within the country, the honorary title of national teaching and educating a model. Huang Zhihua 30 teachers title granted by the provincial government of Jiangsu Province, the eleventh installment grade teacher, Zhou Lixin, 10 teachers,Farmers and officials because of land disputes wit, Hao Lingyun, 10 teachers were rated as the City ethics model and advanced individual city ethics Zhi-Chun Liu, 25 primary and secondary school principals Nanjing Education Management highest honor — Tao Xingzhi Award. It is learned that ended in Nanjing get “grade teacher in Jiangsu Province,” the title of the teachers has reached 210 people, in-service teachers studying for a Master of Education reached more than 3,500 people, of which more than 1,800 have obtained a master’s degree. “good of the teaching, teach the division”. Nanjing Education Bureau, the Municipal Education Committee decided to start in the yesterday commended forum, “1130” excellent education personnel training programs, ie: from now to 2020, the city’s education system and train 100 primary and secondary school teachers with a doctorate above, and train more than 100 international outstanding young teachers, and develop strong talent support for educational development in the next decade, the city created the new era the “Nanjing educator 30. Continue to encourage teachers to service study based on the Master of Education, Nanjing encourage primary and secondary school teachers in-service study Doctor of Education. Excellent Doctor of Education, and other ways to increase the introduction of joint training with domestic famous universities, to 2020, the city’s primary and secondary school teachers service study or to obtain a doctoral degree teachers reach more than 100. Where the city’s primary and secondary school teachers working obtain a Doctor of Education, after your studies continue teaching in primary and secondary education in the city, the City Board of Education will award 50 percent of their tuition fees, 25% of the teachers in the school where incentive tuition, teachers’ personal commitment tuition 25%. Come to candidates of excellent education, Dr. primary and secondary education, education management, education, research positions, with priority given to provide preferential placement conditions. Reporter Liu Ying more than 60% of teachers suffering from one or more occupational diseases long desk, stand for long periods of time lecturing and occupational characteristics, so that teachers affected by various diseases troubled,Domestic gold medal orchids debut Exposition worth. A survey shows that 65.1% of the secondary school teachers suffer from one or more of “occupational disease”. Cervical spondylosis, lumbar muscle strain, pharyngitis, is the the teachers most common occupational diseases. “write out” cervical spondylosis the teachers is a high-risk population for cervical spondylosis, teachers correcting homework,moncler Jackets, preparing lessons, and so on, often continuously working at his desk twenty-three hours or even longer, the cervical fatigue state in the long bend forward, neck after muscle in spasticity, contrary to the normal cervical curve, which is very likely to suffer from cervical spondylosis. The new director of surgical flexor stay Southeast University Zhongda Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine warned that teachers should be possible to maintain the natural sitting posture, head slightly forward to maintain normal physiological curve of the head, neck, chest. Pour over a period of time,Domestic gold medal orchids debut Exposition worth, should be made payable to far overlooking about half a minute, you can also do some expansion of the chest, twist waist, small movements of the limbs. This can help eliminate fatigue, but also conducive to the health of the cervical spine,moncler Jackets. “stand out” lumbar muscle strain due to the characteristics of the work, lumbar muscle strain is also troubled by a common disease of the teachers. Zhongda Hospital orthopedic Professor Wang Chen, chief physician, analysts say, the teachers usually