What to Watch: Chopped School Chefs Special Edition

by in Shows, September 24th, 2012

chopped class acts, tooSummer is over and that means school is back in session. This fall, however, children will not be the only students getting an education. This season on Chopped, they’re taking four of the most talented women out of their cafeterias and giving them a test of our own. The first challenge demands innovation as the ladies are faced with the task of putting ground turkey together with a popular frozen treat.

This is the second time around that the Chopped kitchen has welcomed esteemed lunch ladies, or, as Marc Murphy says, “I don’t like to call them lunch ladies, I like to call them school chefs.” Last year he admitted this was his favorite episode.

Only two women will get the chance to move on to the final examination in which they attempt an age-old feat: creating a dessert out of a basket of healthy items. The palate of a child may be hard to please, but how will these women hold up against the panel of Chopped judges?

Find out by watching: Tuesday, September 25 at 10pm ET/PT.

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Comments (16)

  1. Sam Pohl says:

    This is such an incredibly inspiring series of Chopped episodes. I've been in love with this show for years now, and this is by far the best series that's been done. Truly amazing people in such an underrecognized area of the food service industry. Well done Chopped!

  2. AVF says:

    We should all be so lucky as these women – to have the opportunity to positively impact children's lives every day. You go girls!

  3. tmac says:

    I live in the bread basket of the world and see this from a different perspective. I doubt that in my small town of 600 that we have any starving children, however the quality of our school lunches suffer and this is unforgiveable because we have quality cooks in our system that have great limitations put on them. I do feel that this has gotten better with Mrs. Obama's involvement. I aplaude these women and I feel that we need to have the funds to allow these talented people to use their potential in our school systems. I know that personally my children always came home to eat because they were close and the quality was sub standard.

  4. Melissa Trout-Baron says:

    Thank you for this beautiful show with these amazing women. I was brought to tears so many times and was crushed when you had to "chop" them. You were ultimately redeemed by rewarding these very deserving women with money and their trips to DC. Thank you for this show, in today's bitter, bitter climate of animosity and selfishness that seems to be pervading the United States, this show restored my faith in humanity and in the American spirit. In my own way I try to reach out to the kids I meet. So many kids don't have a meal with their families or are not exposed to new tastes and cuisines. I really enjoy cooking for "an army" of kids and I never know how many I will be feeding for dinner but I love it and always have room at my table. Thank you so much for making my day.

  5. Beth Bates says:

    What a wonderful and inspiring episoide, as a school cafeteria manager for almost two decades, i love my job feeding our children. it is indeed a challenging one and rewarding. Thank you Food Network for bringing national attention to the job we do. Good nutritution is vital in helping our students learn. i was truly touched deeply by this episode and look forward to another one in the future.

  6. Eugenie Clement says:

    It is so wonderful that the Food Network is contributing to the awareness of the the need for healthy nutrition in schools. The school chefs that I watched tonight on Chopped are awesome! It is great that they are receiving well deserved recognition for what they are doing in their school. These women are amazing in the practical way they are teaching needed survival skills to their school kids. Keep up the great work, Food Network.

  7. Mike says:

    By any chance who won tonight?

  8. Tears are streaming down my face! I kept thinking, these ladies are amazing; I wish they could all win – and then Food Network gave everyone a prize! I've been a Chopped fan for quite a while, but now I'm really hooked! Congratulations to these "women of valor." And thanks, Chopped!!!

  9. beth villalobos says:

    We are big chopped fans and that love Food Network is supporting hunger awareness in the US. And school cafeteria food has been getting more healthy over the years. But it would be nice if the lunch ladies were competing for their schools, not just themself, they should be rewarded for all their hard work and effort but couldn't the school disrticts really benefit from the funds..

  10. brenda says:

    We love to watch chopped but am sorry that the school chefs show aired on 9/25/12@10 pm was a big disappointment.We feel that the 5,000.00 should have went to the schools to feed the children not the chopped chefs who lost!!! So in fact the children are the losers!!!!! Other chopped losers did not get money from any other show so why should these 3 women??? will have to think twice about watching it after this.was not fair or right thing to do….

    • Catie says:

      Brenda, I think that this brought the importance of school lunches to the attention and awareness of many. I like how Chef Marc Murphy talked about school lunches and No Kid Hungry and other organizations working to eradicate childhood hunger.

      I don't disagree that they should have matched the donation to the school – that would have been a nice bonus. However, those women make an honest living at a low salary for a very important job. Why not treat them and let them do something with a windfall that they wouldn't have been able to do otherwise?

    • Barbara Gautreau says:

      you must make more than a school cafeteria worker.

    • Sara says:

      Brenda, how are the kids losers in that situation? Sure it would have been nice if they gave the 5,000 to the schools, but it isn't like the kids are losing anything. They are essentially just not gaining something they didn't have before.

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