What to Watch: Chopped School Chefs Special Edition

by in Shows, September 24th, 2012

chopped class acts, tooSummer is over and that means school is back in session. This fall, however, children will not be the only students getting an education. This season on Chopped, they’re taking four of the most talented women out of their cafeterias and giving them a test of our own. The first challenge demands innovation as the ladies are faced with the task of putting ground turkey together with a popular frozen treat.

This is the second time around that the Chopped kitchen has welcomed esteemed lunch ladies, or, as Marc Murphy says, “I don’t like to call them lunch ladies, I like to call them school chefs.” Last year he admitted this was his favorite episode.

Only two women will get the chance to move on to the final examination in which they attempt an age-old feat: creating a dessert out of a basket of healthy items. The palate of a child may be hard to please, but how will these women hold up against the panel of Chopped judges?

Find out by watching: Tuesday, September 25 at 10pm ET/PT.

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Comments (16)

  1. Laff says:

    This was a fun episode, I am an admistrative assisitant in a school food service depart. It would have been interesting to have taken this challange to a different level. The same level that most schools opperate on. Commodity foods and limited budgets and quick service of 20min to serve a 150+people.

  2. Paula Warner says:

    Hats of to all of the super heros of Child Nutrition that appeared on the Chopped episode that aired 9/26/12. I was very proud of all contestants and feel honored to have school meals casted in such a positive light. I'm especially proud of the Louisiana contestant, from my home state, and the parish of St. Martinville; who brough that south Louisiana flair to the contest. No one knows the challenges and sacrifice it takes to work in the child nutrition program and make every day a good dining experience for our children. I'm glad all contestants were rewarded, they deserve it! Great job!

  3. Pat says:

    Who won? I missed the desert round

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