work quite busy day down more tired, lack of active sports, usually long sit long station, that is, prolonged standing lectures, together with a long time his desk preparing lessons, correcting homework, etc., so that the waist to the long-term load-bearing, are particularly vulnerable to lower back muscle strain,The woman successfully lose weight 222 kg body wei, and even cause lesions of the lumbar spine. experts have warned that teachers should develop active physical exercise habits, more relaxed mood when the active physical exercise, the body functions to be coordinated, so as to improve their immunity and resistance. In addition, teachers must work long hours at his desk to maintain the correct posture while working for an hour or so should stand up a little, so that the cervical and lumbar get some relaxation. ” said “pharyngitis Teachers usual lectures prolonged speak loudly damage the throat, and excessive use of voice is also not very good rest, chronic laryngitis teachers of common diseases. Southeast University Zhongda Hospital, ENT Dr. Zhu Xin pointed out that the correct pronunciation should be the body multiple sites together using the abdomen, diaphragm and forces. This not only makes the loud, long-lasting, but also to minimize the vocal cord injuries. The correct pronunciation can not falsetto. Want to protect the throat and vocal cords, should be in accordance with the usual normal sound volume can be reduced to avoid the impact of the the uneven airflow to the vocal cords. Correspondent Wu Ye Qing Doon reporter Hua Lin months of :/ Source: Nanjing Morning News

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Unlike lions Unlike the tiger Longevity Hill backdoor Tibetan Buddhist temples court of Queen cornices Typical Tantric pagoda at <p a colored glaze brick temple Fo Guang Court Fo Guang Genei The Avalokitesvara,Czech man after 53 years of blindness through surg, when Empress Dowager Cixi often to Fo Guang Ge worship. I also pray out the door of the lion Longevity, bronze, too mighty we rented an electric boat, 100 yuan / hour sky color -seventh hole bridge ; Lake point of view Longevity Hill Gallery painting ; Western-style buildings, a stone boat, Peking University Weiminghu have a unknowingly has to sunset, beautiful evening under the Seventeen Arch Bridge East Gate of the Summer Palace, we fight a black car,[We go ] [ swim world] autumn is concentrated payi, 10 we sent to the subway station,cheap mulberry bags, then to the the Xidan shopping,Uncle, niece fight for fair set fire to the room j, I is not familiar to Beijing to Xidan OK outside of a Friends of the department store, almost nothing good mall,Mulberry sale, and the most depressed things we walk around the mall waiting for half an hour did not hit the car, some cars not people refusing hire, or else chaos asking price. No way, very helpless and walk back to the subway station, and then determined to put room back tomorrow Friends of department stores Winnie the store to hotel {"nid": "adbb0a597f188f4cc410da35", "pid": "25daa34b7ad369c4c3c27cdd", "content": " u4e2d u5348 u5230 u901f8 u9152 u5e97 u6211 u5c31 u6709 u4e86 u9000 u623f u7684 u60f3 u6cd5 uff0c u623f u95f4 u662f u7f8e u56e2 u4e0a u56e2 u8d2d u7684 uff0c228 u4e00 u665a uff0c u7ed3 u679c u8fdb u53bb u4e00 u770b uff0c u623f u95f4 u975e u5e38 u5c0f u5e94 u8be5 u572810 u5e73 u65b9 u5de6 u53f3 uff0c u95e8 u53e3 u5de6 u624b u8fb9 u5c31 u662f u4e2a u9694 u51fa u6765 u7684 u536b u751f u95f4 uff0c u9664 u6b64 u4ee5 u5916 u4e00 u5f20 u5e8a u5c31 u51e0 u4e4e u5360 u6ee1 u4e86 u623f u95f4 uff0c u7535 u89c6 u662f19 u5bf8 u7684 u5e76 u4e14 u6ca1 u6709 u4fe1 u53f7 uff0c u5899 u7eb8 u4e0b u65b9 u53d1 u9709 u4e86 uff0c u5730 u677f u770b u4e0a u53bb u4e5f u4e0d u5e72 u51c0 u3002 u3002 u4e2a u4eba u89c9 u5f97 u662f u62db u5f85 u6240 u6c34 u5e73 uff0c u800c u4e14 u9152 u5e97 u53f7 u79f0 u540e u6d77 u5e97 u5176 u5b9e u79bb u540e u6d77 u8fd8 u662f u6709 u6bb5 u8ddd u79bb u7684 uff0c u800c u4e14 u5728 u80e1 u540c u91cc u4ea4 u901a u5f88 u662f u4e0d u4fbf u3002 u77ac u95f4 u4e0d u60f3 u4f4f u4e86 uff0c u8dd1 u53bb u524d