Restaurant Revisited: Gusanoz

by in Shows, August 29th, 2012


When Robert Irvine arrived at Gusanoz in Lebanon, N.H., husband-and-wife owners Nick Yager and Maria Limon were struggling to keep their six-year-old restaurant afloat. Locals once flocked to Gusanoz to taste Maria’s authentic Mexican food, but growing pains got the best of the restaurant and Maria had all but lost her passion for the business. Robert faced a big and expensive mess to clean up, from the decor to the tired menu. A few months after their Restaurant: Impossible makeover, Nick filled us in on how the new-and-improved Gusanoz is doing.

After a slow start, Nick reports that sales at Gusanoz are now steadily growing. To improve their bottom line, the owners took Robert’s advice and cut down on labor costs significantly: “Our total labor is approximately 28% weekly, slightly higher than the 27% Robert asked us for, but definitely in the right ballpark,” says Nick.

The owners have also brought down their food costs without sacrificing the quality of the food. Maria and Nick are overseeing the kitchen directly and prepping much of the food themselves. “We have been working seven days a week but it is paying off,” says Nick. “Food quality is at an all-time high and we are very happy with the improvements in the ability of our line cooks.”

Nick and Maria’s daughter Alex continues in her role as lead server, and their son Eddie works the line in the kitchen and also bartends once a week.

As the front-of-house manager and Gusanoz’s only salaried employee, Shannon “has been very effective in working with the staff to maintain a higher level of guest service,” says Nick.

Nick and Maria are thrilled with the new dining room: “We have personalized it a little by adding candles and dimming the lights, but the core of what Lynn, Tom and Robert created for us is still there,” Nick says. “Thank you again to the crew and producers of Restaurant: Impossible. You are not just making television, you are changing lives.”

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    BOT posters suck.

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    vaughn uh just becuse you dontknow what it stands for doesnt mean you have the right to bash the logo. bro just figure it out and stop being a little kid.

  3. friv says:

    I actually love the way these look together, especially the variation in the color where they have bent and pulled repeatedly. I would totally put a print of this on my kitchen wall.

  4. Hi I can volunteer for Saturday of the August long weekend….

  5. cms says:

    They seem like lovely people and I'm sure Maria's cooking is fabulous, but this has got to be the most hideous space for a restaurant I've ever seen. Tile ceiling with fluorescent lighting? Looks a lot like my parent's finished basement. The design team did the best they could with what they had, and while it was an improvement, that is one unattractive restaurant.

  6. Karen says:

    What does all this stupid twaddle have to do with the Restaurant Impossible episode? Are you NERD guys on Mountain Dew spiked Marijuana? I have never read such a puerile bunch of garbage in my life, especially when it does not concern the spirit or content of the website itself.

    northern comfort

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  9. Love food says:

    We were so excited to go to this restaurant so we visited last upSunday on our way home for camp. It was the worst meal we have ever had to to have spent 100.00 we should have had beans that were no turned to the bottom of our plate! Be used the fact we have a lady that seated us that didn't say a word to us! Even when we spoke and said hi how are you still nothing! We should have just got up and left then, when you work the public you need to be friendly. None if us had a good meal everyone's food was burned

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