u53f0 u8981 u6c42 u9000 u4e00 u5929 u7684 u623f uff0c u539f u8ba2 u4e86 u4e24 u5929 u3002 u3002 u4f46 u662f u524d u53f0 u7b54 u590d u4e0d u7ed9 u9000 uff0c u56e0 u4e3a u6211 u662f u5728 u7f51 u4e0a u56e2 u8d2d u7684 uff0c u8ba2 u623f u65f6 u5c31 u627e u6211 u8981 u4e86 u56e2 u8d2d u5bc6 u7801 uff0c u4e5f u5c31 u662f u8bf4 u8ba2 u623f u540e u5c31 u4e0d u80fd u66f4 u6539 u4e86 uff08 u771f u5fc3 u611f u6168 u4fbf u5b9c u4e0d u662f u597d u5360 u7684 uff0c u56e2 u8d2d u65e0 u597d u8d27 uff09 u6240 u4ee5 u53ea u597d u51d1 u5408 u7740 u4f4f u4e00 u665a u4e0a uff0c u660e u5929 u4e0d u7ba1 u5bbe u9986 u7ed9 u4e0d u7ed9 u9000 u94b1 u4e5f u4e0d u4f4f u4e86 uff0c u5c31 u5f53 u88ab u5bb0 u4e86 u5427 u3002 u4e2d u5348 u5c0f u6b47 u540e u4e0b u5348 u51fa u53d1 u524d u5f80 u9890 u548c u56ed uff0c u5bbe u9986 u79bb u6700 u8fd1 u7684 u5730 u94c1 u7ad9 u67091000 u7c73 u8ddd u79bb uff0c u8d70 u5f97 u817f u5feb u65ad u4e86 u3002 u3002 u4e3a u4e86 u8bc1 u660e u6211 u4e0d u662f u9ed1 u4eba u5bb6 u9152 u5e97 u7684 uff0c u4e0a u4f20 u4e2a u5927 u5802 u7684 u7167 u7247 uff0c u88c5 u4fee u7684 u8fd8 u662f u86ee u6709 u7279 u70b9 u9152 u5e97 u662f u5728 u4e00 u4e2a u80e1 u540c u91cc u6211 u8001 u5a46 4 u53f7 u7ebf u5750 u5230 u4e86 u5317 u5bab u95e8 uff0c u51fa u5730 u94c1 u540e u53d1 u73b0 u5bf9 u9762 u6709 u4e2aKFC uff0c u53bb u586b u809a u5b50 uff0c u73af u5883 u4e0d u9519 u6211 u4eec u4ece u5317 u95e8 u8fdb u6765 u8fd9 u4e2a u9996 u662f u5bc6 u5b97 u4f5b u6559 u91cc u7684 u5417 uff1f u4e0d u50cf u72ee u5b50 u4e5f u4e0d u50cf u8001 u864e u4e07 u5bff u5c71 u540e u95e8 u7684 u85cf u4f20 u4f5b u6559 u5bfa u5e99 u5bab u5ef7 u5fa1 u7528 u7684 u98de u6a90 u5178 u578b u7684 u5bc6 u5b97 u4f5b u5854 u4e00 u5ea7 u7409 u7483 u780c u6210 u7684 u4f5b u5802 u4f5b u5149 u9601 ; u4f5b u5149 u9601 u5185 u7684 u5343 u624b u89c2 u97f3 uff0c u5f53 u5e74 u6148 u79a7 u592a u540e u7ecf u5e38 u6765 u4f5b u5149 u9601 u62dc u7684 u3002 u6211 u4e5f u62dc u62dc ;

  7. x0h7h1nyd1 says:

    “80” female white-collar embezzlement jailed As a Shanghai Aviation Services Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: aviation services company) assistant general manager of the 80 female white-collar Xue Xin (a pseudonym), after two years of work for themselves to find a way of making money but so himself sent to the criminal dock. Recently, the Jingan District Court to misappropriation of funds of First Instance sentenced her to two years imprisonment, suspended for two years. work soon became a training object Xue Xin was born in a working class family, graduated from the Shanghai Tourism Vocational School and University Business English education at their own expense. In December 2007, Xue Xin into the aviation services company working was hired as an assistant to the general manager. Xuexin Gang to the company, mainly to assist the general manager handle day-to-day affairs of the Company, but she was young and beautiful, flexible response soon as the focus of cultivation, was sent in April 2008 to receive training in Thailand, learning Madagascar Airlines out ticket system operating training. The training is completed,The Anhui Province artificial affect the weather o, Xue Xin returned to become the designated system operator. With Xue Xin saying, this system addition she will operate only ticket manager will be operating, East China ticketing business she was the only one responsible. the aviation service company Madagascar airlines business, some customers are mostly reserved through the online information, take the initiative to contact with their companies Order ticketing services, based on customer demand by Xue Xin tickets or a ticket through the ticket system this Xue Xin is entitled to use the the Air Madagascar Shanghai representative office business chapter can also use the company’s business chapter. company arrears hit “time poor” own flower Xue Xin found, the clerk of the line of business, the individual will make the difference on the order tickets, simply is a ticket salesman and customer agreement tickets, discount tickets settlement they actually paid, the remaining as part of the settlement with the company after the remaining profits distributed privately. Xue Yan was a more familiar, plus Madagascar route is solely responsible for ticketing and settlement statements,The man for cable compensation wounding jailed for, reached a tacit understanding with the next home field of a travel company salesman, first open the ticket price agreement by the other side, while the company balance sheet she then be settled in accordance with the lowest discount price,mulberry outlet bags,Man fun lied hotel installation time bomb was sent, Xue Xin require each other not to transfer money into the company account,Research and development of the State Forestry Adm, but import several private or corporate account she controlled. Xue Xin is not fancy spreads petty, but out of the hundreds of thousands of poor, can be arbitrary occupy. identified by the court, Xue Xin from March 2009 to January 2010, the use of air ticket booking of tickets as well as the preparation of the suppliers of a company Reconciliation his position, require customers without tickets import her control of the account for her personal consumption. Judicial audit after the incident,Mulberry outlet, as of January 29, 2010, Xue Xin company found her of the crime, Xue Xin has been misappropriated 52.4 million yuan of funds for personal use, and time of up to more than three months have not been returned ,Mulberry handbags. less than 6 times to travel abroad at their own expense July 2010, the aviation services company reported to the police,mulberry bags sale, said Xue Xin misappropriate company fare found in the company’s regular financial checks and the large amount of suspected of job occupation. The company and its customers to check the ticket business units found that hundreds of thousands of dollars of money directly into the bank account controlled by Xue Xin booking and ticket records, that Xue Xin did not get under the authority of the company, illegal transfer money using concealed, tampered with the Hong Kong company’s monthly report, the actual ticket records not newspaper or reduce invaded airline tickets, the case thus becoming the horizon. Xue Xin This killing more than 100 passengers in a foreign return ticket invalid, even Xue Xin also take the fraudulent use of the name of the company accounted for models,mulberry bags on sale, leading to the embarrassing dilemma of a government official in Jiangsu visit the group denied boarding in New Zealand. after appearing in court,mulberry bags cheap, Xue Xincheng recognized because of lax oversight of the company,College students robbed and killed the raped woman, despite the provisions ticketed credited “the longest single business can not be more than five days”, and are solely responsible for their own use of the block of business of the company, no one to check, they Gradually bold tampering Norway private business collaboration unit of money. , Xue Xin said, the monthly income of several thousand dollars, not enough overhead. Usually monthly net purchases a large number of her income does not match the high-end consumer goods,Man to listen Tangsao calumny suspected wife of ha, such as an LV bag she purchased only spent 7000 yuan. According to the police seized from April 2009 to January 2010, Xue Xin has their own expense to travel abroad in Europe, Japan, South Korea and Singapore six times for fun and shopping. The money is her money to fill the hole and then misappropriated customer credit card or online banking consumer. Special correspondent Hong-Guang Li told this reporter Song Ninghua Share: welcome to comment I want to comment microblogging Recommended | today’s hot microblogging

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      Overview  total volatile Chinese name:   abbreviation: TVOC indoor air quality researchers often they sample analysis of all indoor organic gaseous substances called VOC Volatile Organic Compound the abbreviation of the first letter of the three words, all kinds is The measured VOC is generically referred to the total of TVOC and (Total Volatile Organic Compounds).
      TVOC classification benzenes, alkanes, aromatic hydrocarbons, alkenes, halogenated hydrocarbons, esters, aldehydes, ketones,mulberry outlet bags fake, and others.
      the main ingredient of TVOC hydrocarbon, a halogenated hydrocarbon, oxygen, hydrocarbons and nitrogen hydrocarbons, which comprises: BTEX, organic chloride, Freon series, organic ketone, an amine, an alcohol, ethers, esters, acids, and petroleum hydrocarbon compounds.
      the TVOC Source the TVOC main sources in the outdoor, mainly from fuel combustion and transportation: indoor mainly from coal and natural gas combustion products, smoking, heating and cooking smoke, building and decoration materials, household appliances, furniture, cleaning agents and the body’s own emissions. There are nearly a thousand species. In the process of interior decoration, VOC from paints and adhesives. According to reports, the indoor TVOC concentrations typically between 0.2mg/m3 to 2mg/m3 improper renovation construction, or even tens of times higher. The indoor variety of aromatic hydrocarbons and alkanes mainly from vehicle exhaust (76% -92%). General paint TVOC content in 0.4-1.0mg/m3. The END that, TVOC having a strong volatile, under normal circumstances, within 10 hours after the paint application, volatile of 90%, while the solvent in the TVOC releasing only 25% of the total in the paint drying process. Of benzene and benzene homologues is an important component of TVOC, some people only detect TVOC, without detection benzene, BTEX: However, there are only detected a total benzene without detection TVOC: some units both detection. This mainly depends on the requirements and conditions. Higher detection the TVOC technology equipment requirements,Lippi 20 minutes the evolutions to reverse the tid, are often used, but also by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, fluorescence spectroscopy, ion chromatography and reflection interference spectroscopy. They all appear to trace and trace levels, so easily overlooked. They are mainly from: organic: such as paints, aqueous coatings, cosmetics, detergents, caulking glue; building materials: wood-based panels, foam insulation materials; interior decoration materials: such as wallpaper and other decorations; fiber materials : If, tapestries and fiber curtains; domestic fuel and tobacco incomplete burning human excrement.
      TVOC harm to human body TVOC can smell, and some compounds have. Currently TVOC can cause the level of immune disorders, affecting the function, dizziness, headache, drowsiness, weakness, and other symptoms; may also affect the digestive system, loss of appetite, nausea, and in severe cases can damage the liver and appear allergic and so on. Is generally believed that the normal, non-industrial the TVOC concentration level is still not result in human tumors and. When TVOC concentrations of 3.0-25 mg/m3, will produce irritation and discomfort, headaches may occur with the combined effects of other factors,; the third leg; neurotoxicity when VOC concentrations greater than 25 mg/m3, in addition to headaches, may appear role. VOC control measures to prevent the damage from the source, and put an end to non-environmentally friendly building materials; Secondly, often ventilation, even heated baking VOC emissions speed up; placed charcoal or activated carbon air purifier; first Fourth, the best decorated confirmed by the detection of VOC is not excessive, and ventilation month and check; fifth, placed some flowers can absorb, such as spider plants, aloe vera, Sansevieria,To play good good good live , Beijing – Shanghai -, ivy and aspartic etc.. Can be placed in the living room or the courtyard roses, tulips, lilies and poinsettias, they can absorb a large amount of TVOC, but they should not be placed in the bedroom, because they have some of the negative factors. Governance TVOC indoor environmental governance of TVOC, combined with the status quo, for furniture, sheet metal, paint decorative materials processing, leather, cloth, glue, paint and other sources of pollution governance, TVOC air purification solution is currently the most effective treatment products, rapid degradation of indoor toxic, harmful gases and bacteria, no secondary pollution, and long shelf life. Physical plus chemical treatment methods, family residential buildings, office commercial buildings, hospitals, hotels, hotel, and all applicable governance ideal. If you need a more thorough cleaning, you can please some of the specialized testing and treatment company for testing and treatment!
      indoor TVOC can not be ignored the indoor TVOC concentrations usually 0.2mg/m3 to 2mg/m3 between, when the indoor VOC concentration 0.16mg/m3 ~ 0.3mg/m3 on human health basically harmless, but the decoration often surpass the target, especially in the case of improper renovated. Prevent the VOC injury, mainly from the roots, put an end to non-environmentally friendly building materials; Secondly, often ventilation, even heated baking, VOC emissions speed up; Third, if necessary, install activated carbon air purifiers: Fourth, decoration after the best has been tested and confirmed the VOC not excessive, and ventilation two to three months after the check, if Check-best condition ventilation for six months; fifth, placed some flowers can absorb harmful substances, for example, spider plants, aloe vera, Sansevieria Ivy and aspartate. Roses, azaleas, tulips, lilies and poinsettias can be placed in the living room or the courtyard, they can absorb large amounts of VOC, but they should not be placed in the bedroom,discount mulberry bags outlet store.
      [1]   70% of the new car indoor TVOC exceeded learned from National Interior Decoration Association Indoor Environmental Monitoring Center, car indoor air pollution is worsening. Monitoring Center reference GB/T1883-202 (National Indoor air quality standards) driving the new car for less than six months to five detection of formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, xylene, TVOC 50, 70% of the indoor concentration of toxic gas in the car exceeded Formaldehyde and TVOC two indicators exceeded most serious. Many owners told reporters in the interview process, in-car smell is unbearable. Geng Chao, director of the Qingdao Interior Decoration Association Indoor Environmental Monitoring Center, excessive harmful gases inside the car exceeded the greater the degree of harm to the human body than housing indoor harmful gas. For a long time can cause headaches, dizziness, nausea, severe cases may lead to anemia and even cancer; air pollution can also lead to drivers restlessness, inability to concentrate, affecting driving safety, causing a traffic accident. Geng Chao, car pollution comes mainly from the new body, such as car seats, seat covers, floor and other material containing benzene, formaldehyde, acetone, xylene and other harmful substances. Second, from the interior decoration. The third is the small interior space, better sealing, more and more body expel carbon dioxide and other harmful substances, are likely to cause pollution. China has yet to concentration and content in a variety of harmful gases on the car to make a clear limit and to develop corresponding standards, can only refer to the indoor air testing standards to detect insiders urgent appeal to the country as soon as possible to the appropriate standard, in order to protect the owners of healthy driving . Our country GBT 27630-2011 passenger cars within the Air Quality Evaluation Guide “issued in March 2012, to test the air inside the vehicle requirements in accordance with this requirement.
      affected populations A survey from the Beijing Children’s Hospital: hospital admissions of children with leukemia have been renovated Jiucheng children home within six months. The experts inferred, interior decoration materials harmful substances may be an important incentive for children with leukemia. Every day we most of the time to stay at home, office or other indoor environment. If indoor air quality is poor, is apt to cause the disease are numerous, the lightest symptoms of which there are headaches, itchy eyes, breathing difficulties, skin allergies, fatigue or vomiting, etc.. By our long-term study, we found that the following five categories of people most vulnerable to indoor air pollution poisoned, they are pregnant women, children, office workers, the elderly, people with respiratory or heart illnesses.
      first class people: pregnant women indoor air pollution due to the different physical structure, especially decorated harmful gas pollution a greater impact on the female body. Larger proportion of the female body fat stored in fat absorbed benzene. Many cases at home and abroad that have adverse effects on embryonic and fetal development, benzene can cause serious fetal deformities and stillbirths. Decoration materials and furniture used in a variety of wood-based panels, glue, etc., free Formaldehyde is a suspected carcinogen. Long-term exposure to low concentrations of formaldehyde can cause chronic respiratory diseases, menstrual disorders, pregnancy complications, caused by neonatal body reduce; poisoned by high concentrations of formaldehyde on the nervous system, the immune system, liver,mulberry outlet store york, and can also induce fetal malformations, infants infant leukemia.
      the second: Children “global environmental change” research team announcement The reports have come to a startling conclusion: the increase in atmospheric pollution will lead to a child’s immune system and reduced intelligence,[ We go ] Beijing the Tianning and Tianning tower! In developing a child’s body, the immune system is more vulnerable, other children breathe of high weight Bibi adults 50%, which makes them more vulnerable to the dangers of indoor air pollution. Both from the child’s physical or mental development, indoor air pollution is harmful to children can not be ignored! Indoor air pollution on children to constitute following three threat; a. Induced blood diseases in children: Medical studies have shown that environmental pollution has become the main reason for the high incidence of childhood leukemia. According to epidemiological statistics, China’s annual increase of about 40,000 leukemia patients, including more than 20,000 children, mostly children 2-7 years old. Beijing Children’s Hospital Statistics, 90% of leukemia patients in the hospital renovated home in six months. Harbin Institute of Hematology and Oncology, last year admitted to more than 1500 cases of children with hematologic diseases, including leukemia, up to 80% of patients, the majority of 4-year-old children,buy mulberry bag uk. Why do children become a high incidence of leukemia crowd? About the opinion of the medical experts, formaldehyde, benzene and other gases generated in the variety of decorative materials in the home decoration and stone radioactive substances can cause cancer, benzene can cause leukemia and aplastic anemia. Although not sure leukemia is due to home decoration, but in the same environment, their own defective tumor suppressor gene, which is often said that the lack of children’s own immune system, then the bedroom stimulate environmental pollution is a risk factor to cause leukemia. Expert advice: You can not light physical examination, detecting indoor environment should pay more attention to tackling the problem. b. increased incidence of childhood asthma: according to the project of cooperation between China and the United States “of air pollution on the respiratory health impact studies” show: children suffering from cough and cold, cold expectoration, colds, asthma, bronchitis and air pollution concentration significantly proportional to. On one hand, because children’s bodies are growing, the respiration of body weight Bibi adults and 50% higher, on the other hand, children are a long time in the indoor living, so are more susceptible to indoor air pollution violations. The more serious degree of pollution, the higher the rate of abnormal lung function in children. Serious air pollution can make children’s pulmonary function abnormalities increased risk of 30% -70%. China National Environmental Monitoring Center study confirmed that smoking parents of children suffering from cough, bronchitis,Short-course World Cup Beijing station leaves poet,Mood for Love 】 Beijing _ Baidu travel, asthma and other respiratory diseases than do the children of parents do not smoke much higher. According to epidemiological survey of 3528 children aged 5-9, their parents smoking, 6% of children suffering from respiratory disease who do not suck pharynx children than their parents; parents are sucked pharynx, the proportion of children suffering from respiratory diseases than 15 percent. According to the French magazine “Science and Life”, the dust has a greater impact on children’s respiratory development and nitrogen dioxide can also affect the development of children’s lungs, the lung capacity of children so seriously inadequate. Suffering from asthma in children in the United States, the United States accounted for 12.4% of the total among experts from the United States can be seen due to indoor air pollution caused by asthma survey. The disease affects the children of each age, 65% of children suffering from varying degrees of asthma. According to statistics, childhood asthma prevalence rate of 2-5%, 1-5 years old children prevalence as high as 85%. c. affect children’s height and intellectual health and development: a child’s body is in a critical period of growth and development, and long-term inhalation of dust, harmful gases, germs virus air pollution exists, is not only likely to cause various diseases, and will allow the child’s physical function by the chronic effects, thereby affecting the normal development of height and intelligence. According to the survey, the reading ability of growth to 7-year-old children in smoking households was significantly lower than the children of non-smoking households. Grow to 11-year-old children in smoking households reading ability extended to the developmental four months, arithmetic ability to delay the development of five months. The scientists found that long-term study of more than 1,000 children (model configuration picture quotes), the greater the amount of daily smoking to parents, the greater the impact of the height of children.
      third category: white-collar office white-collar elite long-term work in the air quality is not good environment, it is easy to cause symptoms of dizziness, fatigue, mood swings and large, greatly affect the efficiency and cause a variety of diseases, severe cases can cause cancer, the office environment healthy chronic killer becomes invisible. Now there are more and more white-collar office staff complained polluted air, feel shortness of breath, lack of concentration, resulting in reduced efficiency. According to the expert survey of the Chinese Center for Disease Control, the office space is relatively confined, poorly ventilated, dirty air, low oxygen content, and easily lead to reduced ability of the body and brain metabolism. Fudan University School of Public Health Professor XIA Zhao-lin, a long time to sit in their offices susceptible to white-collar syndrome. The health sector and the increasing number of experts have been aware of its dangers.
      fourth category: the elderly body into old age, the body functions in decline , more susceptible to the influence of environmental factors and induce various diseases. Air pollution caused by the elderly bronchitis, laryngitis, pneumonia and other respiratory diseases important reasons, but also induced high blood pressure, cardiovascular, stroke and other illnesses, and may also be life-threatening for the infirm. According to the magazine of the American College of Cardiology threat will “cycle”, in 1982, 500,000 adults volunteer to participate in the American Cancer Society survey on cancer prevention. 20 years later, Utah State Brigham Young University researchers analyzed the survey data, will investigate the incidence of respiratory disease and heart disease and other cardiovascular diseases, and air pollution data from more than 150 cities of the United States Environmental Protection Agency linked, the data show that air pollution causes death disease,Mulberry Alexa Bag Leather Red, heart disease, the majority of patients. Fifth category: patients with respiratory diseases in polluted air for a long life, can cause decline in respiratory function, aggravation of respiratory symptoms, and some also cause chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma,mulberry handbag outlet, emphysema and other diseases, lung cancer, nasopharyngeal cancer illness The rate will increase. According to statistics, the world due to the air pollution caused by acute respiratory infections each year claims the lives of about 400 million children. Domestic and international survey shows that respiratory infections are the most common human diseases, its symptoms can be life-threatening from latent infection until. Indoor air pollutants are divided into respirable particulate matter, the main carrier of the carcinogenic chemical contaminants and radioactive substances. Biologically active particles of bacteria, viruses, pollen is the culprit of the majority of respiratory diseases and allergic diseases. In the indoor environment, especially in poorly ventilated, overcrowded environment, some pathogenic microorganisms easily spread through the air, an infection of susceptible populations. Some common viruses, bacterial diseases, such as influenza, measles, tuberculosis and other respiratory diseases will be through the air can spread. Also fully explain the facts of the SARS virus outbreak, indoor biological pollution should not be underestimated! Shandong Province CDC public health surveillance and evaluation of the Fan Ling pointed out: many indoor air pollutants are irritant gases, such as sulfur dioxide, benzene, formaldehyde, etc.. These substances can irritate the eyes, nose, throat and skin, causing tearing, coughing, sneezing and other symptoms. Formaldehyde has a strong carcinogenic and tumor promotion.

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    About 700 years ago, the lotus seeds grow leaves ,The eldest child spent 1.5 million tracking police,Layer by layer sweep the floor to find the target.
    on 26 ,Beijing.,abercrombie & fitch uk,abercrombie paris, South Korea Harman , about 700 years ago, lotus seeds grow leaves. Local 10 lotus seeds found in the ancient city excavated in last year , the experts pointed out that after the analysis , in which two of history for 650 years and 760 years ,Moncler Sito Ufficiale The netizens photographed seven Chong,The snow boots _2011 snow boots new _ snow boots _,abercrombie pas cher, respectively ,abercrombie and fitch outlet,abercrombie outlet. The local will be another eight were nurtured,abercrombie fitch outlet, three of them made ​​a bud ,mulberry bags uk No license the woman Lianju killed the girl. CFP for map statement : Sina posted this article for the purpose of passing more information does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description .

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